Must Obey Goddess Gisele – Little Brothers Punishment – Blackmail Fantasy, Sister`s Humiliation SD mp4

You are such a pervy thing, little brother. (Or step-brother if the ‘step’ is that important you.) It is not a secret that you have been spying on Me for months and months. Watching Me fuck My boyfriend.. bend over.. getting fucked. But wait a second.. I only notice you being a peeping tom when I’m fucking My sexy boyfriend. Hm, wait.. that’s it!! You like cock, isn’t that right little brother? My boyfriends big dick is what you are so curious about! ..Or is it? You’re such the little perverted freak.. I’m going to teach you a lesson no matter what the reason is. Don’t even refuse or Mom and Dad will love debating your punishment for jerking off to your own SISTER!! You know you want this.. don’t make Me keep blackmailing you. Now be a good brother and get on your knees.. My boyfriend is on his way over to get his big ol’ cock sucked and you’re going to be the one to happily do it. Make sure you have a dildo or something to suck on.

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Undercover Sluts – Clover Baltimore, Coco Vandi, Kyle Balls – Cheating with My Wifes BFF

Added: 9/12/18 07:54PM

Part 1 — My wife’s BFF is having marriage troubles, and she asked me if we could put her up for a while until she sorts her sh*t out. Of course I said yeah, but now that this lady is here, she’s giving me weird vibes. I think she made a pass at me. She’s been walking around the house naked when my wife isn’t around, just trying to get a reaction out of me. Her marriage is probably on the rocks cuz she’s a slut, honestly

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Nikki Brooks – Sisters Magic Remote – Masturbation FullHD mp4 [American / Florida/1080p/2018]

This clip includes: Nikki Brooks, Fifi Foxx, sisters, POV, Nikki always steals & messes around with her sister’s boyfriends, Nikki is mean to her sister, POV sister has had enough, magic remote, commands/tasks against will, clucking like a chicken, barking like a, mute, unmute, crying, whining, bitching, embarrassment, ENF, stripping, embarrassed naked female, spanking, dirty talk, admitting to Dad that she fucked the boy next door, nude selfies sent to everyone in phone, masturbation, recording masturbation, masturbation video sent to everyone in phone, woman following commands, controlling body, female training, revenge, punishment**

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Cfnm, breast worship – Mother Caught You Using Her Credit Card to Pay for POV Mommy Porn SD mp4 2018

Added: 9/11/18 5:45am

Now… I know you’ve been using MY credit card to… make certain purchases at certain websites. I found those strange charges and had to investigate and when I saw you were… they were… WEBSITES… of THAT SORT… I just. Honey, you know it’s not acceptable to use someone else’s credit card. That’s stealing! And you should not be paying for such a thing; that is not a good use of money! And it’s UNHEALTHY to be getting your sexual satisfaction from STRANGERS! Now… what is “POV mommy porn” anyway? Really? Is that all? And they’re mothers, like me? Oh, stop… I did notice that that one on the front page did look kinda like me, but honey, you can’t really claim I’m more beautiful than SHE is! No, no, no. She’s a professional. And she must be… so much younger than me. I just can’t believe that… I… well, I suppose, it would be much healthier for you – because you men need your sexual release – to just, well, do what you need to do, with a real woman in the room. Just in the room….

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Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Keilani Kita – Sister Confesses Feelings to Brother – Sister is in Love with Brother FullHD [1080p/2018]

Added: 9/12/18 1:00pm

This clip includes: Keilani Kita, POV, brother/sister, younger sister is shy and awkward as she confesses her feelings for you, sister is in love with you, tells you that she knows you care about her too, wants to know if you love her in that way, smiling, giggling, nervous, embarrassed, wants to be closer to you, wants to take things a step further, begins stripping in front of you, invites you to touch her, virtual kissing, kisses you, tit groping, virtual handjob, virtual blowjob, first time experience with sister, virtual sex, missionary, in love, romantic, passionate, affectionate, making love, sex, fucking, sister becomes girlfriend, POV sex, girlfriend experience, GFE

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Hannah in Fetishland – Mommy Dearest – Humiliation, Embarrassment FullHD mp4 [1080p/2016]

