Our Modern Family – Ashley Fires, Sadie Holmes – Mommy us Daughter sex off HD mp4

Little Sadie was soo upset! She was crying and carrying on when her Mom came in her bedroom. “What’s wrong now?” Mom asks with an eye roll. She knows her daughter has a tendency to be very dramatic. She tells her Mom to get out and she never wants to see her again! “Why, what did I do?” Mom inquires. Sadie tells her that she knows what she did with her Brother and how she told him that he was no longer allowed to sleep with his sister anymore. Mom explains that her Brother was becoming a man now and needed a real woman like his Mother and not some little girl.

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Ashley Fires Fetish Clips – Megan Maiden – Home Alone 2 – Modern Taboo Family HD mp4 [720p/2018]

Megan waits at home for her Daddy. Now that she takes care of Daddy in every way he doesn’t go out as much. Which Megan loves because she hates being at home all alone. She heard he Daddy come in and jumped up off the couch to greet him. She was a little surprised to see Daddy’s friend Gary with him. She ran back to the couch and got under her blanket. She was kind of of embarrassed because she was just wearing a bra and panties. Daddy doesn’t like her to wear much around the house. Daddy told his Daughter not to be rude and give Gary a hug. They all hung out of the couch until Daddy told her why Gary was there. She couldn’t believe Daddy had told his friends about what they do when they are alone. He told he that all his buddies thinks it’s cool and wanted to meet her. He told her to get up and show Gary what a nice body she has. She didn’t want to but she did as she was told.

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Ashley Fires Fetish Clips – Lux Orchid, Harlo Adams – Mommy Is A Street Walking Whore Continued FullHD mp4

Modern Taboo Family

Mom had been working overtime for the past few weeks. Between the household bills and Harlos tuition for next semester quickly approaching it was time to hustle. Shed been working the streets awhile now and had a handful of repeat tricks also she knew all the best places to pick up new johns; Mom had become a pretty decent whore. Shed been out since Friday night, it was now Sunday morning as she walked into their tiny one bedroom apartment immediately pouring herself a drink, she put her earnings on the nightstand and removed her shoes. Exhausted, it didnt take long for her to fall asleep.

Harlo soon came home he went directly to the money and counted it. Mom he said sternly, she didnt answer. Again, Mom? Mom, wake up! Slowly she sat up, hi honey, she greeted him. Is this all of it? he barked at her. She was confused as to why he was angry. Harlo, theres a couple hundred dollars there she said to him. Thats not good enough, Mom. He replied and proceeded to berate her for not having more for him. Yes, shed given some specials but these other girls were competitive, she saw an opportunity to make more in offering the men a discount if they film her doing herdepraved acts with them! Instead of arguing with him she started rubbing his shoulders, I got the videos you wanted she said. He wanted to watch her in action, fucking and sucking strangers to provide for him. Do you want Mommy to suck your cock while you watch them? His cock was already hard as she helped remove his shorts.

He watched the collection of videos on her phone as she blew him, get up, get undressed and bend over so I can fuck you he demanded and she obliged; she always did. Harlo fucked her hard, choking her like the slut she was. Make love to me Harlo! Mom screamed. Only if you eat my ass first he teased her. Mom was such a filthy bitch, ok! She said sounding rather enthusiastic about it. He hopped up and sat on her face while she tongued his asshole for a few minutes, make love to me! She cried out again. Harlo thrust himself onto her, penetrating her fuckhole once more. This time was slow and deep, passionate and rough, when they made love it was as if time had stopped entirely. Im gonna cum! Harlo said as he pulled out just in time for his cock to explode in her mouth, he knew how much she liked the taste of him. Mom rolled over in post orgasmic bliss, she was going back to sleep! Harlo peered into the bedroom, Youre not going to sleep, youre going back out there and youre not coming home until you have more money. Yes dear, whatever you say.

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Ashley Fires Fetish Clips – Ashley Maiden – Home Alone – Modern Taboo Family HD [720p/2017]

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Megan was home all by herself watching a scary movie when she heard a noise in the house. She shook it off as nothing until she heard it again and that was too much for her and called Daddy. He was on date and didn’t want to come home. She started crying and told him that she was so scared. He agreed to come home. Daddy comes rushing in to find his little girl watching a movie. She was relieved to see him and told him that she thought someone was in the house. Dad had checked all the doors and windows and told her yet again she was fine. Come to find out Megan has had Daddy come home for one reason or another for the past few weeks. In fact every time Daddy goes out on date his daughter makes him come home. He tells her that he thinks she doesn’t want him to date. She tells him he crazy and she just needs him sometimes.

