Primal’s TEASING, EDGING GRINDING – Niki Lee Young – First Time Brother`s Cock Tease HD mp4

Niki Lee Young in her first ever handjob on video. This wasn’t planned but Niki was here while we were doing some of our sensual, teasing scenes and told us how much she loves worshiping cock with her hands. We said that it’s too bad that she doesn’t shoot those scenes, and she replied, “Why don’t we do one!”. So we did! And her enthusiasm and lust for cock shows throughout this long, teasing cock worship.

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Primal’s TEASING, EDGING GRINDING – Nickey Huntsman – First Time Sensual Tease Brother`s Dick HD mp4

Added: 7/15/16 6:58pm

Nickey has your hard cock in her hands and is more than eager to pleasure you. She caresses your shaft with her soft, little finger tips, as she looks up at you longingly with her big, blue eyes. She softly teases your cock with her tongue before putting into her hot, wet mouth. She plays with the head of your huge, throbbing cock with her juicy, soft lips. Nickey gets playful and gently slaps the tip of your dick against her warm tongue. She wants to do everything she can to please you and make you cum. She finally gets you so worked up that you explode inside of her mouth, your load is too much for her mouth to take all at once. She cleans off your dick with her tongue and swallows what she can.

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Abella Danger, Juan Lucho, Dana DeArmond – Devious Dana DeArmond Trains Her Step-Daughter For Anal Whore Service SD mp4 [2018]

Busty slut Step-Mother Dana DeArmond is pacing around the house in a panic. Her Step-Daughter’s claim to the property and trust fund is being challenged by a distant relative from Spain. Juan Lucho is rich, arrogant, and handsome: a very dangerous foe to a starry-eyed teenage girl like Abella. Dana stuffs her luscious tits in a tight dress and tries to prepare Abella for war, but her tight-bodied teen only wants a ride on Juan’s hard dick and her Step-Mother out of her hair. Abella rifles through Juan’s bag and finds rope, ball gags, floggers, and clamps, all of which she invites him to use on her nubile body. Tied up in a tight spread eagle on her pastel day bed, Abella drools on her gag and takes a torrent of hits to her face, cunt, and clamped tits.

Juan keeps taking her tight young pussy to the brink of cumming, and then slaps the orgasm away. Thrusting his cock into her mouth, he chokes her with hard dick, letting her breath long enough to beg to get fucked. Cumming like an undisciplined slut, Abella is having a ball until Juan decides he wants her asshole. Screaming and begging, she squirms away, but Juan informs her that this is his house, and he always gets what he wants.

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Chloe Cherry, Rob Carpenter – Sex Addict Siblings SD mp4 [Sep 28, 2018]

Rob Carpenter has a serious sex addiction problem that has him jerking off in all kinds of unexpected places around the house and leaving cum surprises for his stepsister Chloe Cherry to find. When Chloe steps out of the shower and finds jizz in her towel, she confronts Rob about his predilections. When she reaches his room to find him jacking it with a pair of her panties! In desperation, Chloe offers to give him a handie if he’ll agree to stop leaving salty surprises everywhere. Rob does agree, but when Chloe’s hands can’t get him off he demands her hot little mouth instead. That finally does the trick, and Chloe even does the favor of swallowing Rob’s cumshot.

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Threesome Family Porn – Karma Rx – Strips Down for Step-Dad and Grandpa SD mp4 [2018]

Karma Rx is a stunning tattooed babe with perfect big tits. She’s also the step daughter of a very BAD daddy. Karma’s about to go on a family vacation with her step dad. Her step grandfather has stopped by to give her a parting gift: a new camcorder to document the trip. Karma’s step dad also has a present for her: a brand new bikini. “Try it on,” says Karma’s step daddy.

She heads to the bathroom, but her step dad and step grandpa stop her. They want to see her strip down right in front of them. She’s hesitant to disrobe, but her step dad reassures her. They aren’t blood related, after all. So what’s the big deal? Karma removes her clothes and tries on the new bikini. It looks like it fits, but her step dad wants to be sure. He pushes his hand beneath the seams, touching her skin. It feels good. And the bikini fits alright too. “Why don’t you show [grandpa] what you do to [step] Daddy when Mommy’s not around,” says Karma’s step dad. Her eyes go wide. That was SUPPOSED to be a secret. But now, to keep her mom in the dark, she needs to please her step grandpa too. So Karma gets to sucking cock, going back and forth between her step dad and step grandpa. Once she gets the hang of it, she offers up her shaved pussy and lets the two men fuck her until they shoot their hot cum all over her face!

