Superheroines adult movies – Cory Chase in Brain Drain Chronicles FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Scene One: Bat Gurl Vs Brain Drain
Daisy has been called into the school’s counselors office. “I’ve been noticing you having problems with classes” The counselor says. Seems like Daisy has been working a lot at her after school job and she’s failing classes. Too bad for Daisy that the counselor knows her real job as Batgurl, and she’s not really a counselor but the villain Brain Drain.

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Bare Back Studios – Luke Longly, Dava Foxx in Stingy Mom – Featuring Alissa Avni Vol. 2 HD mp4 [720p/2018]

Added: 6/30/18 7:50am

Scene One: After Vegas Montage

I overhear Mom talking to my Dad. She wants me out of the house and to move back in with him. I wait for her to hang up and walk in… Mom immediately begins to yell and threaten to kick me out. Her words fall flat and I pull her tits out. She appears to get more angry but I am not listening to her. By the top of her head, she is placed on her knees and sucks my cock. From there, I throw her into the living room and have my way with her…

Mom plants the seed that I should never touch my sister…Thanks Mom! Alissa is next!!!

Scene Two: Sleeping Heavy

Before going into my sister’s room, I want more of Mom. It’s early morning and Mom is still sleeping. Hovering over her, I touch and grope her tight body. She does not wake up as I pull back the covers and strip her naked. Mom wakes up just as I stick my hard cock into her and fuck her Milf Bush Pussy like it owes me money. Her face says no, but I know she loves it!

Scene Three: Do not fuck your sister

My sister is just as fucking hot as my mother. If I’m going to take what I want, then what I want is her sweet young pussy. Alissa just walks around the house in her tight underwear like no one cares, how could I not fuck that. I’m just about to burst into my little sister’s room when my mom stops me. “Don’t you dare do that!” She yells at me.

The look in her desperate eyes stirs something in me and I pin my mom down. If she doesn’t want me to fuck my sister she will have to take her place. Her eyes shut tight as my hands paw at her body. My hard cock shoved in her face and forcing her to suck me. With her pinned down I fuck her and she’s not happy about it. Knowing what she has to do to protect her daughter she gets on top of me and rides. Looking down at me with contempt as she violates herself with my hard dick. “What’s wrong with you!” She yells at me. I shut her up the only way I know how, a big humiliating facial for my bitch mother.

Scene four: Fucking my mom and sister

I can’t take it anymore, I have to have my sister. I throw my half naked mother on her bed and assert

my role as the man of the house. “Mom what’s going on!” Alissa asks in a panic as I grab her perky tits. “You’re my brother” She pleads as I ram my cock into her confused and horrified mouth. Mom can only look on in despair at the monster she’s created.

I don’t want to leave mom out of the fun, making her suck me off too. Both girls will be my personal fuck toys. Throwing them around the bed, keeping them from escaping my hard dick as I fuck my mom and make my sister watch. “God you’re so disgusting, get it out of me!” She screams. I make Alissa taste her mom’s delicious pussy from my cock. The best part? Alissa likes it. I fuck her and she moans at the feeling of being used.

What a little submissive slut she is. “No I’m not doing that!” mom screams as I grab the back of her head and make her taste her daughter’s young pussy off my dick. Alissa gets into it more and more, doing as she’s told, eating out her mom as I fuck her. Helping me hold her down as I ram my cock into her mouth. “What is wrong with you?” She gasps. My sister looks on with a slight smile as my mom takes my big load all over her face. “Clean your mother’s face” I say to my sister and they share my load like a good mother daughter should.

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Taboo Diaries – Camille Black, Dava Foxx – Mommy Was So Tasty – After Daddy Came Inside Her SD 2018

Added: 4/10/18 9:37am

Hot Teens Dava Foxx and Camille Black Fucks With Stepdaddy

Mommy and I kept playing around and ended up in Daddy’s bedroom when Daddy came home early from work! When he walked in she wasn’t even shocked! She wanted to share my daddy with me right then and there! We all started fucking and going at it taking turns sharing daddy’s hard cock until Daddy came deep inside her, only for me to clean out with my tongue! Looks like I may have found the perfect MILF I mean mom for me!

