Jerk Off Instructions – A special thank you from Cassandra Cain – Latina Mom, JOI HD mp4

Added: 9/11/18 8:10pm

Cassandra wants to thank you for helping her move into her new place. She would like to thank you in a very special way. It looks like you are already excited, so she asks you to take out your cock. Cassandra takes off her shorts and wiggles her ass at you. Then she lift up her bra and you see her perfect tits. You stroke your cock as she throws her clothes onto the floor. Her round ass nearly makes you cum right there. It pleases you that she wears her sneakers the whole time. Cassandra is turned on because you are stroking your dick just for her. She encourages you to stroke your dick faster and harder because she really wants to see you cum, but you are only to cum when she gives you the signal. You are so close and she can tell, so Cassandra finally tells you to giver her your load and you deliver a fat one for sexy Cassandra.

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Jerk Off Instructions – Astrid Star – My lonely stepmom jerks me off with HD mp4

Your father is always working, it seems. Your stepmom Astrid does not like being left alone all the time. It makes her feel lonely and she has needs that must be fulfilled. Maybe you can help your lonely stepmom by taking your dick out and stroking it. She offers a helping hand and starts stroking your cock. You’re bigger than your father and Astrid likes what she sees. Her hand feels so soft on your shaft. She is older than you (a MILF – or maybe a cougar) and closer in age to you than to your father. This can be your little secret. Stepmom Astrid takes off her dress and pulls her titties out of her bra. She is so sexy when she says that she love stroking your cock for you. Off come her red panties and now you can see her sexy body and tattoos. Soon your horny stepmom is begging you to cum all over her pretty ass.

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Jerk Off Instructions – Bobbi Dylan – Son your Mom Better than your girlfriend HD mp4

Added: 9/16/18 07:20AM

Your girlfriend does not dress like sexy Bobbi does. She wears sweatpants, but Bobbi wears the sexiest lingerie just for you. She also has long, sexy brown hair and a tight, petite body. You would love to be with Bobbi because she makes such a big effort to dress sexy for you. She removes her bra and you get to see her teeny titties and pierced nipples. You really love the fishnets that she is wearing. You cannot resist touching your cock as she points out to you all the perfection of her body. Bobbi tells you how to jack your dick off and you do exactly what she asks of you. Bobbi is looking to you for a nice, big load and she bounces her booty for inspiration. Make sure that you don’t cum until she gives you the signal.

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[ 2019] MoRina – Mommy Rewards Your Good Grades HD mp4 [720p/American Family]

Mommy just got a letter from your college… and it contained your grades…. and she’s THRILLED! She wants to reward you for all your hard work at school and for being such a good boy! She tells you to unzip your pants and pull your cock out… she wants you to jerk off as she encourages you by talking sweet, pulling up her short skirt to show you her ass in that pretty thong she has on, and pulls up her clingy shirt to show you her big bare boobs. For a woman over 50, you can’t believe how hot she looks topless. Your sexy mom gives you a countdown from 10 as your excitement builds and then offers a final unexpected reward as you finish.

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Katie71 Clip Store – Moms Best Friend Stopped By FullHD mp4

When I was younger I always had a huge crush on my mom’s best friend and when I would go to her house I would go to her bathroom and get her dirty panties so I could jerk off to them. Once I smelled her I was hooked and have always wanted to fuck her. Well fast forward to me much older and I was at my mom’s party when she showed up. OMG she was as beautiful as ever and my mom asked me if I could talk to her about doing some projects at her house since I am a contractor. I came over to her house a few days later and she was mostly wanting to talk about us and catching up so she invited me into her living room and started expressing how much she missed me and even told me she remembers how I would steal her panties. It wasn’t long and she was showing me the panties she was wearing and we started making out which lead to full fucking and she wanted it to end with me cumming all over her face.

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Mindi Mink – Spying On Your Step Mom In The Shower – Mom Son fantasy FullHD mp4 [1080p/2019]

Added: 2/25/19 5:00am

You walk in on your step-mom while she is showering and washing her beautiful long hair. You gaze at her luscious round full ass and start getting really excited. She turns around and you can see her amazing pussy hair and gorgeous big tits and get an instant hard on. She then takes her sponge and gets all soaped up. She is caressing herself in bubbles and you can only imagine what a dream it would be to be the one to wash her so that she doesn’t have to use the sponge.

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British – Evamarie88 – Mommys Little Doctor FullHD mp4 [1080p/2019]

Im masturbating in my bed and my son walks in… “Its okay” “No need to be embarrassed this is completley normal” “Do you want to play a game son?” “Be Mummys Doctor?” I get close to you and spread my pussy wide have you explore all those places and tell you all about them and what there for… I then show you my hole… and tell you to slip a finger inside see how deep it wwill go… You see it fits alot…. I ask you if you want to push mummys toy inside like a good little doctor… You go fasterr when i say and i come very aroused, Your getting tired but i tell you not to stop…. You then slow down and i realise you need to rest… I lay down and your suckle on mommys nipples, while you do it unaware to you im finishing myself off and making myself cum hard while enjoying my sons suck #taboo #momson #mommy #son

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