Bare Back Studios – Jmac, Vanessa Cage – Family Cures Bad Habits FullHD mp4 [1080p/ 2019]

Added: 3/20/19 5:45am

Scene One: Morning Coffee

Cory and Luke are sitting at their kitchen table with Cory’s sister, Vanessa, at the opposite end. Vanessa is sitting there in a green dress biting her nails and spitting them out, which is a habit that she’s had since she was a . Cory and Luke are both disgusted by this habit and are eager to get her to stop doing it. Vanessa explains to her sister how she has an oral fixation and that’s why she’s never been able to stop this bad habit. Cory goes off to work, but before she does, she begs her husband to get her to stop biting her nails through a psychological technique.

Vanessa tells Luke that maybe if he stuck his dick in her mouth, then she would be able to stop biting her nails because her mouth would be preoccupied… Luke hesitates for a moment but once Vanessa spits her nail at him, he decides to give it a try! She pulls her dress down, revealing a matching green bra, and then she pulls her bra off as well. He starts to play with her big tits which gets his cock hard pretty quickly. She starts to suck his cock while moaning “I love having something in my mouth!” Luke tells her that he hopes this will cure her problem! She sucks his cock until he cums deep inside her mouth. Once he takes his cock out of her mouth, she puts her finger nail back in her mouth! Luke is going to have to find another cure for his sister-in-laws bad habit…

Scene Two: Alleviation

“Luke…Luke!” Vanessa starts yelling from her bedroom. Luke walks in to his sister-in-laws bedroom to find her lying completely naked on her bed. “I need some more therapy!” she exclaims. When he initially resists, she tells him that she could just keep biting her nails and spitting them at him. She spits her nail in the air, which makes him give in to her seduction. He jumps on the bed and starts to eat her pussy, before undressing and letting her suck his cock. “This is good; no nail biting!”

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Primal’s Darkside Superheroine Cobalt – Melissa Lynn – Overconfident and KO’d XXX HD mp4

Cobalt catches a thug in the midst of a ballys daylight burglary. She is radiating confidence as she uses a electrified burst of energy to put him down as he tries to flee. As she stands over the pathetic twitching loser, his partner sneaks up behind her with a rag and she starts losing focus before she can even begin to use her powers.

Cobalt hangs limply as the thug she took down carries her over his shoulder to the upstairs bedroom. He is the “jr” partner so the thug that took Cobalt down get to have all the fun with her, using the rag to keep her from getting to feisty

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POV Video – Helena Price Taboo – Dads Deployed And Moms Horny FullHD mp4

My dad has been deployed for a few months now and i can tell its really got my mom feeling sad. i found my mom sitting in her room and i could tell she had been crying, we made some small and talk and she thanked me for how much i had been helping out around the house. she said it was really nice having me around to take care of her, i gave her a hug and told her maybe she should take a nap and she agreed. a little while later i decided to check on her so i walked back to her room and opened the door a crack, when i peeked in i was stunned. mom was naked from the waist down and masturbating fiercely, i knew i should look away but i couldn’t. mom was moaning that she just needed to be fucked and that she was horny, i watched a little while longer then slowly closed the door. once the door was closed i decided on what i needed to do. before dad left he told me to take care of mom and since she said she needed to be fucked then that’s what i would do!

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