Helenas Cock Quest – Helena Home Movies 4 Full-Hotel Gangbang HD mp4 [720p/2018]

This clip includes Part 1,2,3. This is the full video version I directed myself, I know, Im a beginner but Im getting better lol! So, basically I met these three black guys at a hotel bar.

I made my husband stay at the bar while I was up in the room getting fucked. I had the guys film for me taking turns with the camera as I directed. Lots of squirting and a good facial.

Unfortunately, I tried to get DP and they could not figure out how to keep a cock up my ass;( but I still got fucked good, lol!

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Helena Price – Helena Home Movies 8 FULL – I get ASS FUCKED by a BIG BLACK COCK while hubby is away!!! HD mp4 [720p/2018]

Added: 6/12/18 4:20pm

He Makes Me GAPE and CUMS IN MY ASS!!!

I directed this myself just so my husband can see me documenting my search for big black cocks! I put the camera on the dresser and pressed record. Then I left my husband a message. I let him know I was warming my asshole up for some BIG BLACK COCK! I invited a guy over that I met on the nude beach. His girlfriend filmed me getting fucked by his thick long cock. He works me over like my husband never could. Not that I would let my cuckold husband touch my ass at all! No way, my asshole is reserved for big cocks only, especially BIG BLACK COCK! I had so many orgasms with my vibrator pressed up against my clit while he thrusts his huge thick dick in and out of my rectum! He would jab it, poke my butthole, and then long stroke the fuck out of me so so deep! To my husband: honey, you know you could never fuck my ass so deep and fill me like this black cock is filling me while stretching out my asshole! sorry! Its never going to happen for you so sit back and watch while you jerk your little cock off to your wife fucking a black mans BIG BLACK COCK!!! Hahahaha!!!

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Evamarie88 – Mommy Gives Son A Sex Lesson FullHD mp4 [1080p/British / United Kingdom/2018]

My son looks worried I ask him whats the matter and he says he’s worried as he’s never kissed a girl and he dosnt know what to do.. I tell him its easy its just like a kiss on the cheek and I kiss my son on the cheek.. Now try kissing me on the mouth.. my son dosnt want to so I show him how to kiss a girl and I tell him that kisses on the mouth normally lead to kisses other places.. I show him how they may kiss the neck then the stomach then move down to the private parts.. I tell my son that he should let me show him so when that time comes he will no what to expect he removed his trousers and I give him innocent kisses all along his dick.. his dick leaks pre cum and I tell him what it means.. Kisses on the private parts always lead to sexual intercourse now I cant do that as im your mummy but I will let you slide your dick along my thong and my pussy just so you know what to expect.. I see your enjoying it and I say you can cum on mommys asshole.. and you do.. You leave the room to clean up and when you’ve left I lick the sperm off my fingers.

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Virtual Family Porn – To Come or Not to Come; That’s for Your Choice to Decide [404p/2018]

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Do you want to come or be denied? This time, it’s your choice… without KNOWING which you’ve chosen! It’s a very simple game: pick A or B. There are two versions of this video, both exactly the same EXCEPT for the ending. In both, you’ll watch me tease and strip slowly while I encourage you to make your cock feel oh-so good. I’ll drop my sweet little panties and bra right in front of your face and… well the rest depends on which video you choose.

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Slut Transformation, Transfer Fetish – Getting Inside Her Head Goes Too Deep SD [404p/2018]

It’s just another day on the beat, just a quick check into a local household for a perpetrator known for criminal activity. She doesn’t appear to be home so… I’ll have a look around. What a dump… what a life this woman must live. Poor thing, I almost feel sorry for her. She must be desperate: no family, no money, selling herself on the streets. I need to figure out a way to get in her head a bit, see if I can determine where she might be now and what she may be up to. Ah, these trashy clothes left on the ground will do. If I put them on, I know I can get into her own mind and possibly discover just what she’s up to…. I’ll be showing off my detective skills soon enough! She strips out of her uniform and puts on lingerie.

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Bra Fetish and Breast Bouncing – Droppin’ These Big Ol’ BODACIOUS Titty-Licious Breasts! HD mp4

I know what you like… Lucky you. I LOVE giving you exactly what you want. Now, sit back, relax, and let me smother you with my tits… I’m going to drop these huge, natural breasts and

large nipples RIGHT ON YOUR FACE. I’m going to drop them so many ways, you won’t know what hit you. WARNING: you may get dizzy, your cock may get harder than it’s ever been, you may lose all sense of self-control.

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