Little Puck – Your Sis The Succkubus – taboo transformation fantasy FullHD mp4

A taboo tale as old as time. You catch your sister undressing in the bathroom and your world is forever changed. That night, as you lie awake tossing and turning, tormented by your guilty conscience, a seductive voice lures you in…a succubus who has taken the form of your lil sis! You can’t resist the enticement of this sister siren apparition who’s breathing heavy and drooling all over your cock…and you accept her into your “heart and hearth,” she greedily begins to indulge herself on your engorged cock as she consumes your lust.

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Amedee Vause – I Caught My Brother Masturbating – A sensual Brother – Sister Taboo Story with some spectacular DeepThroat!

I thought that my Brother shares everything with me, we always were closer than normal siblings would be. We kind of… like each other! Yeah, you read that well! I always looked up to him, admiring his fit body while he was probably dreaming of pulling my long hair while pushing his Big Cock into my Throat! Interesting fantasies, huh? I was totally surprised when I discovered him masturbating – I heard that all boys do it but he was always so secretive… until today when I walked in on him jerking his Big Cock! I was stunned, I totally didn’t expect to find him in that room but also I felt that a good little sister just has to lend a helping hand! I wanted so much to touch him… he was so reluctant, at first, he didn’t want me to see him like this, but the situation was sooo hot and it made us both extremely horny! I gladly let him fulfill his every fantasy then – he fucked my throat while pulling my long hair and it felt so damn good! He made me cum with that big cock and I quickly returned this favor by making him jizz into my warm mouth!

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Dark Taboo – Whitney Wright & Carolina Sweets – It Slipped In December FullHD mp4 [1080p/20, 2018]

IT SLIPPED IN TEEN AND HER BFF TRICK MEAN BROTHER INTO FUCKING HIS SISTER Jenny (Carolina Sweets) and her friend Sandra (Whitney Wright) are giggling and gossiping in Jenny’s room as they study for an upcoming text, textbooks sprawled across the bed and floor. Jenny comes across as much shyer than her friend, who is proudly listing off her sexual conquests – Jenny marvels at how experienced she is for being just 19 (even at times being shocked at the perverse things her friend is admitting to have done) and especially how nonchalant she is about it. Sandra asks, well what about her, surely she has SOME kiss-and-tell stories she can share? Jenny admits not really, she’s kissed a few boys but never anything more serious than some over-the-clothes fondling…

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Amedee Vause – Helpful Babysitter – when the babysitter goes beyond the call of duty FullHD mp4

Everybody complains about their babysitter: “She’s lazy!”, “She’s always on the phone!”, “She barely does any work!”. Well not me! I’m the perfect babysitter model! I’ll take care of the little ones, I’ll take care of the laundry, of the food… I’ll even take care of the head of the family! That’s right! If my employer is feeling down and his balls are deep blue, I’ll make sure he shoots his big overdue load all over my big natural titties! How could I not? His nagging wife never shows him enough attention… I even heard she doesn’t suck his cock! Outrageous! This clearly is a job for Amedee the super-babysitter! Not one drop of cum will be left in those blue balls and my employer will be truly satisfied! I might even get a pay raise!

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Amedee Vause – Daddy’s Gossip Girl – A taboo deepthroat blowjob FullHD mp4

Hey darlings! Welcome back! Let me tell you now another hot story about me and my unsuspecting step-daddy!

“I truly am a big mouth gossip girl! I cannot stop chatting with my girlfriends about anything and everything! So this one time, I was on the phone with my friend Stephanie and I happened to walk in on my dad while he was relaxing on the couch. So that gave my a naughty idea… I* sat beside him and continued to chat loudly with Steph. My dad didn’t mind me at all until I slid my hand down his pants and started to rub his nice cock! Oh, he tried to make me stop but I just wouldn’t! I was rubbing his thing, making it harder and harder and I was also telling Steph all about it. Daddy just couldn’t bring himself to make me stop! I know what he likes and I know how to do it… At some point I started to suck his cock, deepthroating and licking it all the time, so the conversation with my good friend Stephanie ran down to a halt. She didn’t believe what I was doing and it took some well placed selfies with my step dad’s dick in my mouth to convince her! My dad was furious, but he was way past trying to get out of it so he was ordering me to make him cum on my face – oh! I just love being treated with parental authority! And I love cum on my face! You do the math darlings… hehe. Enjoy!”

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Alina Lopez & Reagan Foxx – Like Mother, Like Daughter HD mo4 [720p/puretaboo/2018]

LIKE MOTHER, LIKE DAUGHTER VINDICTIVE TEEN REVENGE FUCKS STEP-MOM’S NEW BOYFRIEND A woman, Marlene (Reagan Foxx), is fussing about the living room nervously, straightening the couch cushions, re-facing the decorations on the fireplace mantle and the coffee table, etc. when her boyfriend, Tom (Brad Newman), comes up behind her and puts his hands comfortingly on her shoulders. Just relax, he tells her, come on, sit down, she just needs to breathe and not stress out so much. He leads her to the bay window and sits down, taking her hands in his and gently pulling her down to sit too…

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Amedee Vause – Blackmailing my Step-Daddy – a sultry taboo story full of blackmail and deepthroat FullHD mp4

Are you ready for another Taboo adventure my darlings? Well… here we go!

“I allways find that blackmail is the best tool to use in order to get what you want from people! And I want to fuck my step dad… badly! So I stole his phone and found some interesting pictures. Nice pictures of my best friend Stephanie changing her clothes! Bad, bad step-daddy! You need to be punished for this, hehe. Of course, I confronted him about this and demanded he make things right by fucking me! It’s ony fair!… He caved in pretty fast and pulled out his cock for me to suck. I just love sucking my step-daddy’s big dick!

He made me deepthroat it for a while then told me to get on the bed, doggy-style, and he fucked my pink pussy untill I came loudly (hope mom didn’t hear). Aft5erwards I made him cum on my big titties just to show that I can be resonable if treated right… In this family the fun never ends, I swear!”

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