Jerky Wives – Cory Chase – Free Use Mom – Bonding Time HD avi

A world-wide plague has wiped out 90-percent of the population. The new President Signed into law the “Free-Use” Bill. This law allows for anyone man to have sex wiith anyone at anytime. This includes Family Memembers and complete strangers…

Scene 3: Mom is looking at herself in the mirror enjoying her look wondering if she is hot enough for her Son. She calls him into the room and talks about the new Free-Use Law. She quickly drops to her knees and begins to suck her Son’s cock.

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Jerky Wives – Bruce Canon, Chichi Medina in I Blackmailed My Sister HD wmv

Someone has captured mom! Big brother shows ChiChi a picture of their mom tied up and naked on the floor. What do they want! ChiChi screams. The ransomers want a video of the sexy ChiChi giving a hand job. With only the brother around she does what she must in order to save her mom. Reluctantly ChiChi starts to rub her brothers cock. This is for mom, we have to save her She reassures herself as she strokes him. She takes off her bra and panties and slowly moves her hand up and down his dick. I really hope this works ChiChi tells him as she strokes him faster. She needs her brother to cum and teases him until he shoots his load everywhere. Did I do it right? She asks and her brother begins to laugh. I can’t believe she fell for it! Mom comes in and they both laugh at the embarrassed ChiChi as she goes to wash her brothers jizz from her hands.

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Jerky Wives – Raylin Ann, Bruce Canon – Sisters Edge the Best HD mp4

Raylin is the sister that you always wanted to fuck. Her bright eyes, her smooth body. The way her hair hangs down in front of her face as she puts her lips around you. Her feet sway as her hands and mouth work up and down slowly. She enjoys this as much as you, savoring the feeling of being naughty. What if her parents come home and find you being sucked off by her. What will they say when they see her smile at the stream of cum she milks from you. Raylin sucks you clean and tastes your cum like the good girl you know she is.

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Jerky Wives – Melanie Hicks, Bruce Canon – Mom Forced in the Bathroom HD mp4

Scene One: Breasts and hands

Melanie, just out of the shower, is brushing her hair when her son walks in to talk to her. He asks her who she was with in her bedroom last night and shows her his phone. Her eyes go wide as she see’s a picture of herself being fucked. He reaches his hand up and touches her breast. Stop it, that’s gross she tells him. That’s what he’s doing in the picture He tells her. You don’t want dad to find out do you? Melanie gets more pissed as her son touches her and blackmails her as she fights him off.

With his hands around her breasts she looks angry as she lets him touch her. Is this all you want Melanie huffs. I want a hand job He tells his furious mom. I guess if that’s the only way dad’s not going to find out She says. Taking off her robe he bends her over the bathroom floor. With her big ass in his face he watches her as she has no choice but to stroke him.

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Jerky Wives – Annika Eve – Sister Edging My Cock – Latina, Brutal Handjob work FullHD 2017

Added: 10/24/17 04:31PM

The busty and natural Annika is relentless. She lubes up my cock and begins to stroke. I am about to quickly finish and she lets ruthlessly lets go. I was about to cum…Then she works me up and does this again and again. Finally she edges me over the ledge and then stops just as I explode…Then I cum down and she works my head like it owes her money…Brutal, but I cannot wait till the next time!

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Katana Kombat – Katana Kombat, Luke Longly – Sexual Harassment 101 Full 4 Scene HD [720p/c4s/2018]

Added: 2/9/18 6:30am

Scene One: IT BEGINS

Katana is waiting in the Boss’s Office. The Boss walks in, he sits on the edge of the desk in front of her, sitting with his legs open like he’s deliberately trying to make her look at his crotch. He asks her how she’s doing, tells her that he has heard great things about her. He tells her that he’s sorry but he is going to have to let her go, nothing personal but the economy is down etc.. She begins to cry and plead saying how her husband can’t find a job and her is sick that kind of thing. He walks around her and starts rubbing her shoulders and says that he might reconsider but he has to know she is a team player, she gets nervous as his hands start slipping down to her chest. She asks him to stop, he whispers, “Don’t you want to be a team player? Because that’s what I need from you if you are going to stick around.” She starts to cry silently as he unbuttons her blouse from behind, he unhooks her bra that hooks from the front and fondles her boobs. He moves around in front of her, takes her hand and guides her into pulling out his penis, masturbating him, getting up, kneeling, and giving him head. He then has her get up, take off her panties, give them to him, bend over his couch and he has sex with her from behind. When he’s finished; she bursts into tears and run out of the office holding her blouse closed.

Scene Two: MONTAGE

1) Boss is having sex with her on top of his desk. She is face up with her legs propped over his shoulders. He screws her with short, hard brutal thrusts. She is crying with her eyes and clenched together.

2) They are in the bathroom having sex up against the wall. His hand is over her mouth. Short, hard, brutal thrusts.

3) She is giving him head under his desk.

4) She is braced and bent over the break room table getting it from behind.

