Bare Back Studios – Vanessa Cage – My Hot New Stepmom FullHD mp4 [1080p/2019]

Added: 3/7/19 11:20am

Scene One: Mom is Horny

My step-mom Vanessa has been going through a lot lately and she really needs someone to vent to… Late one night, after my dad falls asleep, she sneaks in to my bedroom and decides to vent to me about my dad… “Your dad just hasn’t been pleasing me lately,” she begins to tell me… But I saw that he bought her a new car just last week and he’s always taking her on vacation and giving her money for girls trips! What else could she want?! She explains to me that she really wants someone to please her sexually. She starts to rub my cock over my pajama pants… “whoa, whoa, whoa!!” I shout, but I can’t help the fact that my cock is getting harder… I can see her nipples through her nightgown as well, and I can’t stop staring at them… “Have you ever gotten a blowjob from a girl at school?” she asks me… “Not from anyone who looks like you!” I tell her. She pulls my cock out and then she pulls her big tits out from underneath her nightgown and I can’t help but play with them… She starts to suck my cock while I play with her big, natural tits and I can’t help but explode inside of her pretty mouth! She swallows every last drop of my cum and even lets me grab her big tits again before she goes back to bed, next to my snoring father…

Scene Two: Cheating on My Husband

I am doing my homework in my bedroom one afternoon when my step-mom comes storming in! Vanessa starts screaming about how my dad has been cheating on her with his assistant and THAT is why he hasn’t been having sex with her! “She’s older than me too! She’s some MILF with big, fake tits and glasses! I didn’t even think that that was his type!” she keeps shouting… “Screw your homework and screw me instead!!” She pulls her army green dress off of her body and asks me to take my pajama pants off, so she can suck my dick for a little bit… She tells me that I don’t have to go to school tomorrow and that makes me happy, so I want to make her happy as well! “You know what would be funny?

If I creampied you and then we saved some for him…” I tell her. “Yeah, I’ll rub some of your cum on my lips and then kiss him when he gets home!” she says to me. Damn, she must be really mad at him!! “Come and fuck your step-mommy,” she says, as she lays back on the bed and spreads her legs for me. My cock is so hard just looking at her pussy and her big tits. I shove my cock deep inside of her pussy and it feels so warm and tight! “Can we try it from behind?” I ask her… She gets up to move in to the doggystyle position but she sucks my cock again before she does. God, my step-mom is SO hott! My dad is crazy for cheating on her. “You’re such a good step-son making sure your step-mom is happy!” she moans, as her ass shakes back and forth on my cock… “It’s so wrong but it feels so right! I want you to give me that huge load inside of my pussy!” she begs… I cum deep inside of her pussy and it feels so good!

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Bare Back Studios – Luke Longly, Natalia Nix – Daughter’s Protein Diet SD mp4 2019

Added: 2/12/19 6:30am

Scene One: Mom’s Secret

Natalia and her mother, Cory, are sitting at the table one morning, when Natalia glances over and admires how fit her mom is! Natalia has been working out and eating healthy lately but no matter what she does, she just can’t figure out how to get as fit and muscular as her mom is! She starts questioning her mom as to how she got so muscular when they both seem to be doing the same gym routine and eating the same way… Cory is unsure if she wants to tell her daughter what her secret ingredient is. But Natalia IS 18 years old, after all… she is a grown woman now and it should be okay to talk to her about adult things…

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Bare Back Studios – Cory Chase, Natalia Nix in Daughter Protein Diet – Mom Shares Her Meal SD mp4 2019

Added: 2/10/19 6:30am

First Video Ever of Natalia Nix and Facial

Natalia is sitting on her bed, thinking out-loud about what she has been doing lately… what if her mommy finds out?! She would be so mad at her! But she really needs her daddy’s cum to get stronger and more muscular… what if she starts fucking her daddy?! Wouldn’t that be easier?! She calls her daddy in to her bedroom to ask him if he would be okay with this. He is unsure if he should give in and have sex with his daughter, but he DOES want his daughter to be healthier… and it would just be for fitness…

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Bare Back Studios – Alex Adams, Cory Chase, Bailey Brooke – Subjugate Daughter HD mp4

Background – In the video Mom is not that reluctant in doing what the Boss wants. Dad has made it clear Mom and Daughter need to please the Boss. Bailey is reluctant at first so has to be gently forced but at the end she is more turned on to what’s happening.

Scene One: For the Family

Mom and Daughter are in the living room with the Boss, he is sitting while Mom and Daughter are standing modelling the outfits. He says how great you look and thank you for agreeing to model the outfits. He also says it was so good for your husband to have come up with the idea and how it was a shame he had to send your husband away on business this weekend. He tells you that him and his wife have a lot of power in the company and with the total support of his family your husband will get the big promotion he has wanted for so long.

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Meana Wolf – Footsies – My Hot Sister make me perfect footjob FullHD

I can’t help it lately. I’ve been thinking about feet. I’ve been thinking about feet so much it’s consuming me. Is there something wrong with me? I just think about a pair of hot wrinkly soles rubbing up and down on my cock and I fucking cum every time. It feels weird. I don’t really understand it. I think it started when I was looking for something to…you know…clean up with. And I found one of my little sister’s socks. I jerked off into it…and ever since then… I can’t stop thinking about feet. Sometimes I think about my little sister’s feet. Her little toes rubbing the head of my dick…my shaft. What the fuck is wrong with me?

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Filthy POV – Hot Latina Gabriella Sucks Brother`s Big Cock in the Shower 4K HD [2160p/2019]

Added: 1/5/19 10:30pm

Nothing is sexier then a hot Latina with some nice plump lips ready to suck some cock. Gabriella starts out in the shower getting more then wet for me, she just wants a hard dick deep down her throat. I love the way she make my cock feel so at home inside of her warm wet mouth. Gabrielle sucks, licks and strokes my hard shaft till I explode and send my cum shooting right into her mouth.

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Spying on Sister and Father – A Family Affair – Meana Wolf 1080p FullHD mp4

Added: 2/1/19 2:00pm

Taboo Family Role Play. Sister Fucking. Cum Shot

You couldn’t believe what you saw… what you heard. She moaned “daddy”. You thought you were going to be sick. Your own father fucking your sister. You wanted to scream at them… then she saw you… you ran away. Later, you went back to confront her. You swore to tell mom. But your hard cock betrayed you. It was so easy for her to slide her mouth onto your cock. “You’re not gonna do that. You’re not gonna break up our happy family. If you keep your mouth shut, I’ll do all the things I do to Daddy, to you”

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