Missbehavin26 – Blackmailing ur stepmom into sex FullHD mp4 [1080p/Canadian / Your Fantasies/2018]

Script: I heard my stepmother talking to someone else on the phone and it was not my dad. She talks dirty stuff and about sex … ewww what’s wrong with her? I recorded everything on my phone. Oh no she caught me, she called me to her and was angry. She said it was only a friend and denied everything but after i showed her my phone she was suprised. She wanted to take my phone but she cant do that. She said ok whatever you want i buy you everything but dont tell it dad. I said i want a new mobile phone, new clothes and money! She said wow thats alot but fine you get it. AND i want one more thing! I want to kiss you. She is like a kiss? Okay and kissed me on my cheek. I said no, mom a real kiss on my mouth! She is okay whatever and gived me a short kiss on my mouth. Nooo mom! A real kiss, like you would kiss your friend on the phone! She said no i don’t gonna do it. I said okay i will tell it dad then.

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Missbehavin26 – Bully blackmails mom over 3 days FullHD mp4 [1080p/Canadian / Your Fantasies/2018]

Script: Your son Ryan has his friend Paul your student that blackmails you all the time. Has been invited to your house for a movie. Scene starts with all three of you sitting in the couch watching a movie. Ryan decides to sit in front of the TV and you let him since it’s his birthday in two days. That’s when Paul takes out his dick, your still mad that his blackmailing you, but you give him a wet sloppy blowjob. The sex scene i don’t want that much talking, just you getting fucked hard and once in a while your checking to see that ryan didn’t turn around. I want you to moan but at the same time your trying to hide it. He fucks you in missionary, doggy, then end it with cow girl. You whisper to Paul to cum inside of you.

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XXX Multimedia Fifi Foxx, Aiden Valentine – My Sister is an Escort FullHD mp4 [1080p/American / Florida/2018]

This clip includes: Fifi Foxx, Aiden Valentine, brother/sister, brother calls for an escort, sister (escort) shows up, brother blackmails sister by saying he will call her agency if she doesn’t service him, forced stripping, handjob, blowjob, ball sucking/licking, clit rubbing, forced kissing, chest groping/licking, pussy eating and licking, doggystyle sex, missionary, cowgirl, facial, big cumshot, forced cum tasting, POV shots, close-ups

in the sister’s words…
I’ve been working for this agency for a while now. I’m not exactly proud of it, but it helps pay the bills. When I arrived at the address they gave me, I was shocked to see my brother looking back at me. He asked what I was doing there, and I narrowed my eyes, “I’m supposed to be here, I have an appointment.” He looked around and quickly pulled me inside.

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Jerky Wives – Melanie Hicks, Bruce Canon – Mom Forced in the Bathroom HD mp4

Scene One: Breasts and hands

Melanie, just out of the shower, is brushing her hair when her son walks in to talk to her. He asks her who she was with in her bedroom last night and shows her his phone. Her eyes go wide as she see’s a picture of herself being fucked. He reaches his hand up and touches her breast. Stop it, that’s gross she tells him. That’s what he’s doing in the picture He tells her. You don’t want dad to find out do you? Melanie gets more pissed as her son touches her and blackmails her as she fights him off.

With his hands around her breasts she looks angry as she lets him touch her. Is this all you want Melanie huffs. I want a hand job He tells his furious mom. I guess if that’s the only way dad’s not going to find out She says. Taking off her robe he bends her over the bathroom floor. With her big ass in his face he watches her as she has no choice but to stroke him.

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Family Manipulation – Paris Knight – Mom Finally Gets Caught HD mp4 [720p/2018]

Added: 12/12/17 12:10am

Are you spying on me?

I might be… Only because you’re cheating on dad!
What are you talking about! I would never do something like that..
Come on, I have proof that you’ve been messing around with other guys…
Fine, you caught me… Please don’t tell your father!
Oh I won’t tell him, but I need you to do something for me…

Watch me blackmail my vulnerable mother while dad is out on a business trip. I show her the footage I have that could end it all between her an my dad, and I convince her to let me live out my perverted sexual urges with her in exchange for me to keep quiet… Watch as her beautiful 34DD breasts that she use to use to feed me with, bounce up and down as my throbbing cock penetrates the warm hole I came out of. You can see the point where my mom starts to like the idea of having a younger cock pound her, she even begged me to fill her pussy up with my fertile load! I’m not worried about her getting pregnant, dad will just think it’s his…
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WCA Productions Helena Price – A Deal With My Girlfriends Hot Mom Complete Series HD [720p/2018]

My girlfriends Mom wants me to stop seeing my girlfriend. She offers me many things but there is only one thing i want. At first she was hesitant but quickly came to the realisation that this is the only way to get rid of me. She quickly stripped down into her bra and panties and began assuming different poses and till I finished.
A Deal With My Girlfriends Hot Mom Part 2
Its been a week since me and my now x girlfriends mom Mrs Price made our deal, she gives me some naughty favors and i stop fooling around with her daughter. she was really worried that her sweet daughter wouldn’t make it into collage if i kept detracting her so i knew i could get a lot out of the deal. when i got to her house Mrs price wasn’t to happy to see i was back but she told me to come in, i sat down on her couch and reminded her that i was hear for her next payment on our deal. she tried to negotiate for a minute but i told her if i didn’t get what i wanted form her then id have to get it from her daughter. she asked what her payment was gonna be this week, last week i made her strip to her bra and panties while i jerked off. i told her today i wanted a topless handjob, she argued for a minute that it would never happen but in the end she caved. she went to her room to get a bottle of lube and a towel, she came back out and took her shirt and bra off. i took my pants off and we got started, let me just say that milf knows how ti jerk a guy off! i cant wait for my payment next week!

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Emmas Secret Life – Worthless Mother HD mp4 [720p/ American / United States/2018]

This is a custom clip. You enter your son’s room, planning to tell him how you will be going to the beach for the afternoon. As you are about to speak, you realize he is packing a bag. He is clearly upset and it looks like he is planning to run away. Considering your background, you absolutely cannot let this happen. All of the other men have left your life, but you will not allow your own son to. You will do absolutely anything to make him stay. As should be obvious, you will eventually work up to becoming his sex slave.

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Noelle Easton – Teasing Daddy – Daughter Dildo Fucking FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

I want a raise in my allowance, I’m growing up and want to spend more time hanging out with my friends. I’m too young and spoiled to work so I trick my stepdad into giving me more money. Mommy has nothing on me, I’m younger, prettier, and my pussy is tight and wet for you Daddyy. If you don’t want me telling her about you watching me get naked and play with myself, then I guess you better fork over some cash! Maybe you can even buy my first apartment for me so you can come over and fuck me while Mommy’s at work

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