Maternal Seductions – Cory Chase – Mommy Will Show You Hers FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Scene One: Morning

Softly my mother brings me to her bed and sits me down. In a sweet voice she whispers that it’s ok. “You’re growing up to be a big strong boy” She kicks off her heels. “Don’t you like this new dress?” She asks me. Her big tits are spilling out of the tight dress and I can see the edge of her forbidden nipple. “You like the way mommy looks?”

I’m half excited half terrified as her hands run over her body. “Tell mommy how pretty she is” she reaches down and touches me, her big tits in my face. Mommy tells me to pull down my shorts and show her what a big man I’ve become as she spreads her legs and touches herself. “Let me help you with that” Mommy smiles at me and slides her wet mouth on me. Sucking and licking and making me shake with excitement.

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Harmony Wonder – My Online Daughter – Harmony Wonder Apologizes With Her Teenage Pussy FullHD mp4 [1080p/2019]

February 21, 2019

MY daughter has been spending online using my credit card without asking. when i discover all the boxes at home i question her about it. realizing i can’t pay for it so i go lay down trying to figure out what to do. Harmony comes in to apologize and to make it all better. my slut daughter does it all with lil girl dirty talk and a facial

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Missy Martinez & Liv Wild – Campfire Chaperone – Family Lesbian Stories in wood SD mp4 2019

February 20, 2019

Mischievous mother Missy Martinez is out chaperoning her son’s date… With the stars above and gooey marshmallows below, pouty-lipped teen Liv Wilde can’t help but flirt with her new boyfriend. But when his mama becomes a little protective, her eyes and hands wander… There’s no better way to look out for your family than to test out the merchandise yourself. Nobody can resist an experienced mother or an eager teen, so why not bundle up, cozy up to the campfire, and see where this story leads?

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Meana Wolf – Indecent Proposal – $1M If rich billionaire fuck your wife FullHD mp4

Added: 11/15/18 12:00am

Your wife Meana is the perfect assistant to a rich billionaire. She’s always looking out for his best interests, including preparing non disclosure agreements for his mistresses. He has a taste for models… sometimes he even pays up to $200k just to fuck whichever woman he wants. But today he has his sights set on her. He knows she’s married to you, but what’s the point of being a billionaire if you can’t fuck another man’s wife?

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TabooHeat – Melanie Hicks – Mom the Jack of All Trades Full Version Video FullHD mp4 [1080p/2019]

Scene One: Mom Can’t Sleep

Mommy came in my room last night because dad was snoring really loud again and she couldn’t sleep… I was also having trouble sleeping because I hurt myself recently and I’ve been in a lot of pain. Mommy wants to help me get rid of the pain but I am not sure if I want her help. She takes her big, natural tits out from underneath her black nightgown and then she starts rubbing her hands over my pants… I can feel my cock getting hard but I don’t understand why!! She tells me that I can grab her tits, so I do… but this is my mom and I don’t think that I’m supposed to be getting hard!! “Mommy helped you when you were little and she can help you now,” she tells me as she slowly puts my cock inside of her mouth.

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Jerky Wives Cory Chase, Melanie Hicks – Mom the Jack of All Trades – Two are Better Than One FullHD mp4 2019

Added: 2/16/19 10:05am

“Haven’t you always wanted to do this?” Aunt Cory asks me, as she leans back on the bed with her legs spread towards me. I stick my hard cock inside her right away, and she asks me how her pussy feels. “Tight and warm!” I exclaim. She asks me if those photos she sent me the other day ended up helping me, but I explain to her how my mom ended up walking in on me while I was jerking off.

Aunt Cory tells me that I am doing a fabulous job of fucking her when all of a sudden mom opens the bedroom door!! Mommy is pretty mad at me for fucking Aunt Cory because I wasn’t supposed to fuck her unless my mom was involved too! I really wanted to fuck my aunt by myself, but now that mom is here I guess I will have fun fucking both of them at the same time. Cory strips my mom out of her red dress and her matching gold bra and undies. Aunt Cory takes the initiative and throws my mom down on the bed and starts kissing her body.

I walk up behind my aunt and stick my cock inside of her pussy while she eats my mom’s pussy! I fuck my mom next, while my aunt and mom lick each other’s tits… this is starting to be even more fun than I imagined! I even get to choke my mom while I fuck her, as Aunt Cory masturbates next to us… When I get close to cumming, I have my aunt and my mom suck my cock for a little before I cum right in my mom’s mouth… some of my cum ended up getting on my mom’s face but Cory licks it off mom’s face!! Time for me to go take a shower…

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Jessica Starling – Jealous Sister Xmas Creampie Fuck FullHD [1080p/ Maltese / Ontario, Canada]

Your sister is mad at you — you’re spending Christmas with your girlfriend instead this year. She admits being jealous for your attention, and accuses you of only going to spend Christmas with your girlfriend because you’re having sex with her. Your sister is annoyed, saying that you must be mesmerized by your girlfriend’s pussy. Your sister asks if sex is the only way to get your attention and starts to undress. You’re alarmed, telling her to put her clothes back on, but can’t help notice your sister’s big tits in the skimpy lingerie she’s wearing.

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Jessica Starling – Rough Daddy Facefuck BJ and Facial 4k HD [2160p/Maltese / Ontario, Canada]

I’ve been a bad girl. Daddy catches me taking and sending sexy pictures on my phone, and he’s not happy about it. He grabs me by the hair. He’s not going to let his little girl be a slut. Not for other people, at least. If I don’t want mommy or anyone else to know, I have to suck his cock. I’m nervous and hesitant when I take daddy’s cock in my mouth for the first time, but he makes me take his entire length down my throat. Daddy takes out my tits and plays with them while I deep throat him. He fucks my face hard and fast, making me gag. My face is covered in my own spit, my makeup running and my hair wild from daddy grabbing it so hard. He even takes pictures of me on his phone to make sure I’m obedient, to make sure I suck his cock whenever he wants without any complaints. I’ll only be a slut for daddy, and, secretly, I kind of like it. I make him cum a huge load all over my face and mouth, and I take it smiling.

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