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Bare Back Studios – Luke Longly,Dava Foxx in Stingy Mom Get’s What She Has Coming – Full Video HD 2018

Added: 4/28/18 6:46am

Scene One: Breaking the Ice

My mom and I are on vacation in Vegas. She drinks and gambles all night long leaving me alone to play video games in the lobby. She didn’t give me much money and it ran out so fast. I ask her for more and she gives me a dirty look. “I’m not giving you more money, what do I look like a bank?” she spits at me.

I get so angry. We’re on vacation and all she thinks about is herself. I slap her right across her bitchy face. “What is wrong with you!” She screams at me. I reach out and grab her tits, I’ve seen her slide money down there before. “What is wrong with you, you can’t do that to your mother!” She pulls away from me. “Leave me alone right now!” I chase her around the hotel room demanding she give me money, throwing her to the bed and pinning her down. I’m bigger and stronger than she is, pulling off her dress looking for where she hides her money.

Scene Two: Suck It Mom

Her squirming underneath me turns me on. I pull down her bra and play with her tits again. Mom doesn’t know what to do as I grope her body. I’m so hard now and I can’t get into any more trouble than I’m already in, so mom is going to suck my dick. She screams in protest.

“Are you happy? You got what you wanted you sick boy” She says in disgust. I make her keep sucking, keep pleasing me. If I can’t have fun with video games I can have fun with her. She threatens me and tells me dad is going to find out, but I shut her up with my cock in her throat. “God you’re disgusting” She yells!

Scene Three: Creampies Are Mom’s Favorite

I know deep down she likes being treated like a slut. I’ve seen her with my father and heard what a good little whore she is. I slap her tight little ass dressed in her cute lacy black panties. I yank them off of her and pull her to the edge of the bed. My hard wet cock finds her pussy and it feels so good slamming my anger into her. I’ve been mad at her for years and now I get to show her what it feels like to get fucked over. “Eww, I can’t even look it’s so disgusting” She says, covering up her breasts and feeling the shame of her son’s cock filling her.

“You’re not putting that in my mouth” She looks down at her pussy juices all over my dick. I make her clean me and taste her disgusting shame. I make her look at me as I use her body like a cum sock. Just using her.

“Hurry up and get it over with” She says. Mom knows the only way for me to stop is for me to cum. She gets on top of me and rides me, taking control and trying to get me to cum as fast as she can. But I’m not going to let her get away that easy. “You are never doing this to me again” She yells. I thrust in her again and again her pussy oozing with cum. “Did you just cum in your mom’s pussy?” She screams. “God that’s disgusting” She can feel it pouring out of her and making her feel so dirty. “Get out of the room now!”

Scene Four: I am Sorry, Not!

The next morning dad has left for his conference. Mom’s in the bathroom fixing her hair and trying to forget the day before. My brother is in the room next door sleeping. I put my hand over her mouth and roughly grab her tits. She inhales sharply as I pull off her nighty and bend her over the bathroom sink. I fuck her and tell her to be quiet as I use her body.

She doesn’t want to like it, she knows it’s wrong, but she does like it. Her son using her has made her so fucking hot, it’s all she can think about. Now she’s mean to him so he’ll get angry and fuck her again. She loves the feeling off being tossed around, and sucking his dirty cock. She loves pretending to hate it but secretly loving every moment. She loves the orgasms he can give her that her husband can’t.

