Primals FANTASIES Alex Coal, Dee Williams, Adriana Maya – Inquiry HD mp4

Added: 12/14/18 5:53pm

Meeting room, with a stars and stripes flag on the wall. Three congresswomen are seated on one side of a large table with folders/notes in front of them. Representative JACKIE BARNAM is sitting in the middle, with Representative SELINA ROYCE sitting to her left and Representative MARIANA SOTO sitting to her right. They talk among themselves about preparing for the witness. Dialogue can be ad-libbed along the lines of ‘he’s a tricky operator’, ‘we need to nail him on his answers’, ‘did you SEE the reports about his smutty parlour, disgusting’, ‘when we’re done, he’ll have no business left’, etc.

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XXXTREMECOMIXXX – Alisha Adams – Hear No Good FullHD mp4

Added: 11/17/18 02:43PM

Black Canary has stalked her latest target back to his comfy condo; a low-level thug who has been meddling in her affairs. There’s no way he’ll be expecting her to drop in on him. She sneaks in to catch him lounging on the sofa. Before the guy can react, Black Canary hits him with her supersonic shriek, a devastating attack that knocks most targets senseless. To her surprise, the man is unaffected. He smiles and signs to her that he’s deaf!

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Primals Transformations – Alex Coal, Ashly Anderson – Vampire Initiation – Shared Gift PART ONE HD mp4

Alex is enjoying her new found power but her mentor has told her to go off on her own for a while. She decides it would be selfish not to share her new “gift” and she knows just the right person
Ashly has had a crush on Nathan since she started working at the bar. Of course he has been using her naivete to get her to do most of his extra work, which has been a lot since Alex stopped coming in to work
It is after closing time and Ashly is working up the nerve to push Nathan to finally take her out when Alex enters. She looks AMAZING and Nathan immediately puts moves on her, just to be pushed aside as Alex makes a line straight to innocent Ashly. Alex tells Ashly to come with her and at first she resists but Alex’s eyes open wide and suddenly Ashly has to will of her own
Back at Alex’s Ashly becomes very nervous and timid, softly saying that “she likes boys” as Alex begins to seduce her. Soon Ashly is moaning an sighing at every touch…

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Nikki Brooks – Sisters Magic Remote – Masturbation FullHD mp4 [American / Florida/1080p/2018]

This clip includes: Nikki Brooks, Fifi Foxx, sisters, POV, Nikki always steals & messes around with her sister’s boyfriends, Nikki is mean to her sister, POV sister has had enough, magic remote, commands/tasks against will, clucking like a chicken, barking like a, mute, unmute, crying, whining, bitching, embarrassment, ENF, stripping, embarrassed naked female, spanking, dirty talk, admitting to Dad that she fucked the boy next door, nude selfies sent to everyone in phone, masturbation, recording masturbation, masturbation video sent to everyone in phone, woman following commands, controlling body, female training, revenge, punishment**

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Asami Regeneration – Multiple Attackers, Unconscious Heroine FullHD mp4

Asami returns to face three powerful enemies: Mortus, the supervillain who defeated her in Asami 2, a female villain, and a male henchmen. Asami finds herself captured and bound, subjected to various tortures at the hands of the female villainess and her male counterpart. Asami is whipped, beaten and electrocuted.
When Asami manages to break free and dish out some punishment of her own, her old enemy Mortus enters, disabling Asami with electric bolts. Asami puts forth a valiant effort and manages to make it an even fight, but she is worn down by the combined efforts of the three villains, who deliver a savage beatdown to our heroine.
To make things worse, Asami is continually regenerated – brought back to consciousness with adrenaline injections after being beaten unconscious and knocked out, prolonging thebeatdown to the delight of her enemies. Finally, after being forced to admit defeat, Asami has a collar placed around her neck and is dragged around in humiliating fashion by her female nemesis.

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