Australian Porn – Daddy`s Little Slut POV blowjob Facial – Jessie Lee Pierce FullHD mp4 [1080p/2019]

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DADDY’S LITTLE SLUT POV BLOWJOB FACIAL REVERSE COWGIRL: (The male performer doesn’t speak so the scene is viewed for your point of view) Daddy I feel like being a little slut today. Daddy, I want to gag on your cock while I give you a blowjob, you love that don’t you Daddy! Then I want you to bend me over, and spank my big ass hard which has “DADDY’S SLUT” written on it. Then I’m going to ride you hard in reverse cowgirl, so you can see my big ass bouncing on your cock and you can see my creamy pussy cum all over your cock. I want you to put me on my back then daddy and fuck my pussy hard! Then I’m going to suck you again daddy, and tell you how badly I want you to cum all over my face. Have I been a good little slut for you today Daddy? 😉

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Amedee Vause – Daddy’s Gossip Girl – A taboo deepthroat blowjob FullHD mp4

Hey darlings! Welcome back! Let me tell you now another hot story about me and my unsuspecting step-daddy!

“I truly am a big mouth gossip girl! I cannot stop chatting with my girlfriends about anything and everything! So this one time, I was on the phone with my friend Stephanie and I happened to walk in on my dad while he was relaxing on the couch. So that gave my a naughty idea… I* sat beside him and continued to chat loudly with Steph. My dad didn’t mind me at all until I slid my hand down his pants and started to rub his nice cock! Oh, he tried to make me stop but I just wouldn’t! I was rubbing his thing, making it harder and harder and I was also telling Steph all about it. Daddy just couldn’t bring himself to make me stop! I know what he likes and I know how to do it… At some point I started to suck his cock, deepthroating and licking it all the time, so the conversation with my good friend Stephanie ran down to a halt. She didn’t believe what I was doing and it took some well placed selfies with my step dad’s dick in my mouth to convince her! My dad was furious, but he was way past trying to get out of it so he was ordering me to make him cum on my face – oh! I just love being treated with parental authority! And I love cum on my face! You do the math darlings… hehe. Enjoy!”

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Mindi Mink – Mom And Son Sex ED Part 3 FullHD mp4 [1080p/American / California/2018]

Mindi is in the bathroom sucking on her sons hard cock, she encourages him to give her a huge facial as her husband is downstairs having breakfast. He covers her face, it is in her eye and her hair. She tells her son that tonight he is going to become a man as she is going to complete his sex education by allowing him to fuck her. Later, she enters the bedroom dressed in sexy lingerie, she tells him he is in good hands as she strokes his cock. She undresses in front of him, lies on the bed and has him touch her pussy, sliding a finger in her warm, wetness. She is enjoying what he is doing to her… when she is just about to cum, she has him stop because she wants to orgasm with him inside her.

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Jasmine Jae – Fishnet Freak Fest – My Mommy looks how pornostar FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

11/22/18 new!!!

Jasmine Jae looks stunning in a fishnet outfit complete with a down coat, designer shades, and some sexy manicured nails. She rubs herself from top to bottom, taking pleasure in running her hands over her sensuous curves. She gets on the bed to be filmed topless by our lucky stud, but soon pushes away his camera to get a little closer. She takes his huge cock in her mouth, deepthroating his shaft with an intensity that only a horny MILF can provide. Our stud rips her fishnet pantyhose open and eats her ass and pussy from behind as she moans and groans in sheer delight. Then he pounds her from behind as her mature pussy gets wetter and wetter. Jasmines tits bounce and jiggle along with the aggressive rhythm of our studs salacious stroking. She finishes him off by taking a heaping load of cum in her mouth. This MILF is a star!

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