Family Kinky Porn – Gia Vendetti – The Secrets Of Seduction SD mp4 2019

Our stud wants to learn how to make it with women, and who better to ask than his weird old Uncle James? Uncle James tells him that guys these days are too soft to get what they want. He needs to learn how to give a woman everything without giving her everything. Sure, Uncle James may give his woman a credit card, but he also makes her work around the house! But when his aunt Gia Vendetti shows up, suddenly our stud sees her in a whole new light. She pulls him into her world of sexual desires, stripping down and exposing her cute tits and fat ass. She sucks his thick cock and gets it nice and wet before riding until he is ready to burst. Finally, he spurts a huge load of jizz, and his education is complete. I guess Uncle James is more of a cuckold than he thinks!

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WCA Productions – Layla Rizzo – Nephew Helps Aunt Get Pregnant FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

When i got home from school my mom told me that my Aunt asked if i could come over and help her our around the house. when i got there my aunt said she needed to ask me something really important, she told me that her and my uncle had been trying to get pregnant but that my uncle has some problems and couldn’t do it. she was hoping i could help, i was a little confused at what she meant until she made it clear. i got to fuck my aunt in her bed that she shared with my uncle, then i came so deep inside of her! she said we have to keep doing this till she gets pregnant, so more to com guys.

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Katie71 – Milf Takes Sons Friends Virginity FullHD mp4 [1080p/American / Texas, USA/2018]

Young man stops by to see his friend but only his Mother is home. She gives him a glass of water and has him sit down and relax. After talking awhile she tells him how bad her feet been hurting and asks him to rub her feet. This makes her horny and she lets him know that she is aware he is a virgin which started the conversation about sex as this mom wanted him to fuck her. She slowly seduces Joe and talks him into showing her his cock. One thing leads to another and they end up naked and mother is shocked when she finally sees how huge his cock is. Once Mom gets his cock inside her she cannot get off of it.

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Emma Hix, Tyler Nixon – Family Holiday 2 Part 3 FullHD mp4 [1080p/December 25, 2018]

Surprising her nephew (through marriage), Emma Hix shows up on Christmas morning in nothing but lingerie. Turned on by her sexy body, Tyler Nixon struggles to maintain his composure and resistance until Aunt Emma reveals that her husband, Uncle Shawn is actually gay and Emma is in need of a man’s cock. Tyler is shocked by the revelation but isn’t about to miss his opportunity at fucking someone as sexy as Emma and he quickly reaches between her legs and laps up her dripping wet cunt. It’s Christmas morning and Tyler cannot think of a more fitting gift than a nice huge load over Aunt Emma’s tits.

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WCA Productions – Sadie Holmes, Coco Vandi – Mom and Aunt Fuck Military Son UltraHD mp4 [2160p/2018]

Added: 1/3/18 12:33am

Im deploying soon and my mom and aunt flew out to visit me before i go. i was granted leave and headed to meet them at there hotel, we made some small talk and had a great time. after they went to bed i got my mom back up and convinced her to suck my dick in the living room. in the middle of the blowjob my aunt caught us and eventually because i was deploying she joined it. i was in heaven, when the sun came up this morning and i was still in bed with my topless mom and aunt.

i said good morning to both of them and they smiled and giggled back, i then asked if before we got the day started if they could help me out again like last night? my aunt said since i was deploying why not, and then my mom started sucking my cock. my aunt quickly joined in and once again i had two hot milfs who i happened to be related to sucking my dick. i asked them both to get naked for me and they did and then we fucked!! i pounded them in every position i could think of until i creampied my aunt! i cant wait till i get back from deployment.

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WCA Productions – Alora Jaymes – Aunt Gives Nephew Private Lessons FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Added: 7/7/18 3:00pm

My grades haven’t been that great and my mom had enough, her sister/my aunt was a private tutor who specialized in working with boys to get there grades up. she told me that she had hired her and sent me over to her place. my aunt Alora greeted me at the door and seemed a little nervous, she invited me in and explained her technique which was a real shock to me. she made me promise not to tell and then dropped a bomb on me, her way of motivating her students was with sexual favors! i became nervous and excited at the same time. she said it would be a little weird using the techniques on me but i was her nephew and she loved me, i always had a little crush on my aunt so i was down. she said the best way to start was to give me a taste, she had me drop my pants and then she proceeded to give me the most amazing HJ ever! when we were finshed she said if i did good in school this week my rewards would be even better next time!

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Katie71 – Mom Helps Son Make Football Team FullHD mp4 [1080p/ American / Texas, USA/2018]

Her son didn’t make the football team and was devastated so mom stepped in and called the coach for a meeting at her house. Once coach came over things got hot and she ends up giving him some serious MILF love. She sucks his cock and gags on it then fucks him front to back and creams all over his cock. This was one of the most creamy moments as it was thick and all over her asshole, pussy lips and up and down his cock and balls. In the end she licks it off like a good mother. After all that of course her son made the team. This video includes

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