Bare Back Studios – Cory Chase & Michele James – Wild Husbandry Full Video FullHD mp4

Scene One: Breeding

Cory has gone baby crazy and she thinks Bella would be a good name for a daughter. Her husband just rolls over saying they already have a daughter. “I’ve got these big titties, don’t you want to suck on them?” Cory teases. “I’m going to get a beer” he says and leaves before she gets what she wants. “If anyone is going to get a baby it’s going to be me” Michele says, peeping through her parents door.

“You’re going to fuck me and put a baby in me not mom, fuck that bitch” Michele says cornering her dad in the living room. Her hot young body drops to the floor and she puts her dad’s big cock into her warm wet mouth. She can feel her pussy ache with the need for her daddy’s cum. The big cock opens her up and rams her from behind, her tits bouncing to the beat of her dad’s powerful thrusts. Michele breaks under her daddy’s grip and cums as her pussy is filled. As The cum drips out of her Michele is certain that got her pregnant.

Scene Two: Stealing Mom’s Thunder

Cory has been working out and getting her body as hot as she fucking can. There’s no way her husband can resist her now. Putting on some tight fuck me clothes she stands over him while he’s on his phone. She takes off her top and presses her tits into his face but he still ignores her. “Why don’t you just suck my dick” He says angrily.

With a smile Cory goes to work. She’s going to suck his dick so hard that he will have no choice but to fuck her and give her a baby. As she bobs up and down on his cock her daughter Michele walks into the room in her bra and panties. “What’s she doing here?” Cory gasps. He just shoves her head back down on his cock as he plays with his daughter’s tits. “He’s going to get me pregnant mommy” Michele moans as Cory is pushed away and his hot daughter bounces on his dick. Cory can only watch in horror as she’s cucked by her own slutty daughter. “Watch!” Michele demands as her pussy is filled with her daddy’s cum. Throwing some cum into her mother’s face Michele just laughs. “Stupid bitch” Michele giggles.

Scene Three: Double Breeding

Not being able to sleep that night Cory goes into her daughter’s room to confront her. “You need to stop fucking your father!” She demands. “You’re just jealous” Michele screams. They begin to fight as dad walks into the room. “You two stop being little bitches” He says, telling them to pleasure each other for him to watch.

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Jerky Wives – Cory Chase, Alex Adams, Nadia White – Family Meditation HD

Scene One: Family Meditation

Nadia is in the family living room doing yoga. It keeps her body fit and flexible. It’s also great for releasing stress and helping her meditate. Her hot body and tight clothes show off everything as Cory walks in to watch her daughter. It’s just too hot and Cory starts to touch herself as her daughter goes from pose to pose.

Alex walks into the room to see his hot sister stretching and his hot mother masturbating. Looking from one big breasted beauty to the other he joins in and jerks his dick. Cory crawls over and helps herself to a mouth full of cock as they both watch Nadia stretch. Hard and horny he grabs his sister from behind and shoves his cock into her mouth. Cory rubs herself as her son and daughter fuck their frustrations and tension out. Nadia shoves her pretty little mouth into her mom’s pussy and licks her to orgasm while her brother pounds her pussy raw. Nadia has a screaming orgasm bouncing on her brothers dick and makes him shoot his hot load all over her tits. As the girls lick up his cum they can feel the stress of the day leaving them. This is better than any yoga.

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Stepsis Dva Trades Pussy for Video Games – Kawaii_Girl HD avi [720p/American / Mordor]

Little fun roleplay video. Your stepsis has been told improve her grades and not allowed to play video games until she is done with her studies. But soon you catch her stealing your DS for some video game time and you have the chance to rat her out or get something out of your cute bubble butt step sister. She gives you the ultimate trade “ANYTHING” for more video game time and soon you got your dick in her mouth and pussy!! Sloppy blowjob, fucking, riding, ass fingering and your fun end with a huge load on your cute step sister’s face.

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Shiny Cock Films – Wade Cane, Jane Cane – Seducing Mrs. Robinson HD mp4

Seducing Mrs. Robinson Part 1 – 11:47 Mrs. Robinson and her son decide to take a vacation. Her son wants to bring his best friend along. She allows it. She is going through a divorce and has been having a hard time. Little does she know, her son’s best friend has made a bet that he can fuck her before the vacation is over. She is sitting alone on the beach when her son’s best friend walks up. She wants to know where her son is, he tells her he is talking to a group of young girls.

