Asami Regeneration – Multiple Attackers, Unconscious Heroine FullHD mp4

Asami returns to face three powerful enemies: Mortus, the supervillain who defeated her in Asami 2, a female villain, and a male henchmen. Asami finds herself captured and bound, subjected to various tortures at the hands of the female villainess and her male counterpart. Asami is whipped, beaten and electrocuted.
When Asami manages to break free and dish out some punishment of her own, her old enemy Mortus enters, disabling Asami with electric bolts. Asami puts forth a valiant effort and manages to make it an even fight, but she is worn down by the combined efforts of the three villains, who deliver a savage beatdown to our heroine.
To make things worse, Asami is continually regenerated – brought back to consciousness with adrenaline injections after being beaten unconscious and knocked out, prolonging thebeatdown to the delight of her enemies. Finally, after being forced to admit defeat, Asami has a collar placed around her neck and is dragged around in humiliating fashion by her female nemesis.

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XXXTREMECOMIXXX – Norah Nova – Green Lantern All Alone FullHD mp4

Added: 10/3/18 10:24PM

Green Lantern gets home after a long night of crime fighting. Her poor little feet are aching and she can’t remember the last time she got laid… She sits on the bed, removing her crime-fighting heels, and gently massaging her pretty soles. She takes off her mask and green ring of power, and prepares for some naughty relaxation.
With a sly smile she slides a hand down between her legs. Relief washes over her as she rubs and plays with her neglected pussy. Crime fighting doesn’t leave much time for a social life. Green Lantern has learned to take care of herself. Her pussy grows wet under her green costume. She writhes on the bed in throes of pleasure, succumbing to the powerful orgasm, then drifting off to a much-needed sleep.

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ImMeganLive – Schoking B-Day Surprise FullHD [1080p/Canadian / Montreal, Canada/2018]

Brother (in POV) hired a stripper for his birthday, and to his surprise apparently his sister is a stripper… and was the one to show at his door! Embarrassed she offers his money back or to get a different stripper, but he insists she stays. She of course gives him funny looks and thinks the idea is twisted, but hey it is his ..

He has her grind on him both vag and ass, etc and she eventually says this is too much for her and this is wrong. So he asks for a little extra…So she gives him a handjob and blowjob though she still think he’s sick for wanting her to do this! He convinces her for a fucking and she agrees but says her pussy is off limits. He reminded her what just happened and that it might be a good idea that it stays between you two. Nobody should know right. Maybe he needs some motivation to keep that secret between you two. POV missionary, fun to watch her boobs bounce up and down. Creampie; hottest finisher showing the cum leaking out of her vag as she scold the POV for cumming inside his sister. She pushed/leaked it out (I’m sure the sister does not exactly like having that inside her!)

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Emily Willis, Ricky Johnson – Stuck Babysitting My New Sister FullHD [1080p/2018]

Ricky Johnson walks downstairs as his step-sister, Emily Willis, is being scolded by her father. She’s being grounded for getting in trouble at school, though Emily is begging for leniency. She has tickets to a concert that weekend! However, her father doesn’t budge, stating that she should’ve thought of the consequences BEFORE getting suspended. Her father then turns to Ricky, telling him that his mother raised him right — he’s not sure where he went wrong with Emily.

While they’re out to dinner, Ricky is in charge! He’s not to let Emily out of the house, except for emergencies. Ricky easily accepts the new role. As soon as they’re alone, Ricky asks if Emily is excited about binge-watching some shows that night.

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Family Holiday – India Summer, Damon Dice FullHD [1080p/2018]

Hidden away in India Summer’s ‘art room/dungeon,’ India pleads with her stepson not to marry his ‘white trash’ girlfriend. Damon Dice, trying to do the right thing resists his stepmother’s advances but soon succumbs to her sensuality – grabbing her ass and pressing it against his throbbing cock. With the rest of the family only a few feet away, the two fuck away the afternoon in one another’s arms ending with Damon exploding all over his naughty mother’s milky white skin.

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xoArielxo – Fucking my Brother FullHD [1080p/Canadian / Canada/2018]

I’m talking on the phone with my best friend, telling her how my brother and I made out last night. I tell her how wet and hot I got from it, how I had to masturbate from our make out. Next my brother comes into my room to apologize for last night. I confess to him that I fantasize about him too. I give my brother a quick blow job and then strip out of my clothes. I play with myself before hopping on top of his dick and riding him until we finish.

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Manipulative Media – Kiki Klout – Blackmailing My Step-Sis SD mp4

Step-Sis’s secret is good with you… right? Wrong! This is the exact leverage you needed to convince her to finally spread her legs and do everything you ask of her! She is now your very own personal play-toy to explore and enjoy! Best thing is, since you have something over her… no one will ever find out! Now come on Sis. Don’t just spread your pussy lips, act like you enjoy spreading them… lol.

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