Jerky Wives Cory Chase, Melanie Hicks – Mom the Jack of All Trades – Two are Better Than One FullHD mp4 2019

Added: 2/16/19 10:05am

“Haven’t you always wanted to do this?” Aunt Cory asks me, as she leans back on the bed with her legs spread towards me. I stick my hard cock inside her right away, and she asks me how her pussy feels. “Tight and warm!” I exclaim. She asks me if those photos she sent me the other day ended up helping me, but I explain to her how my mom ended up walking in on me while I was jerking off.

Aunt Cory tells me that I am doing a fabulous job of fucking her when all of a sudden mom opens the bedroom door!! Mommy is pretty mad at me for fucking Aunt Cory because I wasn’t supposed to fuck her unless my mom was involved too! I really wanted to fuck my aunt by myself, but now that mom is here I guess I will have fun fucking both of them at the same time. Cory strips my mom out of her red dress and her matching gold bra and undies. Aunt Cory takes the initiative and throws my mom down on the bed and starts kissing her body.

I walk up behind my aunt and stick my cock inside of her pussy while she eats my mom’s pussy! I fuck my mom next, while my aunt and mom lick each other’s tits… this is starting to be even more fun than I imagined! I even get to choke my mom while I fuck her, as Aunt Cory masturbates next to us… When I get close to cumming, I have my aunt and my mom suck my cock for a little before I cum right in my mom’s mouth… some of my cum ended up getting on my mom’s face but Cory licks it off mom’s face!! Time for me to go take a shower…

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Family Therapy – Say Yes your Mommy – Melanie Hicks FullHD mp4

I joined the Marine Corps a month after my Father left us. I hated that I was leaving my Mother all alone, but at least I knew I’d be home in a few months, Dad was never coming back… I joined the Marines because I wanted to become a man, and do something exciting, but mostly to make my Mother proud of me. I know she was disappointed in me the last couple years… After boot camp I had 10 days of leave before I had to go to North Carolina for more training. I was so glad to be at home with my Mom, I missed her a lot while I was away. I didn’t plan for what happened the first few days back. And I’m not entirely proud of everything I did. I was drinking a lot and there’s some things I don’t remember very clearly. What I do know is my Mother and I love each other very much, and that will never change no matter what happens from here on. The only truly important part of what happened is that she finally said yes….

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Conor Coxxx Clips – Melanie Hicks Blackmailing My Slutty StepMom For Sex FullHD mp4

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Conor’s sexy Step-Mom, Melanie Hicks, sits on the couch…twirling her hair, and having a drink. Conor walks in and tells Melanie that they need to have a talk. Conor tells Melanie that he is often on Tinder and other dating apps, and he found her profile on there. Melanie tries to deny it at first, “I married your Father…why would I need that? Someone else made that and used my picture.” Conor isn’t having it, and calls out Melanie for just using his Dad. Melanie asks Conor if he is going to tell his Dad. Conor says that he will keep it a secret, if she gives him a piece. Melanie is hesitant at first… but eventually gives in.

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WCA Productions – Melanie Hicks – Babysitting For Mrs Hicks FullHD mp4

Added: 11/16/18 12:00pm

Mrs Hicks called me again when i got off school and asked i could babysit again for and i quickly agreed. i figured why not her and mr hicks pay well and last time i got to sneak around and watch mrs hicks in the shower. i was playing on my phone when mrs hicks got home, she asked if her son Matt was still awake, i told her i had already put her to bed. she thanked me again for the last minute babysitting help and then she asked me if i wouldn’t mind making it a regular side job?

i said yes right away, mrs hicks was happy about that but she told me she needed to talk to me about one thing first. she sat down on the couch next to me and told me that she saw me watching her shower, i was in total shocked and didn’t know what to say. i started try to apologies but mrs hicks cut me off and said she wasn’t made, she was actually flattered. she told me to be careful, some woman dont like being spied on or what of mr hicks had come home?

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Robot and Limp Videos – Melanie Hicks and Cory Chase – Frozen Faces HD mp4

Added: 1/14/18 07:50AM

Scene One: Freeze Friends
“There is no way that works” Melanie tells her friend Cory. They are chatting about a remote control that freezes you. It shuts off your brain from your body. You can still see and feel everything but are unable to do anything. Cory freezes her friend just to show her how powerful it is. “Wow!” Melanie says, “I want to try” She reaches out to grab the device but Cory freezes her instead. Stripping her friend naked Cory is all smiles when Melanie is unfrozen and exposed. Putting Melanie on the couch she freezes her and does what she’s always wanted, lick Melanie’s perfect pussy.