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Sofie Reyes – My Stepsis Works At Foot Cocker – My small Sis love Me SD mp4 [720p/2018]

Face it, there is nothing good on TV these days. So, when Sofie Reyez and her stepbro are trying to sit down, relax, and get some chill time in on the couch, it is no surprise that they shut off their regularly scheduled programming and opt for something a bit edgier. But when Sofies stepbro calls her out for wanting to watch porn with him, she tells him she knows he is obsessed with her feet. And even though he denies it at first, he does not seem to complain when she uses those sexy soles to jerk off his pogo stick. Later on, Sofie is looking around for her high heels and cannot seem to find them anywhere. She looks in her stepbros closet and finds cum in her shoe! She is pissed, but she is a little flattered too. So, she gives her horny stepbro a footjob until he cums all over her stomach. Later on, Sofies stepbro comes sniffing around her room for some more foot play. He asks her if she is busy, and she is more than happy to make some time for him. She uses her feet to get his cock nice and hard before taking it in her shaved chocha. This gives a new meaning to the term Foot Action!

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Mindi Mink – Mom Son And The Bully Part Three HD mp4 [720p/American / N. California/2018]

Jordan shows up at Mindis house again and asks her if she had fun the last time they were together. Mindi says absolutely not! Jordan then informs her that he wants to have sex with her again, when Mindi refuses, Jordan shows a video of when he fucked Mindi in front of Jimmy. He wants to please Mindi but if she says no, he will expose the video on the internet. Mindi goes into her son Jimmys room to inform him that she has no choice but to fuck Jordan again… in front of him AGAIN or Jordan will post the clip on the internet. Mindi is now the one humiliated by the situation. She realizes that Jordan has lied from the very beginning and apologizes to Jimmy for not believing him and for putting him through the humiliation of watching her get fucked in front of him. She begs her son to do his best to not allow this to bother him. She informs Jordan he has no clue on how to satisfy a woman and begins to explain and show him how she likes to be touched. She takes her top and begins rubbing her big tits in front of him… She takes one of her nipples in her mouth and shows him how she likes her nipples sucked. She then shows him how she likes her clit lightly touched through her panties. When she turns around, she sees that her son has an erection and is astonished by it. Jordan wants to eat Mindis pussy but Mindi continues to warm herself up. She then allows him to lick her pussy… She realizes Jimmy is really enjoying what hes watching. Mindi has Jordan lick her ass. Mindi wants Jordans cock inside her, Jordan happily slides his hard cock in Mindi. Mindi asks Jimmy if he wants to see his own mother cum all over Jordans cock? When Jimmy says yes, Mindi has a big orgasm! She wants Jordans cum inside her pussy… Jordan blows his load inside of Mindi. Mindi admits that she did enjoy herself and that Jordan fucked her better than she though he would. Mindi is very confused about what just happened…

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Bare Back Studios – Luke Longly, Andi James in Unloved Son FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Added: 9/28/18 6:45am

Episode One – Breaking Mom

Luke looks his mom up and down, blouse slightly open, breasts full and lively. She hasn’t changed much, she was older in the face but her body and attitude were the same.

Mom and Sister Cory are deep into dept, credit cards are maxed out, cars about to be repossessed and their house is in foreclosure. Mom, Andi, is in Luke’s office to beg for help. She is willing to do anything for his help and Son, Luke, will test her willingness to do anything for help…

Episode Two – Testing Her Limits

With his mother naked and helpless in his office, Son decides to

Test the limits of what his Mom is willing to do.

Luke fucks his Mom and tells her to come by his house tomorrow after work…

Later that day Cory meets with her Mom in the kitchen…She asks Andi if she got Luke’s money…Mom said sort of but not yet…Cory yells at her Mom and calls her names…”You better get his Money Mom or we are losing everything!!!”

Scene Three: The Contract

Luke and Andi meet with Luke’s attorney to sign some paperwork. “You can trust me,” he says, as she signs all the documents without reading them. “You just signed away your life, all your possessions. I own you now,” Luke says to his mother. He then proceeds to bring her in to a bedroom with a bed and lights facing the bed. He explains to her that she is going to have to work for her money by becoming a webcam performer for his company. Andi is shy, but Luke does not care. “Say hi to all your new fans, mom” he exclaims. Andi strips naked for her son and for the camera that he is holding in his hands; she then lays back on the bed and begins to masturbate. “It feels so good,” she moans at the camera. Her sons dick begins to get hard as he watches her.

Scene Four: Forgotten Brother

Andi meets up with her other son, Luke’s brother, Mike. She is in tears; she is a wreck from all that Luke has been putting her through lately. She begs for Mike’s help since he is a police officer; she makes the assumption that he will help her if she has sex with him too. “Your dick is so much better than your brothers,” she says while she begins to suck his dick. They have sex in several positions until Mike eventually cums all over his mother’s big, natural tits. Then she asks “So, you’re going to help me, right?” and Mike responds by telling her that he never planned to help her because he’s on his brother Luke’s payroll. Sorry, mom.

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