Bare Back Studios – Cory Chase, Luky Longly in Government is Shutdown FullHD mp4 [1080p/2019]

Added: 2/2/19 2:30pm

Scene One: Mom is Escorting

The Government is shut down and Mom has not received a check in 4 weeks…We are about to get kicked out of our apartment and Mom is desperate. Her friend told her about a Dating site where guys pay women to go out on dates. Dates are okay…right???

She took me with her to Las Vegas and had several dates lined up…I don’t know how my Mom is going to eat all that food, but it’s okay…She was talking for ever putting her make up on and I was getting hungry…Mom told me how important tonight is and for me to watch some TV…

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Taboo Heat – Cory Chase, Natalia Nix in Daughter Protein Diet FullHD Video [1080p/2019]

Scene One: Mom’s Secret

Scene Two: Dad’s Blowjob

Natalia sneaks in to her parents bedroom when they are both out, and she sits on her parent’s bed eagerly waiting for her daddy to come home. He comes home from the gym earlier than she expected, and she can’t wait to try and get a second sample out of him! This time, she puts his cock in her mouth, because she thinks that this will be a faster way to get her daddy’s cum! She sucks her daddy’s cock until he cums in her mouth and she swallows it all; she quickly leaves their bedroom before her mother gets home, because she doesn’t want her to find out that she is stealing all of her mommy’s protein!!

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Bare Back Studios Michele James, Kara Lee, Cory Chase – Breaking My Daughters SD mp4 2019

Scene Two: Kara’s Room

Dad walks across the hall in to his youngest daughters bedroom. Kara is still wearing her pajamas in bed, as Dad walks up to her and begins to grab at her big, natural tits. He grabs her hand and rubs it on top of his cock that is starting to get hard. She slowly opens her eyes… “Dad, why are you doing this?!” she asks. “Because your sister wouldn’t let me do it to her!” Luke explains. He sucks on her nipples before shoving his cock inside of her. “Ouch!!” she yells, as he puts his hand over her mouth. “I’m going to fuck you until you like it!” he tells her. Kara winces with every stroke of his cock. “Ow, daddy!” she continues to moan, as he flips her over and fucks her from behind. “Don’t you wake your mother up!” Luke tells her, as she is moaning in pain. Luke makes her say the words “cum in my tight pussy daddy” and she repeats what he tells her… he cums deep inside his youngest daughter’s pussy, and then tells her to go back to bed…

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Bare Back Studios – Michelle James, Luke Longly – Breaking Our Daughters SD mp4 2019

Added: 2/23/19 10:20am

Michele is asleep in bed, when her daddy slowly creeps in to her bedroom in his pajamas. He gently lifts her pink blanket off of her body and starts to grab at her big, natural tits. Michele wakes up and questions her daddy as to what he is doing in her bedroom… He tells her to be quiet, as he jumps on top of her. He lifts her white tank top over her breasts and holds her hands above her head; he licks and sucks on her pierced nipples, as she quietly rolls her eyes.

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Jerky Wives – Dava Foxx in The Beginning with Mom Previes Video HD avi [720p/2019]

Added: 3/9/19 10:05am

Scene One: After the Party

Mommy just got home from a party with my dad, and he got SO that he ! Mom came straight to my bedroom with her party shoes in her hand and wine in the other hand, and she starts to tell me how she is so horny! She continues to tell me that she met this really hot MILF at the party who had big, fake tits like my mom does… and when my dad, she started making out with this MILF! I’m not sure why my mom is telling me this, but it’s really starting to turn me on. Mom is wearing a little black dress and now she is spreading her legs right in front of me! She starts to rub her pussy, and I tell her to cover herself up but she is just getting more and more turned on.

