Family Kinky Porn – Gia Vendetti – The Secrets Of Seduction SD mp4 2019

Our stud wants to learn how to make it with women, and who better to ask than his weird old Uncle James? Uncle James tells him that guys these days are too soft to get what they want. He needs to learn how to give a woman everything without giving her everything. Sure, Uncle James may give his woman a credit card, but he also makes her work around the house! But when his aunt Gia Vendetti shows up, suddenly our stud sees her in a whole new light. She pulls him into her world of sexual desires, stripping down and exposing her cute tits and fat ass. She sucks his thick cock and gets it nice and wet before riding until he is ready to burst. Finally, he spurts a huge load of jizz, and his education is complete. I guess Uncle James is more of a cuckold than he thinks!

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WCA Productions – Clover Baltimore – Showering With My Friends Hot Mom FullHD mp4

Added: 11/23/18 12:00pm

Having my moms best friend Sara stay with us while she goes through her divorce has already been awesome. the other day she was taking a shower she asked me to bring her a towel and i got a quick glimpse of her naked! then she had me come back in the bathroom and rub lotion on her back. this morning i walked into the kitchen and found Sara wearing a short sexy robe a drinking coffee. she said both my parents left for work so it was just us, we made some small talk and then Sara told me she was going to go take a bath. i was sitting in the couch a little while and thinking about her all wet and naked and before long i was jerking off.

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Male Domination, Blackmail, Rough Sex – Blackmailed MILF – Devon Lee HD

A friend of Devon’s husband finds out she has been having an affair for the past six months. He brings Devon to a discreet location to confront her about the situation. You would think this guy is meeting with her because he is concerned that she is cheating on his buddy….NOPE, this asshole just wanted to blackmail this big titted MILF for a piece of ass…and that’s exactly what he gets! This one ends when he blasts a HUGE wad of cum all over her cheating face!

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WCA Productions – Alora Jaymes – My Friends Mom Needs Money Complete Series FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Added: 8/22/18 3:00pm

I just got out of school and went to Mrs Jaymes house for my next lesson. her and i had made a deal, she was recently divorced and was also the mother of my best friend. she wasn’t able to keep up with her bills and since i was going into the military i wouldn’t really need the money i saved up for collage. so i offered her a deal, if she would teach me the ways of a women’s body then i would pay her for the service and she could pay her bills. she was reluctant but eventually agreed, her first lesson was to strip to her bra and panties and make me jerk off but not let me cum until she said. when i got to her house Mrs Jaymes met me at the door in a bathrobe, she welcomed me inside and told me to follow her to her bed room. when we got into her room she told me to take my pants off and get on her bed. when i was naked and laying on her bed Mrs Jaymes told me today’s lesson would involve a Handjob, she said that was a far as she could go since she had a boyfriend. she started jerking my dick and seemed like she really enjoyed it, she kept reminding me not to cum until she said so, she say girls liked guys who could last so i wasn’t gonna let her down. i cant wait for our next lesson!

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WCA Productions -Clover Baltimore – Mom Gets Son Ready For Prom FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Added: 8/18/18 11:41am

I was so happy, i got a date to prom. i asked a girl named ashley that i had a huge crush on and she actualy said yes. mom was helping me build my confidence and it was really paying off. she had some strange methods, like making me practice jerking off and holding of on cumming for as long as i could. mom said girls wanted guys who could last a long time, she even stripped to her bra and panties and tease me while i jerked off. i was super happy about having a date so i went home and told my mom right away, i knew my dad was still at work so i figured it was safe to ask her some more questions. mom was super happy for me and said i could ask her anything. i told her my friends were talking about handjobs and how we all might get them after prom. mom tried to explain it to me but i ended up asking her if she could just show me. she said yes and told me to got take my pants off and lay on bed. mom stripped to her bra and panties and told me to hold off on cumming as long as i could. my beautiful mom gives one hell of a handjob!

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WCA Productions – Jane Cane – Mom Pays Son For Chores FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

My dads been deployed for a few months but before he left he and my mom decided they wanted to sell the house and move. now with my dad on deployment mom is totally overwhelmed and i dont really care. i like were we live and the school i got to and i dont really want to move.

i was in the living room playing on my phone when my mom came in and asked me for help around the house, cleaning, painting and mowing the lawn. i told her i wanted to be paid if i was gonna do all that extra work, she said she couldn’t afford to pay me but she really needed my help since my dad still wouldn’t be back for months. i told her i didn’t really care since i didn’t want to move anyways, i told her t figure out how to compensate me if she wanted my help.

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WCA Productions – Jasmin Jai – My Sexy Alcoholic Mother FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Added: 6/30/18 3:00pm

I found my mom in the kitchen drinking some wine, she told me my dad just left on another business trip. mom poured her self another glass of wine and i could tell she was really upset. she vented to me for a little while and then she went to relax in the hot tube. a little while later i was on the couch playing on my phone, mom came back in wearing a towel and nothing else from what i could tell. she was really buzzed and her towel kept slipping and her boobs kept falling out of her towel. after a little mom noticed the boner in my pants and she was so tipsy she just reached out and grab it and asked if she gave me that hard dick. i was embarrassed but told her yes, she let her towel drop and got an evil smile on her face! she said she would be right back and then she came back with a bottled lube. my naked tipsy mother stroked my cock and it felt amazing, i don’t know is shes gonna remember this tomorrow but it felt so good i didn’t care!

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WCA Productions – Jasmin Jai – My Mom Is Feeling Lonely FullHD [1080p/2018]

Added: 5/26/18 9:34pm

When i got home from school i found my mom in the kitchen crying, i asked her what was wrong. she told my dad had just left on a business trip AGAIN! he seems like he always gone on work trips, mom told me how lonely she was with out him around. i gave mom a big hug and told her we hangout tonight and i would try and cheer her up. i felt like i needed to jerk off so i told mom i was gonna lay down for a nap. later when i was in my room stroking it mom walked in without, we both froze and mom stared had my throbbing hard cock way longer then she should have. i had to finally yell MOM for her to snap out of the cock trance, she said sorry and ran out of my room.

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WCA Productions – Destiny DOA – Mom Son And A Box Of Condoms FullHD mp4

My Mom came home from a party she went to with my dad, when she walked in i could tell she wast super tipsy. she asked me to help he undressed and get her into bed, once i had her dress off i noticed she was wearing a matching black bra and thong. once mom acting pretty goofy and when i got her into bed she felt the raging hard on i got when i was checking out her thong! she grabbed my dick and started playing with it, i knew it was wrong but god i wanted to fuck her.

i ran to my bedroom really fast a grabbed a box of condoms and ran back. mom was still laying in bed, i dropped my pants and walked up to the bed with my boner leading the way. i fucked my tipsy mom like i knew she wanted me to and i loved it. a little while later me and mom were still laying in bed, she had a guilty look on her face. i started reminding her much she seemed to enjoy the sex, she mentioned that i had a bigger cock then my father. i told we should keep having fun and dad would never have to know, she said we couldn’t keep doing this for to long. i showed her the box of condoms and said how about we keep having fun until we use up the whole box, mom agreed and we started a really naughty affair!
This series stars Destiny Doa, this is a POV Taboo Milf Cheating Blowjob Condom Sex scene.

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