Cory Chase Customs – Luke Longly, Cory Chase in Frozen MILF HD mp4

“I wasn’t sure if you remembered” Cory tells her husband with a sly smile. It’s her birthday and he’s gotten her something special. A remote control. “I don’t think so. This is a stupid gift.” Cory yells throwing the remote back at him.

He needs to show her how it works first. He convinces her to strip and rub herself, all the while Cory knows that remote isn’t going to work. Suddenly he freezes her, Cory’s mouth open with shock. When he unfreezes her she can’t believe it really happened. She sucks his cock and he freezes her again. With her mouth frozen open he face fucks her like he always wanted.

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Taboo Heat – Joslyn James, Luke Longly – Mom’s Protein Diet FullHD mp4

Mommy really wants to step her game up and get those 6 pack abs. Her new friend Cory told her that she would receive the optimal effects if she drank my cum straight from the tap!! Mom sucks my cock, nice and deep, and slurps up every last drop of my cum. Mom is certain that this method is better than jerking me off in to a cup…

The following day, my mom is watching football naked on the couch and decides to call me in to the room again to drink more of my cum! She thinks that she is starting to see some results, but she has not yet achieved the body that she wants. I am still unsure that I want to be doing this, but mom threatens to take my internet away and I can’t lose the internet!! How would I play my video games?! I allow mom to suck my hard cock again and she drinks all of my young cum… and then I am allowed to go back to playing Call of Duty!

I can’t believe mom expects me to keep doing this 3 times a day, every day, but I have to do what she wants if I want to keep playing my video games and using the internet…!

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Bare Back Studios – Evelin Stone, Luke Longly in Crossing the Line Full Verion HD mp4

Stripper Daughter

I am sitting on the couch in the living room having a nice cocktail. My daughter Evelin comes into room dressed to go out. I ask what she is doing, and tell her, she can stay home and they can have a good time together. I tell her to dance and when she complains, I threaten to beat her ass and that her mother was a whore stripper too.

I tell her to strip, step by step (“now take your top off, now take your bra off” that kind of thing.) She shuffles her feet in a parody of dancing and cries silently during this, after she is completely nude, I tell her step by step how to give me a lap dance. She continues to cry during this and gives a really bad lap dance. I get pissed and slide my cock into her. I tell her she is only good for being a stripper and this is how she will make additional money in the back of the club…

I Hate You Daddy

Evelyn walks into the kitchen from outdoors…I admit it, I have had a couple of drinks… I accuse her of telling people about what happened yesterday. She starts crying and I say I love lover…She wants to leave and live with her mother…

I pull her close for a hug and dance, I stroke her hair…She gets nervous and tries to push away…I end up shoving her doggie style against the kitchen table and fuck her from behind…She says “that hurts and please Daddy!” She is in extreme pain as I fuck the love into her…

I ask her again if she wants to live with her Mom, she says “No, I want to live here…” as I drop a load in her pretty mouth… Just like I would do with her whore mother…

Thrown the Bed

Evelin still has not learned her lesson…I toss her onto the bed, rip open her shirt, pull off her panties and teach her how to be whore just like her mother. I cover her mouth and quiet her yelps…She will be a whore soon enough, just one more night!!!

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Cory Chase – My Escort Sister Takes my Virginity Full Version HD mp4 [720p/2018]

Added: 7/22/18 06:30AM

Scene One: First time

Scene Two: Fun time

“You can just ask” Cory says to him. As long as she’s paid Cory doesn’t care who’s cock she sucks and fucks. He’s happy to pay her and spend time with the most perfect woman on the planet. She counts her money and smiles, putting her brother’s cock into her mouth. Guiding him inside of her she takes control and gives him a thousand dollar fuck. Her pussy like a dream to him, her hot body under his hands makes him float on air. Cory cums, letting herself enjoy her job for a while. With a big load of cum in her mouth and a full wallet Cory couldn’t be happier, and her brother couldn’t be broker. “I could get used to this” Cory says, rubbing the money on her body and kicking her brother out of her room.