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Bare Back Studios – Vanessa Cage – My Hot New Stepmom FullHD mp4 [1080p/2019]

Added: 3/7/19 11:20am

Scene One: Mom is Horny

My step-mom Vanessa has been going through a lot lately and she really needs someone to vent to… Late one night, after my dad falls asleep, she sneaks in to my bedroom and decides to vent to me about my dad… “Your dad just hasn’t been pleasing me lately,” she begins to tell me… But I saw that he bought her a new car just last week and he’s always taking her on vacation and giving her money for girls trips! What else could she want?! She explains to me that she really wants someone to please her sexually. She starts to rub my cock over my pajama pants… “whoa, whoa, whoa!!” I shout, but I can’t help the fact that my cock is getting harder… I can see her nipples through her nightgown as well, and I can’t stop staring at them… “Have you ever gotten a blowjob from a girl at school?” she asks me… “Not from anyone who looks like you!” I tell her. She pulls my cock out and then she pulls her big tits out from underneath her nightgown and I can’t help but play with them… She starts to suck my cock while I play with her big, natural tits and I can’t help but explode inside of her pretty mouth! She swallows every last drop of my cum and even lets me grab her big tits again before she goes back to bed, next to my snoring father…

Scene Two: Cheating on My Husband

I am doing my homework in my bedroom one afternoon when my step-mom comes storming in! Vanessa starts screaming about how my dad has been cheating on her with his assistant and THAT is why he hasn’t been having sex with her! “She’s older than me too! She’s some MILF with big, fake tits and glasses! I didn’t even think that that was his type!” she keeps shouting… “Screw your homework and screw me instead!!” She pulls her army green dress off of her body and asks me to take my pajama pants off, so she can suck my dick for a little bit… She tells me that I don’t have to go to school tomorrow and that makes me happy, so I want to make her happy as well! “You know what would be funny?

If I creampied you and then we saved some for him…” I tell her. “Yeah, I’ll rub some of your cum on my lips and then kiss him when he gets home!” she says to me. Damn, she must be really mad at him!! “Come and fuck your step-mommy,” she says, as she lays back on the bed and spreads her legs for me. My cock is so hard just looking at her pussy and her big tits. I shove my cock deep inside of her pussy and it feels so warm and tight! “Can we try it from behind?” I ask her… She gets up to move in to the doggystyle position but she sucks my cock again before she does. God, my step-mom is SO hott! My dad is crazy for cheating on her. “You’re such a good step-son making sure your step-mom is happy!” she moans, as her ass shakes back and forth on my cock… “It’s so wrong but it feels so right! I want you to give me that huge load inside of my pussy!” she begs… I cum deep inside of her pussy and it feels so good!

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Jerky Wives – Jmac, Cory Chase in walking Sister HD mp4 [720p/2019]

Added: 2/25/19 10:05am

Scene One: Bathroom BJ

Cory’s doctor prescribed her a new medication to help her get through the night. The medication has some weird side effects, but the doctor made it very clear that no one should ever wake her up on this medication unless she is hurting herself or hurting someone else! Cory’s husband, Luke, decides to explain this situation to Cory’s brother, JMac, who is spending the night at their house. “Whatever you do… DON’T wake her up!!” Luke tells JMac. JMac goes to take a shower, and he is checking himself out in the mirror when he feels something on his cock! He looks down and is surprised to see his sister, Cory, putting his hard cock in her mouth! She continues to give him a blowjob, and all JMac can think about is how he is not allowed to wake his sister up… so he lets her continue! She sucks his cock until he eventually cums in her mouth… “Thank you so much, hunny!” she says, as she gets up and walks away… She must have thought her brother was really her husband! Whoops…

Scene Two: Wrong Bedroom

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Conor Coxxx Clips – Big Tits & Dick Sucking Lips: DeepThroat BlowJob with Rachele Richey FullHD mp4

Added: 8/8/18 8:00pm

Rachele Richey is in a yellow top that barely holds her giants breasts. She loves to give blowjobs, its actually her favorite thing. She loves to deep throat, and swallow cum. Rachele begins to suck on her fingers, and explains how she plans to suck cock. She bends over the bed, and shows off her ass in jean shorts. Rachele strips off her yellow shirt, and is left in a lacey bra-top.

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