Jane wants to know why they aren’t doing that together. He says that he prefers more mature women. Back at the hotel, Jane is alone in her room when her sons best friend comes in bored. She tells him that she is having a hard time with the divorce. After she confides in him, she gets in the shower. Wade stays in her bedroom and watches her shower without her knowing. Jane Cane, Wade Cane, Shiny Cock Films, shower, showering, voyeur, spy, spying, peep, peeping

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Asia’s Little Secret feat – Asia Perez HD [ American / Seattle/1080p]

Asia is pleading with you not to tell mom about getting caught doing illegal substances. You don’t think it’s a big deal. Hell, you’ve done your fair share of experimenting. But your wife, Asia’s mom, would freak the fuck out if she found out. Knowledge is power and in this case, knowing Asia’s secret gives you an advantage. It seems like Asia can read your mind. Before you even have to mention anything, she comes over to you, takes off her boots and starts touching your crotch. She can tell you’re getting turned on and sees it as an opportunity to start riding you. Of course your cock is super hard for her. Asia has turned out to become a super hot young lady. She removes her top and just looking at her perky tits, Asia knows her secret will be safe. The more she rides you, the more turned on you get. Asia can tell you’re getting close but for some reason she doesn’t want you to come just yet. She wants to take her time. So you make sure you don’t cum just yet. When she starts getting close, she increases the tempo until she cums all over your dick. She ends up finishing you off with a nice hand job. She loves how big your cock feels in her hands. If this is her way of getting out of trouble, you sure hope she gets in trouble a lot

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Cory Chase Customs – Luke Longly, Cory Chase in Frozen MILF HD mp4

“I wasn’t sure if you remembered” Cory tells her husband with a sly smile. It’s her birthday and he’s gotten her something special. A remote control. “I don’t think so. This is a stupid gift.” Cory yells throwing the remote back at him.

He needs to show her how it works first. He convinces her to strip and rub herself, all the while Cory knows that remote isn’t going to work. Suddenly he freezes her, Cory’s mouth open with shock. When he unfreezes her she can’t believe it really happened. She sucks his cock and he freezes her again. With her mouth frozen open he face fucks her like he always wanted.

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Bare Back Studios – Evelin Stone, Luke Longly in Crossing the Line Full Verion HD mp4

Stripper Daughter

I am sitting on the couch in the living room having a nice cocktail. My daughter Evelin comes into room dressed to go out. I ask what she is doing, and tell her, she can stay home and they can have a good time together. I tell her to dance and when she complains, I threaten to beat her ass and that her mother was a whore stripper too.

I tell her to strip, step by step (“now take your top off, now take your bra off” that kind of thing.) She shuffles her feet in a parody of dancing and cries silently during this, after she is completely nude, I tell her step by step how to give me a lap dance. She continues to cry during this and gives a really bad lap dance. I get pissed and slide my cock into her. I tell her she is only good for being a stripper and this is how she will make additional money in the back of the club…

I Hate You Daddy

Evelyn walks into the kitchen from outdoors…I admit it, I have had a couple of drinks… I accuse her of telling people about what happened yesterday. She starts crying and I say I love lover…She wants to leave and live with her mother…

I pull her close for a hug and dance, I stroke her hair…She gets nervous and tries to push away…I end up shoving her doggie style against the kitchen table and fuck her from behind…She says “that hurts and please Daddy!” She is in extreme pain as I fuck the love into her…

I ask her again if she wants to live with her Mom, she says “No, I want to live here…” as I drop a load in her pretty mouth… Just like I would do with her whore mother…

Thrown the Bed

Evelin still has not learned her lesson…I toss her onto the bed, rip open her shirt, pull off her panties and teach her how to be whore just like her mother. I cover her mouth and quiet her yelps…She will be a whore soon enough, just one more night!!!

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Bare Back Studios – Haley Reed, Luke Longly in A Daughters First Love HD mp4

Daughter is the bed asleep in a darkened bedroom wearing only t-shirt and boy-shorts. Wasted Father comes in and stands next to her bed. Startled Daughter bolts upright in bed and pulls covers up to her chin and asks tentatively and fearfully, “What’s the matter Dad?” Father slurs and says, “My little girl, my beautiful little girl.” and staggers towards her. He strokes her hair and leans over to kiss her. She pulls away and starts to look scared. He gets on the bed; unbuckles & unzips his pants, gets on top of her, pulls down the covers, while trying to kiss her on the mouth, when he gets to covers down, he pulls off her panties and t-shirt and screws her. A tear forms and runs down her cheek as she struggles and tries to push him off, and begs the whole time. The is her first time and it hurts when he enters her.

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Fetish Fantasy Clips Zone – FFeZine – Anal Diaper Defloration, 1st time FullHD

GENUINE FIRST ANAL SEX. Beautifully Filmed

Well it’s taken sometime and a fair bit of patience, licking, probing and coaxing, but finally here for the first time she gets fucked in the ass.
Pretty submissive and diapered ‘Daddy’s Girl’ gets her cute little ass hole licked, fingered and then fucked with a pink dildo, as she masturbates trying to take her mind off her incredible apprehension. Then finally when that tight unused hole seems ready she gets fucked in the ass by a nice cock. Not hard fucked deep and pounding though, just gentle and for as long as she can stand, this si her first time and we want to do this right, plenty time for all of that. After that because she’s bee such a good girl she gets a nice face full of ‘Daddy Dom’s’ Taboo cum, how satisfying, ah at last.

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