Just then Cory’s husband walks in. What the fuck is Cory doing? He freezes her as she’s tongue deep in her friends pussy. He strips Cory naked and makes her watch frozen as he fucks Melanie. Now awake Melanie has no choice but to go along with whatever Cory’s husband wants. She sucks his cock and lets him pound her from behind. “Why are you fucking her?” Cory asks unfrozen. The girls love it, being fucked and frozen, used and unable to move.

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Fetish Factory – Melanie Hicks – The Younger, The Better The Cock FullHD mp4

Melanie heard about a younger boy with a big well trained cock. She could not resist the temptation to try this young cock for herself. She searched everywhere to find him. She even went to strange parties to find clues and had to fuck a lot of younger guys to finally find him. She arrived and showed off her amazing body to “Little Johnny” and then she was amazed at how big his cock was. She did not waste anytime introducing herself to his mom and then she takes him to the living room and fucks his hard younger cock! I think I am becoming addicted to your cock she moans as she cums and begs for him to cum deep inside of her wet pussy!

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Maternal Seductions – Melanie Hicks – All Alone with Mommy FullHD mp4 [1080p/2017]

Added: 6/22/17 11:45am

Scene One: Robe Dropping
I am walking down the hallway, Mom comes out of her room dressed only in her bathrobe. She stares into my eyes for a moment with that serious look and with a jerk of her head motion me to follow her into the bedroom. She stares at the me for a moment and drops the bathrobe, sits on the bed and leans back spreading her legs and turning her head away and closing her eyes. She unzips my pants, pulls out my cock and motions me to start fucking her. She smiles and winces with every thrust. This goes on for a couple of minutes until I cum has cum. Mom gets up, looks at me, she puts on her bathrobe on and goes into the bathrobe.

Scene Two: Mom Needs Hard Anal
Mom walks into the kitchen ignoring me to get a drink of water. She stares at me with almost anger for several moments. She stares out the window and then walks out of the room. I then hear her banging the glass on the dinner table. I walk to the table, she opens her robe and exposes her lovely full breasts. She bends over and spreads her legs. I come over and look at her, pause and then stick my now hard cock into her ass. Mom seriously grimaces and hisses in pain with every thrust. With a big thrust I cum. Mom gets up, gives me a kiss on each cheek, puts her robe on and walks out of the room.

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Jerky Wives – Melanie Hicks, Bruce Canon – Mom Forced in the Bathroom HD mp4

Scene One: Breasts and hands

Melanie, just out of the shower, is brushing her hair when her son walks in to talk to her. He asks her who she was with in her bedroom last night and shows her his phone. Her eyes go wide as she see’s a picture of herself being fucked. He reaches his hand up and touches her breast. Stop it, that’s gross she tells him. That’s what he’s doing in the picture He tells her. You don’t want dad to find out do you? Melanie gets more pissed as her son touches her and blackmails her as she fights him off.

With his hands around her breasts she looks angry as she lets him touch her. Is this all you want Melanie huffs. I want a hand job He tells his furious mom. I guess if that’s the only way dad’s not going to find out She says. Taking off her robe he bends her over the bathroom floor. With her big ass in his face he watches her as she has no choice but to stroke him.

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Jerky Wives – Luke Longly, Mike Hancho, Cory Chase, Melanie Hicks – Fucking My Sister for My Wife SD mp4 [2018]

Added: 7/30/18 5:45am

Scene One: Supporting the Arts

Cory’s sister in law is over for a visit when Cory tells her about her new photo business. “He’s paid a ton of money for photos of my husband and daughter” Cory says. Melanie can’t believe what she’s hearing. “It’s just art” Cory explains and asks Melanie to be her latest model.

Scene Two: Just the tip with my sister

“He loved the photos and wants more!” Cory tells her husband and sister in law. He’s willing to pay for so much more if they’re willing to go further. Melanie really needs the cash and as long as she doesn’t think about it she can do it. With photo equipment in hand Cory starts photographing and commanding her husband to strip his sister.

Scene Three: Lets try anal

A few days later and Cory has a new request from her client. He wants to see the brother and sister fuck and he’s willing to pay so much to see it. Not just posed pictures, but real fucking. It’s amazing how far things can come in just a few days. Melanie thought she would never do something like this in a million years but here she sits, about to fuck her brother for art and money.

Scene Four: Awkward Brother

Melanie can’t get the taste of her brother’s cum out of her mouth. It’s like the memory of fucking him is haunting her. Why did she do this? Cory invites her over to give her a share of the photo money and to tell her what the next photo shoot will be. “Can you do it with someone else?” Cory asks. At first Melanie is happy not to have to fuck her brother, until she’s told it’s her other brother who will be with her.

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