Lexi Luna & Kenzie Reeves – Robbing Momma – I and my Bf fuck my Mommy SD mp4

January 15, 2019

MILF Lexi Luna finally has the house to herself, the perfect opportunity to put on her hottest lingerie and touch herself just the way she likes. She’s rubbing her clit when suddenly her alarm is set off by two masked figures breaking and entering! What Lexi doesn’t know is that the would-be robbers are her daughter’s friend Kenzie Reeves and Kenzie’s boyfriend, Seth Gamble, and crime is Kenzie’s favorite aphrodisiac!

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Little Puck – Your Sis The Succkubus – taboo transformation fantasy FullHD mp4

A taboo tale as old as time. You catch your sister undressing in the bathroom and your world is forever changed. That night, as you lie awake tossing and turning, tormented by your guilty conscience, a seductive voice lures you in…a succubus who has taken the form of your lil sis! You can’t resist the enticement of this sister siren apparition who’s breathing heavy and drooling all over your cock…and you accept her into your “heart and hearth,” she greedily begins to indulge herself on your engorged cock as she consumes your lust.

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Helping A Horny Mommy – Mommy`s masturbation instruction, Family voyeur FullHD mp4

I need a man’s opinion on what to wear for the big conference. Oh, I’m sure you have fine taste, yard work can’t be the only thing you’re good at Ryan, come in! So what do you think about this outfit? The stockings and my cleavage aren’t too…distracting, are they?
Oh dear… I see they are. No no, don’t hide it. In fact, I want you to show me…what you really think of my outfit. Take it out and …play with yourself. I don’t think you like this belt, do you. Or this dress either. Come here big boy, I need you in my mouth.
You know… mmph… I’m a woman with a high stress job. I’m going to need you to… mmmph– help me unwind before my big business trip. Bend me over, Ryan.

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Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Carmen Valentina – Oh, the Weather outside is Frightful, but Mommy’s Pussy Is so Delightful FullHD mp4

Added: 12/30/18 5:00pm

This clip includes: Carmen Valentina, mom/son, POV, it is freezing outside & mom wants you to snuggle with her to stay warm, snowing, she invites you into her bed, she asks you to cuddle with her & to hold her, she rubs your body to heat you up, her exposed body pressed against yours & the friction causes an accidental boner, mom doesn’t want to embarrass you so she offers to take care of the problem so that you two can continue snuggling without any issues, mom helps son, virtual handjob, virtual blowjob, tit groping, mom is still cold and offers her warm pussy, virtual sex, fucking, missionary, moaning, orgasm, POV sex, mom & son can snuggle together again in the bed, mature, older woman, young boy, momma’s boy, MILF, lingerie

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Shiny Cock Films – Wade Cane – Mom’s A Hoe Hoe Hoe – Christmas Special HD mp4

Mom’s a Hoe Hoe Hoe – 42:59 Jane is decorating for the holidays when her brother in law knocks on the door. She is pretty behind on her rent since her husband passed away and she hasn’t been working. She knows it will be a small Christmas for her son. Her brother in law has come over to warn her that if she doesn’t pay up, he is going to evict her and tell her son that he can come live with his uncle. He knows his sister in law isn’t working and has a steady stream of strange men in and out of the house at all hours of the night. Jane begs him to reconsider and reminds him that they are family, but since his brother passed, he doesn’t consider her family, he considers her a hoe.

A week later when he comes to collect the rent, Jane doesn’t have it. She is sitting on the floor counting change to offer him as that is all that she has. She is desperate. Her brother in law says she needs to do ‘anything’ to pay the rent. He knows she’s still the same whore she was in high school. Knowing she has no other choice, she gets on her knees and offers to give him a handjob. He thinks she owes him far too much for just a handjob, but will let her do it as part of a payment plan and tells her to take her shirt off. Jane strokes him until he cums all over her hands. A few days later, her brother in law is back for more payment.

He lets himself in and Jane comes out of the bathroom in her robe. She has a date coming over. Her brother in law says that they can make it quick. Jane gets on her knees to stroke him, but he tells her that this time, she has to put it in her mouth.

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Emma Hix, Tyler Nixon – Family Holiday 2 Part 3 FullHD mp4 [1080p/December 25, 2018]

Surprising her nephew (through marriage), Emma Hix shows up on Christmas morning in nothing but lingerie. Turned on by her sexy body, Tyler Nixon struggles to maintain his composure and resistance until Aunt Emma reveals that her husband, Uncle Shawn is actually gay and Emma is in need of a man’s cock. Tyler is shocked by the revelation but isn’t about to miss his opportunity at fucking someone as sexy as Emma and he quickly reaches between her legs and laps up her dripping wet cunt. It’s Christmas morning and Tyler cannot think of a more fitting gift than a nice huge load over Aunt Emma’s tits.

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FilthyPoV – Carmen – Bro I need to Practice Gives Blowjobs, Let Me Practice on You 4K FullHD [2160p/2018]

Added: 12/22/18 10:00pm

I walked in on my sister Carmen wearing some sexy lingerie taking pictures of herself, I ask her what in the hell she was doing in with her door open. Carmen said all the girls are doing it for the boys in her school attention, she told me that our parents were out and we were home alone. Carmen is starting to doubt she can satisfy a man, I tell her she can practice giving a blowjob on me. I give my hot sister some tips on her head game, but I need some of that sweet pussy. I tell Carmen I will give her tight pussy a review after I fuck her with my huge cock, I wanna make sure my sister can take a dick good. The only thing I really wanna do is fill my sister with my cum and watch it drip out of her pussy.

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Nikki Brooks – Mom’s Hand Gets Stuck in the Sink – Son Takes Advantage of Situation HD mp4

This clip includes: Nikki Brooks, mom/son, POV, mom’s hand got stuck down in the sink disposal from trying to get her wedding ring out, calls in her son (you) to help her get it out, can’t get it out, you decide to take advantage of the situation, give Mom a little pinch & she is startled, asks you to focus, you take things further, begin moving her rope & exposing her panties, she screams at you to stop, she is frightened & horrified at what you are doing, forced groping, tit groping, ass grabbing, forced fingering, mom is crying & begging you to stop, she can’t defend herself because her hand is stuck, she can only twist and turn her body to avoid being touched, forced sex, virtual sex, doggystyle, against will, mom cries as you fuck her, you leave her there helpless & defeated, older woman, younger man, MILF, big tits, blondes, stuck fetish, lingerie, momma’s boy

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For Your Soul – Virtual Femdom Sex with Demoness Babe HD mp4

Wake up, Michael…You smell…good. Who am I? I am the woman of your dreams. Does it matter if I’m real or not? What matters is that you give into your need for the sexual pleasure that you’ve denied yourself your entire life. Those human women can never give you what I can…but it comes at a price. You…must give me your life as payment for the most erotic, sublime sexual release you could ever imagine.

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Angel The Dreamgirl – Fuck My Face IV Slutty Bimbo Secretary – gag reflex, face fucking FullHD mp4

Let’s change the look now to a Bimbo Barbie Like Secretary with very bright pink and super glossy lipstick like in this clip and the photo. Hair in pigtails. Heavy makeup and big long eye lashs. Lips overlined as always, make them as big as you possibly can. The outfit is up to you as long as it is a really tight low top, maybe a t shirt which you can pull down under your Bra. See through even better. Tight clingy pencil skirt and super high heels.

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