Maternal Seductions – Cory Chase, Nikki Brooks in Mommy Son Christmas – Mommy Santa and her Favorite Elf HD mp4 2018

Scene Four: Mommy Santa and her Favorite Elf

“Sweetie, come here!” I hear mom calling me from her bedroom. I walk in and see mommy sipping on a glass of wine. She tells me that Santa just dropped off one of my presents and I am really excited. She takes her big, natural tits out from under her skimpy little nightgown. “Are you like my Mommy-Toy for Christmas??” I ask her, and she tells me “yes!!” Mommy gets completely naked, but still with her Santa hat on her head, and she lets me fuck her pussy nice and slowly. “Oh I love that fat tip of yours,” she tells me. She wants me to go extra slow while I fuck her and I obey her wish. I ask her to flip over in to the doggystyle position and she abides.

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Maternal Seductions – Nikki Brooks in Mommy Son Christmas – Mommy Unwrapped – Riding Mommy – Mommy Toy SD mp4 2018

Scene One: Mommy Unwrapped

It’s Christmas morning!! Mommy walks in my bedroom with a robe wrapped around her and she explains to me that she has a very special Christmas present for me that she is waiting for me to unwrap… at first I assume that she is hiding the gift behind her back, but she soon pulls her robe off, revealing that my present is HER!! She is wearing a seductive red teddy and a Christmas hat on her head. Mom turns around, showing me that her one-piece outfit has a thong back piece and she tells me to unwrap my present!! My cock is so hard just looking at her ass, but then she pulls her thong to the side exposing her pussy and her ass hole to me. My cock starts throbbing and I can’t wait to put my dick inside of her, but she won’t let me do that just yet…! Mommy keeps teasing my cock, jerking it, and rubbing the tip of my cock over her nipples and I feel like I’m going to explode… but I keep holding back!! She tells me that the best gifts are under the tree, so we both jump out of my bed and go over to see what’s under the Christmas tree.

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Meana Wolf – If You Don’t Fuck Me Daddy – Family manipulative, Homewrecking Daughter HD mp4

Clip Contains: Your manipulative daughter has 4 objectives: 1. Seduce Daddy (or blackmail him if need be) 2. Lose her virginity 3. Replace Mommy 4. Get Pregnant with Daddy’s Baby. Who are you to deny her? She’s planned it all out…even the part where you gave into your lust for her. **Taboo. . Father/Daughter Fucking. Blackmail. Manipulative daughter. Homewrecking Daughter. Forced Creampie. Impregnation Fantasy**

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Tiffany Tatum – Creepy Stepbrother – Brother I need you cock FullHD mp4 [1080p/2019]

January 24, 2019

Being an only sister for 19 years and suddenly finding yourself living with a stepbrother, takes some get used to, when it comes to privacy. This morning I was finally all by myself. At least thought so. I’ve just taken a shower and was doing my makeup, when I realized that Kristof was watching me. I was so mad at him and concerned that he has also taken some pictures. Who knows for how long this little creep was watching me already.

All I wanted, was to ensure that there is no evidence of this embarrassing encounter. But at the end, things have been worse than expected… The initial rush of adrenalin and shame turned into a tickling feeling between my legs. Now the only evidence I’m left with, is my wet pussy and my undeniable carving for Kristof’s dick.

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Isabelle Deltore & Aria Lee – Cross Cuntry Family Trip – Threesom Family Sex SD mp4 2019

January 31, 2019

There is nothing like a road trip to help a family get over a divorce, so Isabella Del Torre decides it would be good to take her stepson and stepdaughter, Aria Lee, across country with her. But when she leaves the two teens alone in the backseat, they get a little frisky. Isabella finds herself strangely turned on by the tomfoolery and starts rubbing her pussy in the drivers seat…

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Undercover Sluts – Rori Rose – 18 Year Old Niece Swiped Me Right FULL Video FullHD

Added: 10/6/18 11:23am

Starring 18 year old Rori Rose in her very first video

Part 1 – My little niece Rori just graduated, and it’s her first summer as a legal adult. She comes over every weekend to go swimming — she loves our pool. This week, I’ve been pretty stoked to see her, because she swiped me right on Tinder. I know that she did it deliberately, because I swiped her right on purpose too. When I confronted her with it, she was apprehensive to admit, and seemed a little embarrassed, but she finally fessed up that I’m the cute uncle, and she knew exactly what she was doing when she swiped me right. It’s a little weird, but for an older guy like me, it feels pretty good to have a little honey like her think I’m cute. Anyway, I let her off the hook and grabbed her a towel so she could go swimming, but not before she gave me a little tease

Part 2 – My little niece Rori came over again unexpectedly. I was pretty stoked to have her back, cuz she admitted to swiping me right on Tinder the last time I saw her, and since I saw her cute little naked body when she gave me a striptease, I can’t stop thinking about it. She showed up all upset because her parents keep interfering with her social life. She was pretty anxious so I told her Uncle Don was an expert on helping girls relax. I said “Rori, if you could flip a switch and feel better, would you? Would you let Uncle Don help you relax?” She answered yes and about 30 seconds later I had her cute little pussy and ass in my mouth. She LOVED it. From her reaction, I’m pretty sure she’s never had a guy eat her out like I did. Fantastic

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