Jerky Wives – Vina Sky and Ember Snow – The Pulse FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Added: 11/25/18 5:10am

Scene One: Daughter Induced

…In Vina’s Bedroom…

Opens with Daughter in sweatpants, loose shirt studying on her bed. College text books nearby, she’s staring into the homework when her cellphone goes off. She picks it up, puzzled but pushes the accept button on the phone. Before she can even bring it up to her ear, the screen glows in her face.

A second later Daughter gets a wicked smile and slips off the bed. She reaches down and ties the bottom of her shirt up into a loose knot, revealing her midriff and tightening the shirt around her tits. She drops the sweatpants to the floor revealing skimpy panties. An overwhelming feeling of Horny comes across her body and Vina begins to touch and play with her pussy till orgasm…

She skips happily out of the room dressed quite inappropriately, searching for her parents. She makes sure to grab her phone before leaving.

Scene Two: Mother induced

Unsuspecting mom is in the kitchen when her half naked daughter walks in with sex on her mind. “What the hell are you wearing!” Ember yells. Pressing her back against the counter Vina begins forcefully stripping her mother. “You’re going to get grounded for this, go back to your room” her mom pleads, pushing her away.

“Look at this mom” Vina says and shows her the mesmerizing phone. Ember smiles in pure ecstasy and needs to be touched. They kiss passionately, melting into one another, sucking on each others tits. Vina slides her slender fingers into her mom’s soaking wet pussy and makes her moan in delight. “Oh fuck” She screams, shaking with the feeling and cumming from her daughter’s tongue. She puts Vina up on the table and gives her daughter the punishment she deserves until she’s a broken mess. But the girls want more…

Scene Three: Daddy induced

Dad’s sitting on the couch watching TV when is naked daughter walks into the room. “Where are your clothes!” He yells, commanding her to go to her room and put her clothes on. She starts taking off his shirt and he tries to get her to stop, panicking about his wife walking into the room. She doesn’t stop and opens up his pants, sucking his big cock whether he wants it or not.

Just then Ember walks into the room and he tries to explain why he has his daughter’s hot mouth around his cock. “Honey I’m sorry!” He pleads. Dressed in sexy lingerie Ember shows her husband the cell phone. All his worry melts away as Vina pushes her sexy little ass in his face and Ember sucks his hard cock. The girls take turns sucking and fucking daddy until he’s completely exhausted blowing his big load into his daughter’s cute little mouth. But the girls still want more…

Scene Four: Family induction

It’s been a while and the cell phone mesmerizing has warn off. Vina is in her room trying to forget the last few days when mom and dad push their way inside. They jump on her, kissing her neck and holding her down. Shoving the phone in her face she becomes their horny little slut again.

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Kinky Family Fantasy – Penelope White – Panty Pics & Hard Dick SD mp4

Penelope Whites stepdad is in a bit of a pickle as he has gotten kicked out of his house by his girlfriend once again. He begs Penelopes mom to let him stay at their place, and she begrudgingly agrees. Meanwhile, he is sneaking looks at Penelope. He cannot believe the sexy young woman she has become, and he cannot keep his eyes off her. He follows her around the house later and manages to get some photos up her skirt. Finally, Penelope gets the picture, and decides to fulfill her horny uncles desires. She sucks his cock clean, and then rides him into an orgasmic frenzy. Finally, he busts a gigantic load all over the young girl right before Penelopes mom catches them in the act. Looks like he will be sleeping out under the stars tonight!

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Stella Von Savage – If It Pleases the Father – Daddy Taboo Roleplay FullHD mp4

Added: 12/7/17 12:07AM

So, I was learning in church about “pleasing the Father” and I was thinking…. You are the greatest Daddy ever! And I really want to be a good girl and please you. What can I do, to please you, Daddy? …. Wait Daddy, that’s too hard! Am I still pleasing you, Daddy? Does Daddy like it when I do this? Why are my panties getting all wet, Daddy? How much longer? I don’t understand, Daddy… what does cum mean? Wait– Daddy what are you doing?! (This is a taboo Daddy fantasy roleplay fetish featuring POV blow job and virtual sex)

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Bare Back Studios – Karma Rx, Cory Chase, Luke Longly – Karmic Whore Daughter FullHD mp4

Scene One: Millennial party slut

Just home from school Karma takes out her phone and texts her friends. Dad walks by and can’t believe what his daughter is wearing. He snatches the phone away from her and looks through her texts. “You’re texting those boys again” He says in anger finding some photos and seeing something that infuriates him.

“I raised you better!” He yells at her. “I want you to apologize for being a slut” He continues as he bends her over the couch. He pulls down her tight little shorts and spanks her ass. His hands are everywhere on her body, punishing her. His rough fingers force their way inside her making her gasp. His cock is next, shoving into her tight little pussy. She automatically moans, the slut inside her taking over. She’s never felt like this before as her daddy fucks her silly. He’s so jealous of the other boys and when he pushes his cock into her mouth and shoots his load down her throat it makes her pussy so fucking wet. “Stay away from those boys, do you understand?” He says. “Yes daddy” she says weakly.

