Angel The Dreamgirl – The Ankle Bracelet – Limp Fetish, Mindcontrol FullHD [1080p/2018]

The first time he notices..

The man is at the office sitting at his desk, pretending to work on his laptop, he’s actually looking at pornography (could be watching one of your videos!). While he’s “working”, he drops something on the floor. He bends down to pick it up but can’t reach it. So, he gets of his chair and gets on his hands and knees. He hears a lady walking past his desk and looks up, he notices a beautiful pair of legs in high heels and stockings/pantyhose, and what gets him really excited is that she’s wearing an ankle bracelet. He gets up hoping to see what the lady looks like but it’s too late, she’s just gone round the corner. When he looks around the corner there isn’t anyone there.

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Mandy Flores – The Last Ride – orgasm necromantic, Rope Bondage HD mp4

Mandy Flores is an agent from FFA (Femme Fatale Agency). An agency where males request their END under the control of women. Desperate because of financial problems, with a fetish for femme fatales or for any reason, if a man enters into the FFA, he can be sure he will never leave it alive. My client is anxious to play out a simple photo he brought. A sensual ride, his last ride until he gasps his last breath and take the condom full of cum as my trophy….Mandy Flores

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Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Khloe Kapri – American Anthem – Helpless against the Reaper XXX HD mp4

American Anthem is searching an abandoned building for stolen military equipment. She comes face to face with hired hitman Reaper. All of her training and heightened abilities are useless against an enemy that can negate any type of energy, The evil thug can even steal all her kinetic energy, effectively paralyzing her. Ash Anthem stands nearly frozen in place Reaper takes a moment to enjoy her helpless state and gropes her however he likes, he then carries her off for the rest of his plan.

Reaper allows Anthem to move again but explains he is too make an example of her, to disgrace her and then, if his employers decide it, execute her. He even demonstrates by using his powers to slow Anthem’s heart to a full stop. Before she expires he releases his power and Anthem comes back to life with a desperate gasp. Reaper continues to taunt and threaten the superheroine while forcing her to cum, until he feels she has had enough.

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Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Aidra Fox, Adrian Maya – Liberty Star Dominated and Devoured HD mp4

Liberty Star is in her dorm room working hard on her term paper. A message comes in that many superheroines have gone missing. Putting her academics aside she rushes into action. Far below ground she explores an odd cave and finds herself confronted by a feral panther woman that confesses to having eaten the missing superheroines. Liberty Star is horrified but before she can act she is mesmerized by the captivating eyes of the dangerous predator facing her. the Panther Woman explains how she plans to eat LS but not before taking her pleasures. After making the mesmerized supeheroine worship her pussy PW sinks her teeth deep into the back of LS’s neck, putting her out..

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Black widow Sisters – executrix – Mandy Flores & Allison Julius FullH D mp4 1080p

High rollers and big winners always get special treatment from the casinos. We intervene and introduce ourselves as compliments of the Casino. We offer him a drink that weve spiked with a sedative mixed with Viagra. Hes beginning to get a little dizzy and extremely horny and we coax him into giving us the code to his safe that has a briefcase full of his winnings tonight. Mandy Flores & Allison Julius . Now its time for you to do nighty night for good. Allison sits on his face slowly smothering him only allowing him to barely breath as I tell him all about his fate and who we really are. We are the famous Black widow sisters and lucky for you we have a trademark on how we off our victims.

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Taboo Hypno Porn – Lauren Phillips – Who’s the Boss? Part 2 HD mp4

Added: 7/11/17 6:11pm

If she seals the deal this time, Mr. Masters will be her subordinate. Threatened be the loss of his livelihood from someone who has spent her whole adult life flirting and sleeping her way into good fortunes, Mr. Masters decides to give the rival worker some special on-the-job training that will completely alter her attitude and behavior in the workplace. Day after day, her training progresses until she is fully transformed from soulless bitch to cock-hungry subservient.

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