Primal’s Savage Tales – Astrid Star – Crimson Caught in Brutal Payback

Crimson scopes out her fellow agent’s house. She’s fully aware that the request she got to come over is almost certainly a trap, but the superheroine is too cocky to realize that she may not actually have the upperhand here. All is clear as she makes her way further into the house. She never even sees the masked man until a cloth is in her face. But even then, Crimson isn’t terribly worried. It’s not the first time a bad guy has tried to put her out this way. But something’s different this time. When Crimson realizes her powers aren’t working, her heroic resistance quickly turns to a panicked struggle to keep her eyes open. When she’s out like a light, the masked man easily throws her over his shoulder and carries her upstairs.

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Robot and Limp Videos – Alissa Avni in Fucking my Step Daughter HD avi [720p/2018]

Added: 4/12/18 08:31AM

It’s late when Alissa finally goes to bed. Too hot to cover up she lays on top of her cool sheets and fall asleep. Her step father has been waiting all night for this. With Alissa’s mother out of town he gets to finally have his hot step daughter. A little something in her drink and his plan is ready.

He pulls off her warm clothes and traces her perfect fit body. She’s so cute he can’t stop himself. “What the hell is going on!” She screams. With a cloth pressed against her face she can’t cry out and he can go back to having her quiet and subservient. He spreads her legs and has his way with her, telling her to breathe deep of the chemicals and keeping her safe and sound. She moans softly as he fucks her faster and faster shooting his big load into her open mouth.

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Primal’s SUPERHEROINE – Melissa Moore – The End of Wonder Girl HD mp4

Wonder Girl barely escaped Lex Luthor’s sadistic control. She is determined to track down the criminal mastermind and decides the best place to start is at the beginning.

Back at the rundown gym where Luthor captured her WG comes up on the Luchador. It can’t be a coincidence that the super-thug for hire she thinks, and, confident she can easily handle the second rate goon WG moves in to take him down. The fight is not as easy as she expected, especially when Luchador rips of her belt of strength and gets the upper hand. However WG is far from helpless and manages to turn the tables and claim victory. At least until a massive form comes up and KO’s her from behind.

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Cory’s Super Heroine Adventures – London River, Cory Chase – The Journal of Brain Drain FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Scene One: New Milf

London is a one night stand queen. Finding and fucking every hot guy she meets. No one seems to understand her or why she does this. Brain Drain appreciates what she’s going through. Pretending to be a councilor, Brain Drain suggests fucking girls may be a way for London to break a destructive cycle. “I’m not interested in women” London says.

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Heroine Adventures – Limp Fetish – Karma RX – Brain Drain Annihilation – Burden Relieved FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Added: 3/8/18 7:25am

Scene Two: Burden Relieved
On the edge of consciousness Karma looks down at her pussy being fucked by a hard merciless cock. It drills into her and makes her body quiver. Gasping and moaning Karma is used like a sex doll. Controlled by the chemical soaked rag and the strong arms of her captors.

Brain Drain puts Karma’s head between her legs and forces her to lick Brain Drain’s pussy. They use her, fucking her again and again until she cums and breaks. Now she’s just a slut to be owned by Brain Drain. A perfect revenge.

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Cory’s Super Heroine Adventures – Cory Chase, Karma RX – Brain Drain Annihilation – Solace in Retirement FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Added: 3/6/18 7:25am

Scene One: Solace in Retirement
A strange man with a has just broken into Karma’s house. After giving her powers away to Cory and transforming her into Brain Drain, Karma just wants to live a normal life. But Brain Drain wont let her, not without some punishment. Brain Drain’s powers wont work on Karma but a strong henchman will do the trick.
He puts a chemical soaked rag over her face and lifts her up to the table. Karma’s helpless as he strips her tight clothes off and gets her ready. I want her to feel everything” Brain Drain sneers. She licks Karma’s wet pussy, exploring her body, before they bring her into the living room. Helpless and weak she can’t stop the henchman from fucking her mouth, or Brain Drain from using her pussy.

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