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Bare Back Studios – Dava Foxx, Ricky Spanish – A Brother’s Homecoming Full Series SD mp4 []

Added: 1/3/18 10:50AM

Scene One: The Arrival

First Part. Dava is sitting in her living room, dressed casually like she wasn’t expecting company, watching TV. The doorbell rings, she answers it, it is Ricky, carrying a duffel bag. Dava’s eyes instantly widen, she throws her arms around his neck and starts frantically kissing him and hugging really hard. He gently pulls away and jokingly says, “Hey, let go I didn’t come all this way just to get on my own front doorstep.” Dava pulls back, her eyes fill with tears and she asks half accusingly, “Why didn’t you tell me you were coming home so soon? I wasn’t expecting you for another two weeks!” He says, “I just got lucky. My Unit got shipped back early and I wanted to surprise you.” She says, “You sure did that!” and punches him on the arm lightly.

Second Part. Set a while later after they have talked and caught up with each other. The two of them are sitting together close on the couch. Dava sees her brother Yawn and asks if he wants some Coffee, Ricky says “Yes…” then Dava says, “I’ll be right back.” While doing this she talks non-stop about how she wants to take him out dancing; the movies, to eat, to see all their old friends, how happy she is he made it back okay, etc.. Finally she asks him how long he will be home. He doesn’t answer and she looks into the living room and he is on the couch. She smiles, goes over, straightens him out on the couch, takes off his shoes and clothes, notices his cock then goes and gets a blanket, covers him with it, kisses him on the cheek.

Third Part. The next night. They both enter the living room nicely dressed and laughing. She says, “I told you that you would have a good time didn’t I?” He smiles and says, “Yes you did.” She asks, “And who is the best big sister in the world?” He smiles seriously and lovingly and says, “You, Dava. You.” She smiles and hugs him again. She then tries to talk him into dancing with her. He initially demurs but she talks him into it. They dance very close together. They get tense and her eyes pop open and she pulls away staring at him, he looks down and embarrassingly says, “Sorry, it’s been over a year since I even touched a woman.” She looks at him for a moment, takes his face into her hands and kisses him lightly on the lips. They break the kiss, look at each other shocked and then intently. They fall into each other’s arms kissing passionately, he slams her to the couch and they undress each other while continuing to kiss, they have sex until they cum together, they fall asleep in each other’s arms.

Scene Two: The Next Morning

Dava and Ricky are asleep on the couch fully nude. He is flat on his back, she is half on top of him, face and her upper body on his chest. Dava wakes up, kisses him on the top of the head and starts stroking his cock. After a few moments he wakes up, looks at him and smiles. They kiss and she lays her head back on his chest. She murmurs, “I never expected this. Never even dreamed of it.” He replies, “I never expected this either. Definitely dreamed of it. When you were in high school I used to peep in on you when you were in the bathroom.” She looks up at him, smiles and asks, “So how was the real thing?” He answers, “Better than I dreamed of.” They look at each other in the eyes; she moves up on him, they start kissing, she kissing her way down his body and starts gives him head until he cums loudly, and Dava swallows his cum. She gets up on her knees; looks at him, smiles and says, “You don’t think you’re getting off that easy do you?” She again gives him head; lots of licking, kissing and rubbing his dick all over her face, etc., until he is hard again. She then gets on top of him and rides him very vigorously; lots of bouncing up and down, throwing her hair back and forth, her boobs bouncing, swaying back and forth and finally playing with her pussy until she cums.

Scene Three: Brother and Sister Time Together

Dava and Ricky make up for lost time…They fuck all over the house! On the couch, in the dinner table, in the bathroom, on her bed he eats her out and fucks her up against the mirror and then cums all over her older sister Bush!!!

Scene Four: In Love Forever

Part 1. Early Morning. They are in bed together. Sleep and fully nude, wrapped in each others arms. Ricky gets up with a start and with a jerk moves into a sitting position on the side of the bed with his feet on the floor. A a couple of moments, Dava awakens, moves behind him and wraps her arms around him and kisses him on the shoulder. He says grimly, “I have to go back tonight.” She whispers, “I know.” He turns to her, she is crying, he kisses her and says, What we have is something different and I don’t want it to ever change.” She says, “Me neither.”

