Butt3rflyforu – Rae Knight – Mommy Is My Cum Receptacle – Transformation fetish FullHD mp4

I was cleaning your room and came upon your porn stash. Lots of DVD’s and my lace panties!!!! You love wrapping mommy’s panties around your cock! This obsession with mommy has grown and is now consuming you! Even with me not happy about what I find, you can’t seem to take your eyes off my cleavage. You brandish a mysterious necklace that you bought from the black market that supposedly makes anyone who wears it extremely horny no matter what. So you decide to tell me that you bought it at the mall for me. I am very impressed and my heart grew warm that my baby boy thought of me. I put it on and WOW!!! That’s when it all started. I felt tingly all over my body….and i began squeezing my huge tits and rubbing my clit! I had a deep yearning and sexual hunger for you!!!! I finally wanted you!!! I wasn’t wasting any time either. I was transformed into the sultry cock loving slut that you have always dreamed of! Your dream just became a reality!!! I began seducing you with dirty words and open legs!!!

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Domination for Your Own Good – Son, That Was Ex Lax, Not Candy! – Crazy Family situation FullHD mp4

Mommy’s little boy has got himself into a very messy situation. Even though Mom had told you to keep your hand out of the cookie jar, instead, you secretly ate what you thought was three boxes of chocolate, but it turned out to be Grandma’s Ex Lax!! You have allergies, but had no idea eating it would cause you to have to go *this bad*. Your sister has come home from cheerleader practice and is amused to find as a result you have become very full and gassy. There’s no hiding this..OMG! She tells your Mom who is not pleased at all and is actually concerned, so Mom calls the doctor. It looks like it’s diapers or else!

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You Must Not Lust After Your Mothers Huge Tits – hairbrush spanking, corporal punishment FullHD mp4

Are you staring at my tits?? AGAIN!?! Now, you know what I told you… you are not to lust after your mother’s huge tits! THESE are not for you! You are NOT allowed to see or touch them! Now, stop being such a naughty pervert. If I ever catch you looking or I even THINK you’re staring at my tits, I will not hesitate to punish you. If I catch you, I’m going to pull down your pants – wherever we are, and whomever’s around – and I’m going to make sure you’re not hard! If you’re hard, I’m going to give you a HUMILIATING SPANKING! Don’t test me! If you will not stop, I’m going to give you an even WORSE punishment!

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Primal’s Taboo Sex – Tana Lea – Getting Along With Mom HD mp4

Part One:
Tana catches her son playing video games in his little “man cave” when he’s suppose to be at work. When she starts to yell at him, he gets defensive and questions where she’s going to which she slaps him! She then apologizes and kisses him on the cheek, but what begins as a harmless, apologetic kiss turns into a long, passionate kiss, and the two finally find a way to finally get along with each other.

Part Two:
Out for a night out together, Tana and her son go to the movies. Sitting so close to each other in the dark inevitably leads to touching and kissing. Before they know it, innocent touching becomes pussy eating, a blowjob, and fucking! I’m sure neither one of them ever expected to get along with the other this well..

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Cfnm, breast worship – Mother Caught You Using Her Credit Card to Pay for POV Mommy Porn SD mp4 2018

Added: 9/11/18 5:45am

Now… I know you’ve been using MY credit card to… make certain purchases at certain websites. I found those strange charges and had to investigate and when I saw you were… they were… WEBSITES… of THAT SORT… I just. Honey, you know it’s not acceptable to use someone else’s credit card. That’s stealing! And you should not be paying for such a thing; that is not a good use of money! And it’s UNHEALTHY to be getting your sexual satisfaction from STRANGERS! Now… what is “POV mommy porn” anyway? Really? Is that all? And they’re mothers, like me? Oh, stop… I did notice that that one on the front page did look kinda like me, but honey, you can’t really claim I’m more beautiful than SHE is! No, no, no. She’s a professional. And she must be… so much younger than me. I just can’t believe that… I… well, I suppose, it would be much healthier for you – because you men need your sexual release – to just, well, do what you need to do, with a real woman in the room. Just in the room….

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Go Ahead. Ask Me, Little Brother – Your Sister need help SD mp4

Noooo… I’m not “supposed” to use your computer, but I’m your older sister. And… I CAN IF I WANT TO. So, I do. And look what I’ve found! SOMEBODY’S been googling really hilarious stuff… like PENIS SIZE. Even “should I ask my sister about penis size?” Ha Ha ha! So, you caught me on your computer. SO WHAT. All I care about is this issue you have, apparently. And you know I’m going to dig it out of you. I’m GOING to find out what’s really on your mind. I’m GOING to get you to admit that you’re worried about your DICK SIZE. In fact, we might as well measure it. ha ha!! And well, since it’s so easy to get you to flash your stuff at your sister… you might as well jerk it for me too. I won’t tell if you don’t…

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Virtual Porn – Natalie Wonder – Mommy Taught Her Two Boys To Share SD mp4

So Now You Share & Take Turns Fucking Mommy

The scene starts out with one of mommy’s sons secretively watching through the door crack. Mommy is getting pounded from behind. He had left the house a few minutes earlier but returned to grab his wallet. When he heard moans coming from the bedroom he came to investigate. He is shocked when he realizes it’s his own brother fucking their mom!! He feels anger, jealousy. But also gets very horny. He wants mommy too. He keeps staring through the door crack and decides he will confront them when they are finished. Mom and her lover son are talking after their little sexcapade.

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Taboo Tails – Unslutting My Daughter – Embarrassed Naked Female FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Added: 4/15/18 04:25PM

It’s eight in the morning, and my daughter’s trying to sneak into the house. Obviously, she’s had a long night, because she doesn’t even notice me sitting right here on my couch. Still, she’s not overly-concerned…Ashley knows her dad’s just a big old softie anyway..

Not this morning. Dad’s not happy about all the boys, and the broken curfews, and now it seems you just don’t come home at all? My little girl just smiles sweetly, doing those cute things with her arms, because she’s still thinking I’m going to let her off the hook again..

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Femdom POV – Do You Really Want to Fuck Your Mother FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

I caught you! Jerking off with your own mother’s lingerie! Like lingerie?? Hmmm?? Then, put this on. YES… put it on, NOW! Go ahead, finish what you were doing. Jerk off in front of your mother. DO IT. Look at you… stroking it in front of your mom, wearing your own mother’s lingerie… and you’re so hard. You like it. Are you THINKING about fucking me? Is that what you think about when you’re jerking off with my lingerie? Is this what you want? …these tits… you’re own mother? What if I bend over right now, lift up my dress, and pull down my pantyhose? LOOK at my ass! You want to stick it in, don’t you. I know you do!

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Primal’s Taboo Sex – Helena Locke – Learning from Mom FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Added: 8/18/18 12:01am

Part 1: Mom walks into my room carrying my laptop. At first I thought she was just bringing it upstairs for me, but then she sits up on the bed. She tells me that she found my stash of MILF porn, and she sees a strong resemblance between the women in the videos and herself. I mean, she’s not wrong. Mom’s always walking around the house in these slutty little outfits, no bra half the time, and she just radiates confidence and sexuality. I thought she was going to punish me for looking at those kinds of videos, but she seems almost happy about it. More than happy. She sees it as some kind of learning opportunity, says she wants to help me be more comfortable sexually about older women. It almost seems more personal than that. I never thought my fantasies would get this real.

Part 2: Mom know’s I’ve been looking at porn again. Lately it’s been a bit kinkier stuff. I’ve just started getting into the videos where the MILFs are kinda dominant. Mom to the rescue again. I can’t believe how hot her ass looks glazed with my cum!

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