Ninja Studios – SmartyKat314 – Hey Bro Should We Try This? HD mp4 [720p/2018]

Added: 12/19/18 12:00am

My sister’s best friend Lacey has been dating and fucking her brother. It’s made her think about doing it with me? She asks me what I think. I feel like she’s fucking with me so I just tell her I don’t know. She keeps bringing up how we are best friends and live together and how we aren’t dating so maybe she is telling me the truth? I say sure I’ve thought about it and just talking about it makes me hard. She notices my cock is throbbing and decides to make the first move. She touches and strokes my rock hard dick and then puts it in her mouth. She takes off her clothes and starts fingering herself while she sucks me. She’s so wet that strings of pussy juice are clinging to her fingers. It’s time to go for it. She fucks me and rides me until she cums all over. Now she makes me pound her until she loses her mind. We don’t need to tell anyone. She will be my new lover and girlfriend!

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Secretary After Hours – POV Anal Sex – Mandy Flores FullHD mp4

Several years ago I remarried and had a hot stepdaughter who enjoyed teasing me by walking around half naked and stuff. I never acted on it and we ended up splitting up, but I always had this fantasy…..

Mandy has returned to college and sends me a video because she needs to tell me something she is scared to talk about in person. She calls me “daddy”….

“Daddy, I need to tell you something. I caught you spying on me while I was taking a bath a few days before I left to go back to school. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t know what to think. And then a little later I realized that my panties were missing. I looked in your closet and FOUND them! Daddy, that is so naughty! So now I think that you are “in to me” and you like to look at me naked and you like to smell my dirty panties. So I am sending you this video to let you know that next time you want to see me naked, all you have to do is ask! So next time I’m home, after mom goes to bed I want you to sneak into my room and do what ever you want to me…Daddy please masturbate while you look at me…daddy, look at your little girl’s pussy…

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Student therapy – Schoolgirl Homewrecker – Mandy Flores HD mp4

Im your sex therapist and of course I plan to own you forever. I have a skill at using men’s weaknesses against them to have them in the palm of my hand. One of your weaknesses is the school girl. Typical. This will be an easy one, you have no chance especially when I come prancing into my office wearing a school girl get up. I assure you its all part of the therapy and I need you to tell me all about your weakness for a school girl so that I can cure you. You are hard as a rock and I tell you to go ahead and stroke. My office is a safe place although my real goal is for you to satisfy your needs and keep you hooked so you’ll always be coming back and paying my high rates. I continue to get into character and keep you talking about your deepest fantasy…what is it about the schoolgirl that gets me off? is it the authority you have over me, are you my teacher? are you gonna discipline me for bad behavior? Maybe its how young tight, and hot my body is, or maybe its the slutty little outfit Im wearing? Maybe its how innocent I am, I dont even know the power I have over you? I think I need to be punished! Ive been a really nasty and naughty school girl today…. is that what makes you so worked up over the fantasy? I get out a dildo and tell you to pretend its your cock for the fantasy…. I assure you our fantasy roleplay is all part of the therapy. I go on to say that Im such a nasty fucking school girl who constantly needs to satisfy her wet pussy .. you watch me fuck myself and you lose it all over yourself.

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Revenge Sex – Mandy Flores FullHD mp4 [1080p/American / Washington State/2018]

You are my wife’s coworker. You come over one day to tell me that my wife has been cheating on me and that you took a video of her being fucked by three college interns, a big young cock in each of her hole. In the video she’s moaning and acting like a total slut. In my dismay you convince me to have revenge sex on my wife. You’ve never liked my wife because you knew all along that she’s been fucking around the office. We move to the master bedroom where we start having passionate sex. Suddenly, we hear the door open and there stands my wife. You tell her that I know about her cheating ways and that I don’t want her anymore. You proceed to verbally bash her and make her watch as you continue to fuck me in ways she never could. You make her watch as I cum inside your pussy, experiencing an ecstasy I’ve never felt with my wife. My cock now belongs to you and you’re the new mistress of the house.