Later that morning…He is smiling and she is positively beaming. They turn to each other and give each other a peck on the lips. He says, “I Ricardo, do take you Dava; my sister, my lover, my soulmate, to be my wife.” She says, “I Dava, do take you Ricardo; my brother, my lover, my soulmate, to be my husband.” they exchange rings. They look at each other expectantly for a brief moment smiling until Ricky says laughingly, “I guess we’re married now Sis.” She smiles broadly and throws her arms around his neck and they start kissing. They move to the bed and we have sex; moving repeatedly between missionary position, doggy-style, cowgirl, 69, her legs straight up in the air

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Family Therapy – Dava Foxx and Molly Jane – Lavatory Liaison 2 – Caught Cheating on Mom HD [720p/studio/81593/]

Added: 10/23/14 12:02am

Bathrooms always seem to get me in trouble… The other day I saw my sister Molly was about to get in the shower, and I HAD TO STICK MY COCK IN HER!!! We love each other, so we do that sometimes… Then Mom walked in and caught us!! My Mom didn’t know I had been fucking my sister once in awhile, she thought I was only sleeping with her. Mom wasn’t very happy, and my sister was pissed too. I figured I was in BIG TROUBLE again, but then Mom said she’d prove she was better at sex than Molly. Before I knew it my MOTHER AND SISTER WERE BOTH SUCKING MY COCK!!! I fucked my Mom and my sister back and forth, until I finally blasted both of them in the face with my jizz. My Mom and sister are the best! Honestly, I’m still not sure who is better at sex… so I guess we’ll just have to try it again!

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Family Therapy – Dava Foxx – Summer Vacation Full Version HD (720p/

Added: 6/27/15

pt.1 I Want to Go Home – I fucking hate my parents. We drive half way across the country to go to some stupid amusement park that I’m too old for, and then my Dad says he has to leave the second day we’re there. Work emergency. What a fucking joke. He said Mom and I should stay for the rest of the week. I didn’t think it was possible but this trip just got even worse. Mom doesn’t care, she’s just hanging out by the pool having drinks with some new friends she made at the hotel. This is so lame. I want to go home…. pt.2 Alone With Mom – Son, it’s okay… I didn’t mean to scare you. You don’t have to cum inside me if you don’t want to… Son, I love you. I’m your Mother. I just wanted us to have some fun together. But you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. It’s just us now. Dad’s not here. Your friends aren’t here. You don’t have to be afraid. No one has to know about this… Son, we’re all alone…. ***Starring Dava Foxx & a REAL creampie from her son***

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Family Therapy – Dava Foxx – Mom’s Late Shift HD (720p/

Added: 7/17/15

Son, can’t you see I’m busy. Mommy is answering emails. And no, I’m not turning the lights off yet. I have a lot of work to finish before I can sleep. You can go back to your own room if you want honey… Why are you still starring at me son? Oh, I see what you’re doing, you don’t need to lie to me… Mommy can take a little break and help you with that…. ***Starring Dava Foxx & a REAL creampie from her son***

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Bare Back Studios – Dava Foxx, Luke Longly – A Sons Rage SD (

Added: 10/17/15

Scene One: Followed Home

Woman walks into her living room and is ferociously set upon by her son. He rips her jeans apart and takes her in the cunt and mouth over and over again.

Scene Two: This is not Love

Mom went to bed early without leaving dinner ready. Son sneaks in and caresses her sexy body. He reaches under, rips open her top. Mom opens her eyes wide and lets out a scream as son fucks her to completion. He leaves Mom’s tight pussy full of his cum and thoughts where she went wrong.

Scene Three: Followed Home

A professional woman comes home from a long day at the office. She screams as she is grabbed from behind but her nightmare is only beginning as she is used over and over again by the stranger, her Son.

Scene Four: Giving Mom a Baby

A lovely brunette in flannel is fucked over and over by her son and left a sopping, sweat-soaked mass, of used womanhood on her couch. She pulls up her shorts to cover up the creampie left by her Son.

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