Star Nine, Nate Liquor & Dixie Comet – Bound, Flogged & Forced To Suck Daddy’s Dick FullHD mp4

Star has her step-daughter, Dixie, tied up naked against her will and backed up against the wall- Dixie is getting punishment for sneaking out of the house, yet again, and the little whore needs to be taught a lesson. Dixie sasses at her step-mom for she thinks her father should be the punisher, not her fake mom. Star isn’t having it-she hand over mouth gags Dixie and then ties a tight crotch rope in between her whore legs. Star slaps her tits around before placing nipple clamps on her perky pink nipples as Dixie cries in agony. She gets Dixie down on her hands and knees and starts to administer punishment, a nice solid flogging to her ass.

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Ashley Fires Fetish Clips – Lux Orchid, Harlo Adams – My Son Is Ashamed Of Me – Mommy/Son sex HD

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Harlo was hard at work at his new summer internship when his Mom decided to drop by and bring him lunch. She walks in very excited to see her son and immediately comments on how nice his office is. Harlo looks shocked to see her and asks her what she is doing there. Mom tells him that she brought him lunch and some wine which she realizes she has already polished off. Harlo see’s how Tipsy his Mother is and by the way she dressed just came from work. Her work is on the streets as a prostitute. He asks her if anyone saw her come in. She could tell he was embarrassed by the way she looked. He tells her that she should leave and this internship was very important to him and didn’t want anything to screw it up.

“But I brought you lunch” she says. Mom opens the lunch bag and starts to put his lunch of the table. Harlo couldn’t believe that his Mom brought him alcohol and chocolates for lunch. He told her he doesn’t drink anymore and he has been allergic to chocolate all of his life! Mom told him that she used to bring his Dad that all the time for lunch and he loved it! He says that he is not a loser like his Dad or his Mom anymore!

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