Diane Andrews – Mommy I all Day think about sex with You FullHD mp4 [1080p/American / Tampa / Midwest/2018]

Insatiable tipsy Mom

Custom video – name used. “I was interested in a POV video with you playing my tipsy mother coming into the living room from the party outside to unknowingly seduce me over a longer span of time. I was watching some TV while dr1nk1ng on the couch and you decided to join me. We talk with each other for a bit, talking about what dr1nks we like. Then it moves on to talking about the party and how everyone was checking you out. I try to move on from the subject. [Silence] You make a couple dr1nks for us to have. Then after dr1nk1ng you feel buzzed and start checking me out.

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Bare Back Studios – Luke Longly, Andi James in Unloved Son FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Added: 9/28/18 6:45am

Episode One – Breaking Mom

Luke looks his mom up and down, blouse slightly open, breasts full and lively. She hasn’t changed much, she was older in the face but her body and attitude were the same.

Mom and Sister Cory are deep into dept, credit cards are maxed out, cars about to be repossessed and their house is in foreclosure. Mom, Andi, is in Luke’s office to beg for help. She is willing to do anything for his help and Son, Luke, will test her willingness to do anything for help…

Episode Two – Testing Her Limits

With his mother naked and helpless in his office, Son decides to

Test the limits of what his Mom is willing to do.

Luke fucks his Mom and tells her to come by his house tomorrow after work…

Later that day Cory meets with her Mom in the kitchen…She asks Andi if she got Luke’s money…Mom said sort of but not yet…Cory yells at her Mom and calls her names…”You better get his Money Mom or we are losing everything!!!”

Scene Three: The Contract

Luke and Andi meet with Luke’s attorney to sign some paperwork. “You can trust me,” he says, as she signs all the documents without reading them. “You just signed away your life, all your possessions. I own you now,” Luke says to his mother. He then proceeds to bring her in to a bedroom with a bed and lights facing the bed. He explains to her that she is going to have to work for her money by becoming a webcam performer for his company. Andi is shy, but Luke does not care. “Say hi to all your new fans, mom” he exclaims. Andi strips naked for her son and for the camera that he is holding in his hands; she then lays back on the bed and begins to masturbate. “It feels so good,” she moans at the camera. Her sons dick begins to get hard as he watches her.

Scene Four: Forgotten Brother

Andi meets up with her other son, Luke’s brother, Mike. She is in tears; she is a wreck from all that Luke has been putting her through lately. She begs for Mike’s help since he is a police officer; she makes the assumption that he will help her if she has sex with him too. “Your dick is so much better than your brothers,” she says while she begins to suck his dick. They have sex in several positions until Mike eventually cums all over his mother’s big, natural tits. Then she asks “So, you’re going to help me, right?” and Mike responds by telling her that he never planned to help her because he’s on his brother Luke’s payroll. Sorry, mom.

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Anya Olsen, Laura Bentley – Our Mommy teach us sex – Sexual Secrets FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Laura Bentley and her friend Anya Olsen are enjoying themselves looking at a Kama Sutra book while Laura’s stepson Lucas Frost spies on them. Lucas is totally aroused at the way his hot mom and her bangin’ friend ogle the various sexual positions. Too bad they notice him and point out his boner. Embarrassed, Lucas retreats to his room where Anya follows him to see if she can help. It turns out that Lucas could use a hand taking care of his hardon, and Anya is more than happy to start sucking him off until she’s wet enough to slide down onto his fuck stick.

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Mom Comes First – Brianna Beach, Archie Stone, Alex Adams – The Happy Family FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Added: 3/24/18 4:29am

Alex and Brianna have a loving and happy marriage, and a handsome intelligent son named Archie. Things are actually almost perfect… Except that Archie seems to have developed a very serious masturbation problem. Being the loving, responsible, and caring parents they are, Alex and Brianna decide it’s time to have a little talk with their son…

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Maternal Seductions – Melanie Hicks – All Alone with Mommy FullHD mp4 [1080p/2017]

Added: 6/22/17 11:45am

Scene One: Robe Dropping
I am walking down the hallway, Mom comes out of her room dressed only in her bathrobe. She stares into my eyes for a moment with that serious look and with a jerk of her head motion me to follow her into the bedroom. She stares at the me for a moment and drops the bathrobe, sits on the bed and leans back spreading her legs and turning her head away and closing her eyes. She unzips my pants, pulls out my cock and motions me to start fucking her. She smiles and winces with every thrust. This goes on for a couple of minutes until I cum has cum. Mom gets up, looks at me, she puts on her bathrobe on and goes into the bathrobe.

Scene Two: Mom Needs Hard Anal
Mom walks into the kitchen ignoring me to get a drink of water. She stares at me with almost anger for several moments. She stares out the window and then walks out of the room. I then hear her banging the glass on the dinner table. I walk to the table, she opens her robe and exposes her lovely full breasts. She bends over and spreads her legs. I come over and look at her, pause and then stick my now hard cock into her ass. Mom seriously grimaces and hisses in pain with every thrust. With a big thrust I cum. Mom gets up, gives me a kiss on each cheek, puts her robe on and walks out of the room.

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Maternal Seductions – Eva Notty – Mother Son Connection FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Added: 4/27/18 6:21am

Scene One: Mothers day present
I’ve taken my mom out to the most exclusive restaurant in town, giving her the best mothers day present I could think of. I walk her back into our hotel a happy mommy. “I had a great time” She smiles at me. I give her a kiss on the lips and suddenly she feels a little awkward. I place my hand on her leg and a chill runs though her. “Do you want to see what a real woman feels like?” She quietly suggests. I reach out and touch her big tits making her giggle in delight. I help her unzip so I can look at them. I’ve always fantasized about my mom’s huge breasts and now the moment is here. I touch and feel as she slides off her panties and lets my fingers roam her body. I lay on top of her and she shows me how amazing a real women can be.

Scene Two: Scrambling mom’s eggs
The next morning mom is cooking breakfast as usual. I can’t help but wonder if she regrets the night before. I lift up her robe and grab her big ass in my hands. A reassuring smile comes over her and she moans a little. Opening up her robe and letting me do whatever I want to my hot mom. I slide myself inside of her and fuck her from behind, her big tits pressed against the cold counter top. The eggs sizzle on the stove as I fuck her with strong thrusts into her soft body. She turns around and looks at me with love and lust as she fucks me back and cums on my horny cock. “You want to cum inside of me? Just let it go and give me all that cum” She whispers.

Scene Three: If all mom’s knew
I’m back home from school early. I can’t concentrate on anything except my mom’s fuckable body. She can’t stop thinking about me. Dressed in her office clothes she pulls me over to her. “I’ve always had an office fantasy” She tells me as she pulls down my pants and strokes me hard in her hand. “I want you to cum all over” She moans. She takes off her office clothes and reveals sexy lingerie underneath. She’s been planning this all day. The black lace makes her so hot I can’t stand it. I need to be inside her. I sit on the couch as she rides me, her soft ass bouncing up and down on my cock. “That’s a good boy” She moans as I cum shooting my hot load. She gives me a kiss and shows me how much she loves me. “Let’s go see a movie” She suggests.

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