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Ashley Fires Fetish Clips – Genevieve Sinn – Bring Your Daughter To Work Day – My Crazy Family HD [720p/2017]

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Since summer started her Daughter hasn’t worked at all but that was all going to change. Mommy brought her into to work with her since all she was doing was hanging out at home. It wasn’t long before her Daughter became bored and started whining about wanting to do something fun. Mom told her that work wasn’t supposed to be fun but maybe she might enjoy it. “Enjoy what? I’m not doing anything!” her Daughter asked. “You’ll see” her mom said. Just then there was a knock on her office door. A few men entered her office. Mom got up and greeted them then grabbed her Daughter and presented her. Genevieve was confused. Mom turned her around and showed the men her cute little ass. Then she pushed her Daughter to her knees and told her that her new summer job was going to be sucking cocks at her office. She was going to be the new office whore. Mom told the men to get their cocks out. She grabbed her Daughter and made her start sucking a cock. She asked the man if he enjoyed having her young Daughter’s mouth on his big cock! He did and soon another man stepped in and she had to suck his cock too! In the end Mommy’s whore daughter is covered in cum just like she should be!

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Ashley Fires Fetish Clips – Sons Of Taboo – Female Squirting, Cum in Pussy HD mp4 2017

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Prospect Dax had one more final task before he would be voted in for his patch. And he needed the help of his Mom to complete it. His Mom was so happy he was getting his patch that she was more then willing to help out. It didn’t seem that hard. All she had to do was ride around with her Son and occasionally flash people! Nothing she hasn’t done before. But after their fun bike ride her Son told her that there was one more thing he had to do.

Mom told him whatever it was she would help him. He told her that he had to fuck her to get his patch. That everyone in SOT biker gang had to bang their Mothers to get it. Mom laughed and thought for sure he was joking. But when she saw look on her Son’s face she realized this was no joke. Mom told him that she really wants him to get his patch. And how good it would be for the family. So she said if he had to do it then don’t be a little bitch about it and do it. But Mom said she would not give it up without a fight. Dax grabbed her and threw her on the couch but Biker Mamma was not about to let her Boy win so easily.

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Ashley Fires Fetish Clips – Krystal Star – Making Mommy Do It Again – Modern Taboo Family HD mp4 2017

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Maaaa her son yells! Mommy come in and tells him his Dad is sleeping and to be quiet. He says he will but she needs to suck his cock again. Mom gets mad and reminds him that was a one time deal and she already told him she would not do it again! She knew this would happen. He already relies on Mom for everything and now even sexually! “But Mom I only want you to suck my cock!” he says. She again tells him it won’t happen. He says he understands but can he at least see her huge beautiful breasts again? Mom rolls her eyes and asks him if she does that will he shut up about the blowjob. He smiles and agrees. She takes down her top and removes her bra.

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Leila Hazlett – Daddy’s Slut Princess – Public sex with Daughter, Redhead Teen SD mp4

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Leila was in her favorite coffee house trying to hold back the tears. Dad surprises her with two of the yummiest treats known to man! He used to bring her here when she was younger and they would always get their famous macaroons! It was a happy place for Leila. But today was not a happy occasion. Her boyfriend had just dumped her and she never saw it coming. They were about to move in together and everything seemed great. She cried as her Father tried to comfort her. He hated seeing his little girl in such pain. And just as Leila started to compose herself, she realizes that she would still have to see him at work and began to breakdown again. Her Dad told her that wouldn’t be an issue, that he said he was going to quit so she didn’t have to see him at all! She smiles for a second and then asks her Dad how would he knew that.

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Ashley Fires Fetish Clips – Genevieve Sinn – Baby Girl Cum Slut – Daddy/Daughter Blowjob, Handjob SD

Daddy’s Baby Girl loves to suck his big cock! After Daddy introduced her to the joys of pleasing boys all she wants to do now is suck Daddy’s cock! She begs for it! She makes love to cock with all of her little girl mouth! She teases her virgin pussy on Daddy’s penis and asks him if he wanted to fuck her little tight pussy!

She turns around and shows Daddy her little bubble butt! She rubs his cock all over it! She knows Daddy likes to see his big cock between her ass cheeks! She starts sucking his cock again and taking it all the way down her throat. Daddy explodes in her mouth and his Daughter swallows every drop with a smile!

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