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Bare Back Studios – Karma Rx, Cory Chase, Luke Longly – Karmic Whore Daughter FullHD mp4

Scene One: Millennial party slut

Just home from school Karma takes out her phone and texts her friends. Dad walks by and can’t believe what his daughter is wearing. He snatches the phone away from her and looks through her texts. “You’re texting those boys again” He says in anger finding some photos and seeing something that infuriates him.

“I raised you better!” He yells at her. “I want you to apologize for being a slut” He continues as he bends her over the couch. He pulls down her tight little shorts and spanks her ass. His hands are everywhere on her body, punishing her. His rough fingers force their way inside her making her gasp. His cock is next, shoving into her tight little pussy. She automatically moans, the slut inside her taking over. She’s never felt like this before as her daddy fucks her silly. He’s so jealous of the other boys and when he pushes his cock into her mouth and shoots his load down her throat it makes her pussy so fucking wet. “Stay away from those boys, do you understand?” He says. “Yes daddy” she says weakly.

Scene Two: Innocent Titty Pics

Alone in her room, Karma pulls up her shirt and texts her boyfriend a pic of her big tits. She doesn’t see her dad peaking through the doorway as she curls up to take a nap. Dreams of her boyfriend masturbating to her tits plays in her head as her dad walks into her room.

Half asleep she keeps her eyes closed as her daddy takes off her PJ’s. If she just pretends to be asleep he may leave her alone. She feels his strong hands on her body as he presses his big cock inside her. As her body is fucked she opens her eyes in orgasmic pleasure. Her daddy fucks her so good. “No more sending tit pics!” He yells, throwing money on her, making her daddy’s whore and cumming deep inside her.

Scene Three: Asking for it

Karma is planning to sneak out of the house for a weekend with her boyfriend. Dad catches her before she even has a chance, scaring off her boyfriend. She was going to leave the house dressed in almost nothing. He knows what she was going to do with that boy and he’s pissed off at his little slut.

He bends her over the couch and spanks her naughty ass. “Don’t punish me too hard!” She begs him. On all fours she’s made to take her daddy’s big cock down her throat before he walks behind her and fucks her silly. She feels so dirty being used like this that it makes her cum while he violates her. With a smile she takes his cum into her dirty mouth and makes her daddy happy. She loves it when he takes control of her and yells at her boyfriend.

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Jerky Wives – Cory Chase – Creampie MILF FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Fuck my neighbor Cory is hot. She’s always in that swimming pool behind her house in her tight bathing suits, it just drives me wild. My favorite hobby is watching her through her back living room window. One day when she’s alone in the house my hopes and dreams come true. She opens up her robe and begins masturbating right there on her couch. She glances in my direction and screams in anger. “Get over here!”

A white hot fear takes over me. I’m in so much trouble. I nearly faint when she whispers “Did that turn you on?” My eyes open up wide and I’m frozen to the ground as she slides over to me. Pulling down my pants she exposes my hard cock and puts me in her mouth. I can barely think, her warm lips around me, as she goes back and forth on me.

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Jerky Wives – Cory Chase, Ricky Spanish – Mother Son Fantasies FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Added: 1/23/18 6:30am

Scene One: The Convict

A young man (Ricky) and his mother (Cory Chase) are sitting in their living room talking when out of nowhere, the door flies open and a strange person comes in carrying a weapon. The stranger informs them to be quiet and not move. He then ties up each of them to a chair and asks them for money. They tell the stranger they don’t have much money but the stranger looks around anyway until he finds the mother’s purse and after rummaging through it, finds the mother’s cell phone and a couple of hundred dollars.

Scene Two: Mother Takes Care Of Her Disabled Son

Cory (Mom) is standing at the sink in her kitchen when her son rolls up in his wheelchair and while rubbing her ass, says, “How is my sexy MILF mother doing today?” Without even turning around, she pushes his hand away and says, “Stop it, I’m your mother and you know we can’t do what you have in mind.” He continues to plead with her. “Please mom, it’s hurting real bad.”

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