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Nikki Brooks – Sisters Magic Remote – Masturbation FullHD mp4 [American / Florida/1080p/2018]

This clip includes: Nikki Brooks, Fifi Foxx, sisters, POV, Nikki always steals & messes around with her sister’s boyfriends, Nikki is mean to her sister, POV sister has had enough, magic remote, commands/tasks against will, clucking like a chicken, barking like a, mute, unmute, crying, whining, bitching, embarrassment, ENF, stripping, embarrassed naked female, spanking, dirty talk, admitting to Dad that she fucked the boy next door, nude selfies sent to everyone in phone, masturbation, recording masturbation, masturbation video sent to everyone in phone, woman following commands, controlling body, female training, revenge, punishment**

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Stella Von Savage – If It Pleases the Father – Daddy Taboo Roleplay FullHD mp4

Added: 12/7/17 12:07AM

So, I was learning in church about “pleasing the Father” and I was thinking…. You are the greatest Daddy ever! And I really want to be a good girl and please you. What can I do, to please you, Daddy? …. Wait Daddy, that’s too hard! Am I still pleasing you, Daddy? Does Daddy like it when I do this? Why are my panties getting all wet, Daddy? How much longer? I don’t understand, Daddy… what does cum mean? Wait– Daddy what are you doing?! (This is a taboo Daddy fantasy roleplay fetish featuring POV blow job and virtual sex)

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Angel The Dreamgirl – Fuck My Face IV Slutty Bimbo Secretary – gag reflex, face fucking FullHD mp4

Let’s change the look now to a Bimbo Barbie Like Secretary with very bright pink and super glossy lipstick like in this clip and the photo. Hair in pigtails. Heavy makeup and big long eye lashs. Lips overlined as always, make them as big as you possibly can. The outfit is up to you as long as it is a really tight low top, maybe a t shirt which you can pull down under your Bra. See through even better. Tight clingy pencil skirt and super high heels.

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BuniBun – Cumdumpster for Daddy and my Brother SD mp4 [720p/ American / USA/2018]

My longest vid yet! 40min long whoa! hehe This is basically part 2 of my video “Fucking Daddy and my Brother for money” (Which was and still is my top selling vid to date! ) also this is a custom vid (no names used in it though ) I start off in a cute little top and shorts innocently asking daddy for some money so I can go to a party tonight. I dont get it so easy, daddy first tells me if I want some money ill have to take my titties out and play with them.

I pull my shirt down and lick my titties grabbing them and asking daddy like this? The he tells me if I want money that ill need to fuck him like last time. I start bouncing on daddys cock fucking him until he gives me a nice creampie deep inside my pussy. I quickly put my panties back on and rest of my clothes because I want to keep as much as daddys creampie inside me as long as I can. Then I go to my brother asking for more money, getting creampied by him and keeping his and daddys creampie inside me while I put my clothes back on again. I get fucked and creampied over and over by daddy and my brother everytime I want money and each time I leave the creampies in my and you can see the messy when I take my panties off each time making me into a filthy little cumdumpster as you see the cum soak through my panties and dripping down my leg. In the ending scene my brother fucks me and I show you the finally of all the creampies I got over the course of days from daddy and my brother pour out of my tiny little pussy hehe ** NOTE: im not fucking both at the same time, i go to daddy then my brother seperatly

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Homewrecker in Passionate Massage Affair – – Madisin Lee, Freddie Cee – Fell On Productions HD mp4

When this faithful housewife MILF finds out that her husband has a second marriage, she goes off the deep end. She decides to payback her cheating husband. Her girlfriend recommend that she go see a male escort. To calm her nerves and not dive straight into sex she gets the Massage & Sex Package. Upon arriving the escort, makes her feel comfortable. He starts off with a baby oil massage that leads into a whole body oil massage. They fuck passionately missionary style. He creampies deep inside her and asks if she is on birth control. She tells him no, but they enjoyed each other so much that they did not care.

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Fell On Productions – Madisin Lee, Freddie Cee – Sexy Milf in Mom’s Medicine FullHD mp4

What is wrong sweetie? How come you are not outside swimming with your friends? You do not feel good? Come here. You feel a little warm. You want mommy to make you feel better? Here, just relax, I am going to make you forget all about your feeling sick. Your friends are busy flirting with your sister, no one will know what is going on. How does my mouth feel? Your throat hurts? I know just what you need! Come suck on mommys clit and it will take away the pain. Good boy, now put your cock deep inside me and fill my pussy up! Mommy has the best medicine!

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