5) She is sitting in a chair dictating. He is standing close in front of her getting a hand job while on the phone.

Scene Three: MORE

The Boss is in his living room on the couch. The doorbell rings. He doesn’t say anything but she comes in and She strips to some music. After the song she is naked, she walks over to him, gets him hard with a lap dance, after while, she gets on top of him and has sex cowgirl and reverse cowgirl style. After he cums, he tells her, “Get out whore.” and pushes her with his foot causing her to fall with the floor.


They are in her bedroom. He has her strip and then undress him. They have sex on the bed; first doggystyle and then missionary position. She is numb, silent, and unresponsive throughout, he grunts a lot, forcibly kisses her on the mouth, pulls her hair, that kind of thing. When he is finished, he says “Fucking slut” and leaves. She gets up, reaches behind her and looks at the Camera and smiles evilly.

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Jerky Wives – Cory Chase – Gamblers Wife – A Milf Always Pays her Depts – Anal, cum shots, cum swallow SD []

Added: 9/4/17 10:30am

Scene Two: Milf always pays her debts

It’s been an month and Cory has no where near enough money to pay for her husband. Putting on a tight dress she hopes she can workout the same deal as before. When the mobster asks for the cash she pulls up her dress to show her naked pussy. “I don’t have the money right now. I hope this will give me an extra 30 days.” She whimpers.

“Looks like something we can work out” He tells her taking her to the bathroom and forcing her to the floor. Cory sucks the mobsters cock feeling worse and worse about it as she does. What a whore she’s become for her husband, bending herself over the sink and letting a stranger fuck her pussy and ass. He has her clean his cock before dumping his disgusting load all over her face. “You have one month to pay us back or your going to be my private whore you understand?” He leaves her destroyed on the floor. How is she ever going to get that much money.

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Jerky Wives – Cory Chase, Ricky Spanish, Dustin Steele – The Client Full Series FullHD [1080p/]

Added: 1/7/18 6:30am

Scene One: Office slut

The perfect secretary Cory brings in a client to her masters office. “Yes master” Cory says submissively as she gets the client whatever he wants. “I noticed you’ve been checking out my assistant” He says. “Ms. Chase show us your pussy” Cory does as she’s told lifting up her skirt in humiliation and letting this random man touch her wet sensitive pussy.

“Give him a blowjob” He commands. “Yes master” Cory replies and gets to her knees unzips his pants and proves that she’s the most submissive and little slut in the office. She gets on all fours and puts her ass in the air for the client to fuck. “He’s going to finish in your mouth. Do you understand?” He asks her. While she’s fucked by the stranger her boss makes her suck his big cock. Flipping around she sucks down the clients big load. Cory mindlessly sucks and fucks knowing she’s just a toy to be used by her master.

But She doesn’t stop sucking the client and soon he’s hard enough to fuck her again. She flips around between her master and the man until her master gives her a reward for a good job done. A second load of cum for her to swallow. “We really know how to treat our clients” Her boss smiles, sending her out of the room to get cleaned up.

Scene Two: Give Me That Ass

Cory is just about to go home. Stomach filled with cum and pussy sore from being fucked, she wants to put all that behind her until tomorrow. She gets a phone call from her bosses new client. How does he even have her number? He tells her he wants her ass. Cory separates her business life from her private life. “I’m at home right now, don’t contact me again” She tells him. Just as she steps into the house she sees him her husband in the neck with a needle. “What did you do!” Cory screams as her husband falls to the couch.

The client grabs her from behind and lifts her skirt as she screams in protest. ‘I told you I wanted that ass” He says. “Please let’s not do this in front of my husband!” She screams. He drags her into her bedroom and makes her strip. “You’re going to be my secretary today” He whispers. Holding her head he shoves his cock into her unwilling mouth. She has no choice but to let him fuck her again. With her legs spread wide he demolishes her pussy. But it’s not her pussy he really wants. With his wet cock he presses into her tight hot ass. “Go to hell you sick fuck!” Cory yells at him.

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Jerky Wives Melanie Hicks, Bruce Canon – Sister Reluctant Handjob HD mp4 [720p/]

Added: 1/14/16 07:30AM

I’m so exhausted Melanie tells her Brother as she crawls into bed. She had a long day today and has another one tomorrow. She closes her eyes and falls to sleep. Her Brother tries to sleep but can’t he’s too horny. He goes over to her side of the bed and pulls off the covers touching her body. What are you doing? She says sleepily. Give me a handjob He demands. Do it yourself Melanie responds annoyed.

But he doesnt stop touching her big breasts or ass no matter what she says. No! Just go away! She yells at him. But he doesn’t stop touching her. Fine! Let’s just do this so I can get to bed. Stroking his cock she spits at him Are you happy now? She strokes him faster and faster sighing and waiting for him to cum. Can we get this over with? She asks him. After what seems like forever to Melanie he cums. Finally, god! Can I go to bed now? She asks him annoyed beyond belief.

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