Maternal Seductions – Cory Chase in Mom Takes Over FullHD mp4

Added: 10/7/17 6:45am

Scene One: Cleaning Her Toys

I walk in on Mom cleaning something in the sink. As I get closer I see what she is cleaning, A DILDO!!! Why would Mom do that in the kitchen. She finally realizes I am there and jumps backwards as her robe opens up. A brief conversation later and opening and closing of her dress, she gets on her knees and begins to stroke my cock. This act does not work and she moves to the kitchen table.

I slide my cock into her and fuck her till I unload in her tight Mommy pussy. She is a bit upset that I did not pull out and tells me to go to bed. I gave Mom a bone of her own…

Scene Two: Good morning mommy

That morning, after having the best night sleep of my life, I wake up to my mother smiling at me on my bed. Dressed in silky lingerie she reaches down and touches my cock. “You really enjoyed yourself didn’t you?” She asks me. Mommy can’t stop thinking about me and my hard cock. She’s just so horny every day, she needs me, she needs my hard dick inside her.

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WCA Productions – Sadie Holmes – My Best Friends Mom Is Horny FullHD mp4

Added: 9/30/18 12:00pm

Im still staying with my friend Jason and his mom Sadie or Mrs Holmes as i call her. Mr Holmes is outta town so its just been the 3 of us in the house. my dad took off years ago and my mom has been sick in the hospital so Mrs Holmes said i could stay with them. Mrs Holmes has been like a second mom to me for years so i was really excited to stay with them. yesterday i did something i thought i never do, i watched Mrs Holmes masturbate and the crazy part is she was masturbating thinking about me! Hearing Sadie moan my name was all i could think about all day and through the night. the next morning Jason had to leave for school super early, so it would just be and Mrs Holmes.

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WCA Productions – Brittany Shae – Sleepover With My Friends Mom FullHD mp4

Added: 4/3/18 2:25pm

So my dad walked out on my mom and me a while back and now my mom is sick and in the hospital. i needed a place to stay so my best friends mom offered to let me stay with them, she said since me and her son Jason were best friends its the least she could do. when i got to the house i noticed Mr Shae wasn’t there, i asked Jason where he was and he said is dad was out of town for work and would be gone all week. right then i got a little bit of a naughty idea, Mrs Shae has always been super nice to me but shes also super hot. i thought with Mr Shae gone i might have a chance to make something happen. I found Mrs Shae is the kitchen and thanked her again, i told her out hard its been for me with everytihg and it was great to be able to stay with them.

she said no problem and that she was happy to do it. i told her good night and went to bed. an hour later i put my plan in motion, if all went well by the end of the week i was gonna fuck Mrs Shae. i knocked on her bedroom door and went in, she was laying in bed reading a book. she looked a little startled and asked what was wrong. i told her that since dad left i had been having really bad panic attacks and that mom had been letting me spend the night in bed with here, then i glance over to the empty side of her bed. she thought for a minute and then said since Mrs Shae was out of town i could stay in her bed wit her, i didn’t waste any time laying down.

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WCA Productions – Melanie Hicks – Babysitting For Mrs Hicks FullHD mp4

Added: 11/16/18 12:00pm

Mrs Hicks called me again when i got off school and asked i could babysit again for and i quickly agreed. i figured why not her and mr hicks pay well and last time i got to sneak around and watch mrs hicks in the shower. i was playing on my phone when mrs hicks got home, she asked if her son Matt was still awake, i told her i had already put her to bed. she thanked me again for the last minute babysitting help and then she asked me if i wouldn’t mind making it a regular side job?

i said yes right away, mrs hicks was happy about that but she told me she needed to talk to me about one thing first. she sat down on the couch next to me and told me that she saw me watching her shower, i was in total shocked and didn’t know what to say. i started try to apologies but mrs hicks cut me off and said she wasn’t made, she was actually flattered. she told me to be careful, some woman dont like being spied on or what of mr hicks had come home?

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Cock Ninja Studios – Smartykat314 – Mom and Son Share Time HD mp4

Added: 12/17/18 12:06am

My mom has been doing my laundry a lot lately and she has noticed all the cum rags. She is concerned, but she says even she does that. We don’t spend as much time together as we used to, so she suggests that maybe we could masturbate together sometimes? I can’t believe this is happening. I am so hard. She takes off her robe and fingers her wet pussy while I stroke my cock in front of her. She wants to touch me. I love it when my mom strokes my hard cock and lets me play with her pussy. She sucks on me and finally we decide to fuck. I fuck her hard and sweet until she has multiple orgasms on my cock. I am going to cum in her mouth so she can taste my cum from the source!

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Jodi West – Mother’s Secret Scent FullHD mp4

Jodi puts on her secret scent and her son responds by rubbing against her. She pushes him further by rubbing her leg against him and really gets him going. She starts grinding against him and then he follows her into the bedroom. She places his hands on her tits and then the oil comes out as he rubs his dick on her panties.

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Rae Knight – Butt3rflyforU Fantasies – Caught Mommy Masturbating HD mp4

I was feeling so horny since I have not had any dates lately and your father left us. So I decided to grab my vibrator and start playing with my clit. I was on the brink of an orgasm when I heard some noises. I wasn’t sure whether or not I actually heard anything so I continued since I was so close to having a huge orgasm, which I needed desperately. I was almost at the point of a creaming pussy and you walked into my bedroom!!! I was shocked! I asked if you ever knock! I wasn’t sure if you saw my pussy since I just slipped my panties to the side as I used my vibrator. You walked in and clearly you saw everything! You were so interested in my panties and vibrator, I could tell your manhood was getting aroused!

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Athenablaze – Step-mom Squirts For You FullHD mp4 [1080p/American / Florida/2018]

After your Dad leaves for work, I asked you to wait before leaving for class, you’re probably going to be late now. I decide to confront you about your hard-ons you’ve been getting around me, because the feeling is mutual. I’ve had the hots for your young cock since you’ve moved in with us. Even when your Dad fucks me I think about his son. I allow you to watch me lay back and spread my milfy pussy for you and tell you to stoke your dick to me and let you cum all over my big titties. I’ll be your slutty step mom anytime your dad isn’t home.

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