Jerky Wives – Cory Chase, Alex Adams, Nadia White – Family Meditation HD

Scene One: Family Meditation

Nadia is in the family living room doing yoga. It keeps her body fit and flexible. It’s also great for releasing stress and helping her meditate. Her hot body and tight clothes show off everything as Cory walks in to watch her daughter. It’s just too hot and Cory starts to touch herself as her daughter goes from pose to pose.

Alex walks into the room to see his hot sister stretching and his hot mother masturbating. Looking from one big breasted beauty to the other he joins in and jerks his dick. Cory crawls over and helps herself to a mouth full of cock as they both watch Nadia stretch. Hard and horny he grabs his sister from behind and shoves his cock into her mouth. Cory rubs herself as her son and daughter fuck their frustrations and tension out. Nadia shoves her pretty little mouth into her mom’s pussy and licks her to orgasm while her brother pounds her pussy raw. Nadia has a screaming orgasm bouncing on her brothers dick and makes him shoot his hot load all over her tits. As the girls lick up his cum they can feel the stress of the day leaving them. This is better than any yoga.

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Family Therapy – Kylie Rogue, Alex Adams – Dad Won’t Find Out HD mp4

The first thing I heard when I came inside was my sister Kylie yelling at our Dad over the phone. She said she wasn’t going to stop hanging out with “Those people — they were her friends,” and that she hated him. My Dad and my little sister have always butted heads but this seemed like their worst fight in awhile. I sat down next to my sister and told her she shouldn’t worry about what Dad thinks of her friends — she should just be more sneaky about hanging out with them. I told her there’s a ton of stuff I’ve done that Dad doesn’t know about. I calmed my sister down with a back massage and then joked she could return the favor by blowing me.

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Family Therapy – The Happy Family – Alex Adams, Ashley Fires & Sadie Holmes HD mp4

This all started innocently enough. A few months ago my sister Ashley told me her lease was up on her apartment and asked me for my old realtor’s number. I told her she should just move into my place. I needed a roommate anyway and I’d much rather have my sister live with me than some stranger. I swear to God I had no idea that we would start fucking each other. But that’s another story… This is about what happened the night Sadie moved in. Last week Sadie called Ashley crying, her boyfriend broke up with her and kicked her out of his apartment. Sadie had been out of work for awhile and had no idea what she would do. Ashley told her she was welcome to stay with us until she figured things out.

Less than an hour later I had both my sisters living in my house, which was definitely not something I had ever expected to happen… Before I went to bed I decided to check on Sadie to make sure she was comfortable. I just wanted to say goodnight but Sadie started talking about that summer we spent together when we were young… I was inside my sister before I knew it, and only a few minutes later I saw Ashley staring down at me. She didn’t look happy… But I convinced her to sit down. And pretty quickly my sisters decided they could share me… As crazy as it seemed, it felt perfect. We were all together again in the same bed, a happy family….

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Family Therapy – Only a Whore for Daddy – Esmi Lee, Alex Adams FullHD mkv

I don’t know whats gotten into me lately but I’ve started to really like boys. I used to hate them. I thought they were all smelly and dumb. But I’ve started to think some of them are really cute. I even started sending them naked pictures on my cell phone. My Daddy caught me the other day and he was really mad. He said I was too young to be doing things like that. Daddy sat me on his lap and told me sex is only for people you’re in love with. He said that I didn’t know anything about it but he said it was time for me to learn. Daddy told me I still had to be punished so he put me over his knee and spanked me.

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