Robomeats – Daizy Cooper – All About That Ass HD mp4

Added: 8/10/18 8:32pm

Daizy and her man October are relaxing on the couch. Like typical millennials, they are not interacting at all, but rather mindlessly staring at the dull glow of social media on their phones. While lurking through October’s recent “likes”, Daizy notices that he’s been liking a local slut’s booty pics. She flies in to a rage and confronts him. The fight quickly escalates, which October attempts to diffuse with his timestop watch. He teases her with the freezing power of the device. Watching her try to stay angry while he strips her naked.

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ROBOMEATS – Mary Jane – Not Arrogant Anymore HD mp4

When uppity city girl, Lisa, meets a rough-around-the-edges country bumpkin, she talks down to him in a frustratingly dismissive way. He knows how to deal with arrogant city bitches, though. Just a few sips of his special milk drink and they freeze up, like a life-size, posable manikin. Once she becomes stiff and silent, he has a good ol’time, giving her funny faces and stripping her naked, while taking pictures of her sexy body throughout the whole afternoon. That’ll put her in her place; when that milk drink wears off, she won’t be arrogant anymore.

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Primal Porn – Carolina Sweets – Lying Employee – MindControl Cupcakes HD mp4

Carolina comes in to ask for a pay advance. She explains that she has a very good reason for needing the money, and then for some reason blurts out the truth about why she needs the money, and the supposed sick days she took, and what kind of job she does and about basically everything, she is dumbfounded that she is telling the truth about everything, even right after she lied. But she thinks it will be ok, the manager tells her he can help her, and for some reason she believes everything he says. Men promise everything to get what they want, in her experience, and never deliver, but she KNOWS she can trust this man, even if she is REALLY reluctant to do what he’s saying, after all, with everything she confessed she NEEDS his help

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Primals Transformations – Athena, Alex Coal – Vampire Protege – Gathering a Coven Part 2 SD

Poor Athena. She has been infatuated with Rion the class superboy forever. Straight “A” student, Homecoming King and of course the schools All-Star Quarterback. And to top it off he is a really nice guy. He’s been helping her study till after dark every day for the past week. He doesn’t even get that she is only acting like she needs help to get his attention. Athena sometimes wonders if he KNOWS he’s perfect and isn’t as humble as he pretends. But either way she can’t help practically throwing herself at him.

Right in the middle of what is turning into a humiliating rejection Athena’s friend Alex comes in, at least, she thinks it is Alex, if she somehow turned into some kind of movie star. Athena is enchanted and the next thing she knows she is standing in Alex’s living room (when did Alex get her own place?) Alex circles her and Athena is feeling dizzy and…so aroused…and confused…then she loses herself to pleasure and lust and then sudden ecstasy mixed with agony and everything goes black

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Primal Hypnosis Porn – Cali Carter – The Remote Control HD mp4 [720p/2018]

Added: 9/1/18 2:25am

Rion’s step-sister is always giving him a hard time for playing video games and not going out a lot. She is merciless about making fun of him. Rion gets fed up and wishes he could put her on pause like the game, and, suddenly Cali freezes in place. Rion tests what else his game controller can make her do and finds out she can be turned into a series of very fun games like “paint the sluts face” and many more

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XXX Multimedia – Nikki Brooks – Mommy’s Special Christmas Present FullHD mp4 1080p

This clip includes: Nikki Brooks, POV, mom/son, single mom, working mom who can’t afford to buy son a present, gives him a present no other boy his age has received, dirty talk, teasing, stripping, virtual blowjob, virtual sex, riding, missionary, condom breaks, simulated cum on pussy, Christmas porn, POV sex, cum swallowing, cum play

Mom tries hard…she really does. Ever since Dad left her, she’s been working two jobs, while trying to maintain a decent, close relationship with me. I’m at that age where I understand I can’t be selfish. So, it didn’t surprise me to see her with a smile on her face, and a small present in her hand, “You know Mommy will always find a way.” I was grateful for the small gesture, especially since I didn’t get to see her as often as I wanted to. “Go on…open it,” she said. I dug my hand through the golden paper and pulled out a…condom? What? I felt my face flush. “This…is actually for you to put on for me,” her tone had changed into a seductive one. Mom explained that, since she promised to get me something special this year, and she couldn’t afford a present, she was giving me something none of the other boys had ever had. “How many of the boys you hang out with get this?” she sweetly said. “How many of them even know how to put this on? Exactly.” I felt butterflies fill my stomach.

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Angel The Dreamgirl – Fuck My Face III Under Submission FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Added: 4/9/18 07:28AM

Outfit the same as the last clip with the extra pads in bra, make up and super big lips the same as it was perfect last clip. Clip starts with you working in the office, blouse fully buttoned up and your boss is fantising about you maybe cut in some action from the previous clip. He wants you so bad, he pours a drink and then you see him sprinkle a powder in it, you drink the drink and within seconds, you are unconsious. He picks you up and takes you over to the sofa and lays you down. He starts feeling over your body, unbuttons your blouse giving your tits a nice sqeeze and feel, he pulls up your skirt and feels your Stockings. He gets his cock out and using your hand, strokes his cock until he is super erect. He takes your lipgloss and he applies a really heavy coat to your Red lips. He then pulls you up into a seating position and ties your hands behind your back with his tie. he then slowly pushes his hard cock into your mouth forcing it right to the base, you are still unconsious as he continues to face fuck you, forcing his cock to the back of your throat. He stops to take off your skirt and blouse and kneels you down on the floor.

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