Junior (POV) comes home from a semester at college to find Mommy home alone in the living room appearing upset with Dad and uncharacteristically sipping on wine. Junior and Mommy start with some small talk about college, but Mommy is distracted, tipsy, and angry with Dad. Junior asks Mommy why she is so upset, but Mommy is hesitant to share. However, with some cajoling, Mommy breaks. Mommy feels as though Dad no longer sees her as a woman, and to cap it off, she recently found some “dirty pictures” on the family laptop. In short, Mommy’s womanly insecurities are shining through. She’s completely trusting of Junior at this point, but she doesn’t realize that he has a lecherous side. In fact, she has no idea that those “dirty pictures” are actually his. Immediately, he crafts a plan to take advantage of her vulnerability. Through flattery and exploiting her trust and tipsy state, he convinces her that they can make Dad appreciate her as a woman again if she surprises him with some pin-up style photos of herself.

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Taboo Tails – Unslutting My Daughter – Embarrassed Naked Female FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Added: 4/15/18 04:25PM

It’s eight in the morning, and my daughter’s trying to sneak into the house. Obviously, she’s had a long night, because she doesn’t even notice me sitting right here on my couch. Still, she’s not overly-concerned…Ashley knows her dad’s just a big old softie anyway..

Not this morning. Dad’s not happy about all the boys, and the broken curfews, and now it seems you just don’t come home at all? My little girl just smiles sweetly, doing those cute things with her arms, because she’s still thinking I’m going to let her off the hook again..

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Sydney Harwin – Mom Can’t Stop Her Son – Fucking Son`s Trap FullHD mp4 [1080p/ British / Taboo Artist/2018]

Mom has decided to crawl underneath her son’s bed in her quest to find porn… She doesn’t end up finding any however, and instead gets caught by her son who walks in to see her little ass sticking up in the air and with no panties on underneath her dress. She attempts to crawl out, but he pins her and starts to touch her private parts. The more she tries to get out, the rougher he becomes in his efforts to stop her, and soon he spreads her wide and shoves his hard cock deep inside her. She is extremely reluctant, telling him countless times that he shouldn’t be doing this to his mom… But he doesn’t stop, instead he just fucks her harder and harder. She tells him that she was only looking for porn, but didn’t find any. He carries on pounding away into her tight pussy until suddenly Mom just can’t hide her moans any longer, and explodes cum around his cock. He finishes inside of her and then walks away, leaving Mom tired, confused and if she is honest… A little bit happy. Contains two camera angles, one showing Mom’s face and reactions to being fucked, and another angle showing her son ramming her from behind. You can see the son in the background of the facial shots fucking her, so both angles contain some real good views of the fucking action, and Mom’s various facial expressions and reactions to what is happening to her.

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Emmas Secret Life – Worthless Mother HD mp4 [720p/ American / United States/2018]

This is a custom clip. You enter your son’s room, planning to tell him how you will be going to the beach for the afternoon. As you are about to speak, you realize he is packing a bag. He is clearly upset and it looks like he is planning to run away. Considering your background, you absolutely cannot let this happen. All of the other men have left your life, but you will not allow your own son to. You will do absolutely anything to make him stay. As should be obvious, you will eventually work up to becoming his sex slave.

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Stepmom lap sitting – Is There Anything Else Mommy Can Do to Make You Feel Better HD mp4 [720p/2017]

Added: 7/11/17 06:00AM

to experience taboo, MILF, older woman, silk & satin, bra & panties, cleavage, embarrassment, jerk off encouragement, masturbation instruction, lap sitting, bare shoulders, virtual kissing, dirty talk, topless, big breasts, virtual blowjob, virtual titjob, lingerie …and the exclusive, intensely intimate experience of being with ME.

You know I hate to see you this way: all brokenhearted over some little girl. I can’t believe she broke up with you! MY darling boy! Oh, I want to see you smiling again! What can I do to cheer you up? Anything to distract you from those troubles? Would you… like to do the same thing as last time? You know… DO IT in front of Mommy? I don’t mind. I just want to see my poor boy smiling again! Or… how about if I just sit on your lap – on the very edge! – while you do it? Would that be nice? Would you like to have Mommy straddling you while you stroke it? I just want to help you. Can we try it for Mommy? I think you’ll feel MUCH better… Oh, yes… I think this will do it. Oh… Oh! You’re very good at it… do you want Mommy to make you feel good with my big soft breasts too?

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