Annabelle Rogers – Mommy Moves In FullHD mp4 [1080p/ American / North Carolina/2018]

I decide to call you because your father and I have decided to get a divorce. We haven’t been happy since you moved out of the house. I want to be away from your father but I can’t ask him to leave since the house is in his name. So I call you up and ask you for an awkward favor if Mommy is able to live with you for a bit until all this is sorted out. Being the sweet son you are you say “yes”. After I move in you notice how comfortable I am getting, you even see me walk around the house naked fresh after I shower. It’s now the weekend and you ask if you are able to go out with some friends tonight. You feel bad leaving your vulnerable mommy alone on the weekend. But I insist you go anyway as I plan to just take a bath and relax. However, mommy has other plans as you get ready to leave I text one of my fuck buddies to come over for some fun while you’re gone.

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Family Archive Porn – Jodi West – A little something from stepmom before your date FullHD mp4

Junior has got a big date tonight, but his Step-mom Jodi doesn’t want him going out there with a “loaded weapon” and cause problems for his dad. So she decides to lend a helping hand and makes damn sure that Junior is going out well satisfied and free from any sexual urges on his date. Watch as Jodi milks this young man in the bathroom while he is getting ready in a POV Handjob scene that is sure to inspire pleasurable fantasies!

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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Mommie’s Breasts – therapist roleplay HD mp4

Alright, young man. I’m going out tonight on a hot date and I’m leaving you here. We have a little problem, however. Last time I left you for the evening, you ordered a dozen pornographic movies on TV! I simply can’t have that kind of nonsense so you need to take that dick out now and stroke it for me. Your balls need to be empty so you aren’t tempted. I noticed that all those movies were about tits– were you fantasizing about Mommie’s big, natural breasts?

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Virtual Family Porn – Natalie Wonder – Fucking Mommy In Missionary ll HD mp4 [720p/2018]

Added: 10/10/17 3:49pm She Can’t Get Enough Of Your Cock

Captures Your Fantasy For: MILF, Taboo, POV, Older Woman, Virtual Sex, Mommas Boy, Dirty Talk, Moaning, Cock Praise, Praise, Virtual Kissing, Topless, Masturbation, Orgasms, Impregnation Fantasy

Mmmmmm god that was incredible. I love it when you fuck me sweetie. Yeah…a LOT better than daddy. Mommy just can’t get enough of you cock. I want it inside me…pumping me…thrusting me…all the time. It’s never enough. Mmmmm and then afterwards we lay here looking into each other’s eyes, breathing heavily from all that fucking. Mmmmmm so good. What? What’s that sweetie? You’re….you’re HARD already?? Oh my…wow…you know what? I think we have some time before daddy gets back home. You want to be inside of mommy’s pussy again? Mmmm I love that answer. I want you inside me too…never wanting you to leave. Let’s do missionary again. I just love seeing you on top of me…feeling your weight while you fuck me with your incredible cock. Mmmmm it’s all that young testosterone. Come…get on top of mommy again. Stick it in…fuck me again…even harder and deeper than before. I want to feel every throbbing inch sliding in and out of me. Make mommy cum hard…and then cum inside of mommy…

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Ella Dearest – Mummy Swears You Too Secrecy FullHD mp4 [1080p/British / London/2018]

Custom Request: You would play my mother, and I’d be your son. I come home from school early one day, and I happen to peek into your bedroom to see you completely naked, and sucking someone’s cock. Your whole body is covered it some strange liquid, and your body shines because of it. The man you’re sucking cums, and suddenly goes limp. That’s when you see me, and i quickly run away. A little while later, you sit me down to talk with me about what I saw. As it turns out, my mom is actually an agent for MI6, or you can make up an agency if you’d like =) that man held vital information you needed, but was also a liability. The oil covering your body is a truth serum that is toxic to men in large amounts. In order for it to have the intended effect, you had to apply the oil to your whole body.

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Russian Family Stories – Taboo Mom Natasha – You Found Mom SD mp4

Mom knows all about your internet porn addiction…She decides to start making milf porn and this clip is all for you, her first online milf clip…Strange watching your mom, but it turns you on so much, and the way she starts talking blows your mind! The intense sexual heat she gives off with every dirty word… Giving you play by play detail on every move she wants you to make as you fuck her…Meanwhile she wants you to stroke and watch, she has decided to plaster herself all over the internet…This is what you wanted after all… Mom is hotter and wetter and hornier than ever… You absolutely need to own this clip… You will not…I repeat…You will not be able to last this entire clip without exploding in your pants!

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Russian Family Stories – Taboo Mom Natasha – Can mom make her Son cum? SD mp4

Mom knows you lust after her pussy, she keeps finding her dirty panties in your room… So now that she shows you the goods for real.. You cant hide how much it excites you.. She talks so dirty it makes you want to fuck her right there on the spot… But for now she makes you jack off while she taunts you …. Mom wants her son to show his hard cock to her and jack off as she lustfully describes how she wants it.

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Rachel Steele, Stacie Starr – It is a Mommie and Aunt Thing SD mp4

MILF683 – Taboo Stories. The Book

After the divorce Rachel and her son Brent went on with their lives. One afternoon Rachel was organizing her closet when she found a box high up on the shelf. She took it down to see what was in it. Inside were her ex-husband’s dress shoes, a pair of running shorts and boxer briefs. She took the articles out to toss them away when she saw a book at the bottom of the box. The title made her gasp, Loving Mothers and Sons, Taboo Stories and Secrets of Ncest. Curious, she sat on the bed and began to read aloud. At first she was mortified, but as she read along she became overwhelmingly aroused at the thought of mothers and sons lust for each other…

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Rachel Steele Taboo Stacie Starr – MILF934 – Condom Sabotage, Knock Up Mommie SD mp4

Stacie decides to try again to get her son Jeremy to come home. He has been involved in an ncestuous affair with his Aunt Rachel. Until recently Stacie was not aware of the more sordid details of their relationship. Stacie ended up getting involved with a gangbang with her son, nephew and brother-in-law at the last family gathering. She figured that after that Jeremy would be moving back with her. Unfortunately it was business as usual. Jeremy had found full time employment near Rachel’s house and was obviously settled in for the long haul. Stacie told him that after his father died she considered him to be the man of the house. She needed him at home. He apologized but remained adament that he was staying with Rachel. Stacie cried a little and then ran into Rachel’s bedroom. She told herself that she had one choice left. She was going to get pregnant by Jeremy so that he would be connected with her for life…

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