Scene Two: Innocent Titty Pics

Alone in her room, Karma pulls up her shirt and texts her boyfriend a pic of her big tits. She doesn’t see her dad peaking through the doorway as she curls up to take a nap. Dreams of her boyfriend masturbating to her tits plays in her head as her dad walks into her room.

Half asleep she keeps her eyes closed as her daddy takes off her PJ’s. If she just pretends to be asleep he may leave her alone. She feels his strong hands on her body as he presses his big cock inside her. As her body is fucked she opens her eyes in orgasmic pleasure. Her daddy fucks her so good. “No more sending tit pics!” He yells, throwing money on her, making her daddy’s whore and cumming deep inside her.

Scene Three: Asking for it

Karma is planning to sneak out of the house for a weekend with her boyfriend. Dad catches her before she even has a chance, scaring off her boyfriend. She was going to leave the house dressed in almost nothing. He knows what she was going to do with that boy and he’s pissed off at his little slut.

He bends her over the couch and spanks her naughty ass. “Don’t punish me too hard!” She begs him. On all fours she’s made to take her daddy’s big cock down her throat before he walks behind her and fucks her silly. She feels so dirty being used like this that it makes her cum while he violates her. With a smile she takes his cum into her dirty mouth and makes her daddy happy. She loves it when he takes control of her and yells at her boyfriend.

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Jerky Wives – Ivy Secret, Cory Chase, Luke Longly – Beat Cops Full Version HD mp4

Added: 12/16/18 12:30PM

Scene One: Captured

Officer Ivy Secret is shaking and nervous with her hands on the back of her head, as something long and hard is pressed tightly up against her back. “You’re going to get on your knees and you’re going to do exactly as you’re told…” Luke proclaims. Ivy complies and gets down on her knees. Luke pulls his cock out from his jeans and Officer Secret puts it in her mouth. “I was sent to teach you a little lesson,” Luke tells her. Officer Secret has a bad rap for putting other cops in jail, when she’s supposed to protect the other cops like herself… Maybe when Luke is done with her, she will learn to keep her mouth shut. After Ivy is done sucking his cock, Luke pushes her down on to the floor. He tells her that he will be back in a little bit to teach her another lesson…

Scene Two: Checking for Weapons

Luke is back, and he instructs Officer Secret to put her hands up against the wall and spread her legs. He moves his hands up and down every inch of her body, feeling around for any weapons that she may be hiding on her body. “By the time I’m done with you, you’re going to beg me to fuck you!” Luke tells her, but she insists that she has already learned her lesson and that she does not deserve this. Luke disagrees with her statement and begins to strip search her. He pulls her shirt up, exposing her big tits; then he pulls her pants and black, lace thong down to her ankles. “Do you think this is funny?!” she cries, but he ignores her question. “Please just let me go!!” she begs him.

Luke takes his cock out and rubs it between her asscheeks, “it’s called hotdogging” he explains to her. He then shoves his hard cock inside of her pussy, while her hands are still up against the wall. “Please fuck me, sir!” she screams, because she is trying to comply with anything that Luke wants her to do at that point. “I don’t believe you! Say it again!” he tells her, and she moans “please sir, fuck me harder!” When Luke is finished, he presses his weapon up against her neck and says “What do you say about round 3? How about we try round 3…”

Scene Three: Left Behind

Luke pushes Ivy on to the bed and he climbs on top of her. He reaches for the handcuffs and places them around Officer Secret’s wrists. “Please… I won’t try to run!!” she exclaims, but Luke clearly doesn’t believe her. “Okay you little piggy bitch, you’re going to get fucked really good now that we know you’re free of weapons. And your performance will determine whether you live or not” he explains. Luke takes his pants off and then climbs back on top of her, and sticks his cock back in her mouth. “Suck it like your life depends on it… because it does!!” Officer Secret starts to beg and plead for them to work this out in other ways, but Luke likes his own ideas better.

He starts to fuck her pussy, while holding his weapon in his hand. When he flips her over in to the doggy-style position, he pokes fun at the tattoo she has above her ass, calling it a “tramp stamp.” She begs for immunity and to cut a deal, but Luke still refuses to ease up on her. “For your next lesson, I’m going to fill this pretty mouth up with my load… and what you do with it determines whether or not we make it to phase 4 or not…” He continues to fuck her pussy and then he pulls out and shoots his cum on her face and in her mouth; she chooses to swallow his load… but did she make the right decision? Luke holds his cock up to her face and counts to 3… he then pulls a secret cloth out from behind his back and puts it over her mouth. Officer Secret instantly falls asleep…

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