Primals FANTASIES – Bunny Colby – Manipulating the Eager Real Estate Agent FullHD mkv [1080p/2019]

Bunny is SO eager to make commision on one of her listings as soon as possible. She isn’t good at managing her spending and she needs a payday BADLY. Her new client is very promising, she is so sure he is ready to make an offer on the latest property. Even though she really needs get him to go to contract she has her limits. But somehow she is manipulated over and over into going WAY too far to keep him interested

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Primal Porn – Carolina Sweets – Lying Employee – MindControl Cupcakes HD mp4

Carolina comes in to ask for a pay advance. She explains that she has a very good reason for needing the money, and then for some reason blurts out the truth about why she needs the money, and the supposed sick days she took, and what kind of job she does and about basically everything, she is dumbfounded that she is telling the truth about everything, even right after she lied. But she thinks it will be ok, the manager tells her he can help her, and for some reason she believes everything he says. Men promise everything to get what they want, in her experience, and never deliver, but she KNOWS she can trust this man, even if she is REALLY reluctant to do what he’s saying, after all, with everything she confessed she NEEDS his help

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Primals FANTASIES Alex Coal, Dee Williams, Adriana Maya – Inquiry HD mp4

Added: 12/14/18 5:53pm

Meeting room, with a stars and stripes flag on the wall. Three congresswomen are seated on one side of a large table with folders/notes in front of them. Representative JACKIE BARNAM is sitting in the middle, with Representative SELINA ROYCE sitting to her left and Representative MARIANA SOTO sitting to her right. They talk among themselves about preparing for the witness. Dialogue can be ad-libbed along the lines of ‘he’s a tricky operator’, ‘we need to nail him on his answers’, ‘did you SEE the reports about his smutty parlour, disgusting’, ‘when we’re done, he’ll have no business left’, etc.

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