Family Affair – Michele James – Prankster Penis For Stepsis SD mp4 [2018]

Michele James is always complaining to her dad about her stepbrother. All he does is play tricks on her. But her dad does not want to hear it. He tells Michele to try to be nice to her stepbro, but she maintains that he is a jerk. So, when her stepbro gives her a thong wedgie later on, she has finally had enough. She gets up and throws him down on the couch. He comes by her room later to apologize and tries to explain that the reason he is so annoying is because he likes her. She is clearly flattered, and they start making out. Then, he lays back on the bed and gets his snake sucked clean by his stepsis. Michele takes her glasses off for this dirty work, riding his cock on the bed and loving every stepbrotherly inch. Then her stepbro fucks her standing up, serving up some prankster peen to his hot stepsis. They finish with a splash as he cums all over Micheles face, and they make plans to do it again later. Looks like it is a family affair!

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Sophia Leone – Fucking my Laitna Step Daughter Fresh Out the Shower FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

I interrupt my step daughter Sophia in the shower, I really need to talk to her. Her mom and I have been having some serious issues, My wife is not giving me the attention I need. Sophia is so beautiful, I tell her she can help me get over her mom. At first Sophia is appalled that I would even mention something like that but I convince her that it would be such a huge help to me. Sophia is such a caring step daughter she drops to her knees and starts blowing me while she is still soaking wet from the shower. I fuck Sophia’s sweet tight pussy right there on the bathroom floor till I cum all over her face.

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Eliza Ibarra, Whitney Wright, Rion King – Cupcake Creampie SD mp4 [Sep 9, 2018]

Whitney Wright stepbrother Rion King argue over cupcakes as Rion’s mom Alana Cruise and Whitney’s friend Eliza Ibarra look on. Eliza catches Rion checking his stepsister out, and then stares in shock as Whitney teases Rion with frosting on her lips and then her hard nipple. Alana remains oblivious as Whitney lifts her miniskirt and rubs frosting all over her hairy pussy. Rion finally responds in kind, whipping out his dick to cover the head and shaft in a sweet surprise.

Later, everyone is watching tv together when Whitney notices that Rion is still hard as a rock. Eliza once again catches the stepsiblings in the act and can’t believe when Alana is clueless. When Whitney pulls out Rion’s dick and starts sucking the frosting off it, Eliza is speechless. Unbeknownst to either Eliza or Rion, Whitney merely wants revenge for Rion’s behavior earlier. She gets exactly that when she rats out Rion for having his cock out in front of her and her friend.

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Taboo Diaries – Gisele Roxx – When My Cousin Came FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Added: 7/20/18 8:55am

It had been a long time since cousin Ricky came to visit. We sat and talked for a bit and I couldn’t get over how hot he had gotten. Something came over me and I decided to take it to the next level. I grabbed my cousins crotch and pushed him to the bed. When he didn’t resist I knew I had it made so I stripped off my clothes and started undressing him. My cousin laid me on the bed and ate my wet pussy then I returned the favor by sucking his cock. When he got behind me and started easing in his cock I was so turned on I came a little. When he started pounding my pussy harder I couldn’t stop cumming, it was insane. We fucked all over my room and then he bent me over the bed to pound me deeper. When my cousin came he was so deep inside me I felt it hit my cervix. I’m kinda nervous that he might knock me up but at least we share the same DNA so dad would never know.

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Katy Faery – Happy Father’s Week, Daddy! – Gift #2 A Fantastic FootJob FullHD avi [American/1080p/2018]

Added: 6/13/18 2:25am

Baby girl, Katy Faery, lays on the couch scrolling through her phone in a tiny red thong, and navy bra. Katy kicks her feet back in forth in the air, with her butt slightly poked in the air. Your daughter notices you looking at her, and turns around to sit up. “Oh, hi Daddy!” You tell Katy that you couldn’t help but stare at her gorgeous feet. She giggles, and says that she just got them painted. Your daughter moves her toes back and forth, showing off her freshly painted toenails. It’s hump day and you’ve been getting quite turned on at the site of your BabyGirl’s perfect feet, so you hand Katy the coupon for “One (1) Fantastic Footjob” that she made for you for Father’s Day.. well, Father’s Week. “Oh, what’s this?” Katy looks at the coupon and smiles. “One FANTASTIC footjob? Do you really like my painted feet that much, Daddy?” Your daughter smiles, and wiggles her toes.

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Katy Faery – Happy Father’s Week, Daddy! – Gift #1 Family Handjob and blowjob FullHD avi [American/1080p/2018]

You are sitting on the couch, enjoying a documentary on the TV… when your Daughter, Katy Faery, walks in the front door. “Hey, Daddy!” Katy comes in wearing a tiny black floral dress, and she has a gift bag in her hand. She walks over to the TV and turns it off. “I have a little surprise for you.” Your daughter drops down to her knees in front of you, and presents her gift to you. “I know Father’s Day is next week, but I couldn’t help myself.” Katy pulls out a coupon book that she hand-made for you, “I wanted to give this to you, today. So, Happy Father’s Day.. or Week!” Katy reveals the first coupon she made for you, and it says “One (1) Massage & Handjob.” She giggles to herself, and says she knew you would like that one.

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Alexis Fawx – Uses Stepson To Fulfill Her Sexual Needs FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Everyone has a different way to relieve their pent-up stress and for Alexis, it’s having an orgasm. She needs to cum every day and her husband has been neglecting her needs. Alexis has this big meeting coming up this morning and she’s a nervous wreck, she needs to cum and she knows she can’t count on her deadbeat husband to do the deed. Walking downstairs, she sees her stepson who’s playing the piano. She sits on the piano, pulling up her skirt and he starts fingering and eating her until she’s done and ready to leave for her business meeting.

The next morning, she enters her stepson’s bedroom, wearing nothing but a neglige. She crawls on his bed and starts gobbling on his cock like she hasn’t had a meal in weeks. She wanks and sucks him until his gonads are completely drained down her throat. The next day, her stepson finds her hanging out on the balcony, wearing a bikini with her bush hanging out. Rambling about how her husband never treats her the way he should, Alexis tells her stepson that she wants to have a lot more fun with him. She then fucks him the way she deserved to be fucked, long and hard. Looks like Alexis Fawx will be replacing her wet-noodled husband for her younger, much more dedicated stepson.

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