YouthLust – Charlotte – 18 yo Daughter Virgin Defloration FullHD mp4 [Mexican / Mexico/1080p/2018]

Yes! This is Charlotte, an 18 year old real virgin. I contacted her and offered to shoot a vid for YouthLust. She agreed and was very excited but just days before the shooting she texted me saying she had something important to reveal. Turns out she was nervous and worried cause she had not have any sexual experience before, she was a virgin still! So we arranged this shooting where she sucks cock for the first time, gets her cherry popped and gets a perfectly shot facial. The whole combo! You really don’t want to miss the whole documentation of a real virgin defloration.

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YouthLust – April, Tessa – Half Sisters Threesome FullHD mp4 [Mexican / Mexico/1080p/2018]


I am not making this up. I am aware sister porn is a tendency nowadays in the adult industry. I was not looking for sisters, they were presented to me. This is the story. I had been trying to convince Lili through socia media for months, to a moment where I stopped caring anymore, however I did have lust for her. Last week I met Rose. I told her about auditioning for YouthLust and was very excited about it, so she told her sister and best friend Lili about the video. The very same Lili I liked so much got excited as well and accepted to perform in a threesome scene. As they told me, they are half sisters.

They didn’t knew each other before two years ago, when they met in highschool. After becoming friends, Rose invited Lili to her home and guess who’s daddy Lili found at home? Haha, cool surprise. Well, these are crazy and enthusiastic girls in a totally real half sister scene. Damn, what a joy! And what can I say about their beauty and youth? This vid is a personal favorite. This is PART 1. The girls tell us about them and their story and then get hands on each other. A scene full of kisses with Rose licking and fingering Lili’s pussy. This part ends with the very beginning of the upcoming blowjob

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Lovely Lilith – Virtual – Desperate to do Porn FullHD (1080p/

Added: 5/10/16

Your father is a porn producer, so you’re used to sometimes meeting hot skinny babes all the time. It comes as a surprise to you, however, when a 30-something frumpy chick shows up at your house looking to talk to you.
“Hey, I know this might be weird– but I was just at a meeting with your father. The meeting didn’t go so well, and I was wondering if maybe I could have a chat with you instead? Maybe you could take me to your room for a bit?”
You agree, and the two of you go to your room.
“So, look- you know your dad is a porn producer, right? Well… my life long dream has been to be in porn– crazy, I know– but it’s true. I gave up everything to come down here and try for an audition. But he wouldn’t even see me. He says I’m too big. They’re looking for smaller boobs, and the tight yoga body… and he says I’m too old as well.

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