OUSweetheart – My Son can More – Spoiled Supper HD mp4 [American / Las Vegas, NV/2018]

I cook for my date, light candles and fix my make up, and put just stockings and garters on under my apron. Only it seems that Son’s not coming, Son’s really, really late. Since I’ve worked on this romantic evening really hard, I am going to enjoy it. I start to play with myself, dripping wax on my breasts, fingering myself, only to be caught! My date bends me over, spanks me with the spatula, and fucks me hard on the counter, despite my apologies for starting without him

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Kathia Nobili – So much passion to give you with my hands FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Did you missed me?!….Ohhh…me too…I missed you and your beautiful …big….swollen dick!!! Are you here for more…more…and more pleasure?….Well….I can’t wait to give it to you all…..all the slow…passion…hand job…just the way you love it!!! First…I make your cock so shiny with my oil….and you…you just enjoy! Enjoy every little move on your cock! …I move slowly both hands on your penis…make you so hard…..and I’ll never stop….not until …..I let you cum!!! You are in my hands now….I control your cum now my darling!!! But…you just love it….you can’t resist to my hands…you always wish more…and more…of my hands love! Well…..how that feels?…Just touching softly your balls with one hand…and moving all the way on your big cock with an other!!! Now honey……just playing with you head….rubbing the most sensitive part of it….but nooooo….You’re not allowed to cum…not yet!!! Lay down darling! Watch…what I’m doing to you…so good ……circling with my fingers all around you head top…..and keep rubbing the line on your cock with my finger…..now….I feel you pumping so hard….your cock is all juicy!!! That’s the way you love it the most….Now….now you can cum….rubbing your cock….cum!!! Mmmm……Any time darling…..you’ll miss my talented hands ……I’ll be waiting here for you!!!

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Lanie Love – Sister Sleepover HD mp4 [720p/American / Lanie Land/2018]

You’re trying to fall asleep when your sister comes in to the bedroom. Her and her husband are visiting you and your wife, although, you thought everyone was asleep already. Your wife fell asleep on the couch in the living room and your brother in law is downstairs where they sleep when they visit. Your sister seems to be Tipsy and still holding her drink. She brings up the last time she was Tipsy and you both had sex. It was a mistake, how could you fuck your sister?!

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My Mother and Aunt love Play with my Big Dick FullHD mp4 [720p/American / Seattle/2018]

You were Ms. Fyre’s student last year & you’re in Ms. Carter’s class this year. It’s the beginning of the semester which means it’s time for teachers to help one another with the IEPs (Individual Education Plans) which are for students who need some extra help. You have already been causing problems in Ms. Carter class, but she thinks you really don’t seem to be “special ed,” and she’s not sure what to do.

Ms. Carter meets with Ms. Fyre to try to help her new student. Ms. Fyre explains that they can’t always write out all the info in the IEPs due to the laws, but in this school they do whatever it takes to help their students. Ms. Fyre pulls your penis out of your pants while Ms. Carter watches & is amazed at how large it is. “See what I mean?” Ms. Fyre asks. “He needs some special attention to be able to concentrate on his studies. And honestly, I don’t mind helping if you know what I mean.” Ms. Carter is aghast at first, but as Ms. Fyre sucks your cock & she sees you respond, she realizes that she too will do anything to help her student succeed.

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Mindi Mink – Mom Son And The Bully Part Three HD mp4 [720p/American / N. California/2018]

Jordan shows up at Mindis house again and asks her if she had fun the last time they were together. Mindi says absolutely not! Jordan then informs her that he wants to have sex with her again, when Mindi refuses, Jordan shows a video of when he fucked Mindi in front of Jimmy. He wants to please Mindi but if she says no, he will expose the video on the internet. Mindi goes into her son Jimmys room to inform him that she has no choice but to fuck Jordan again… in front of him AGAIN or Jordan will post the clip on the internet. Mindi is now the one humiliated by the situation. She realizes that Jordan has lied from the very beginning and apologizes to Jimmy for not believing him and for putting him through the humiliation of watching her get fucked in front of him. She begs her son to do his best to not allow this to bother him. She informs Jordan he has no clue on how to satisfy a woman and begins to explain and show him how she likes to be touched. She takes her top and begins rubbing her big tits in front of him… She takes one of her nipples in her mouth and shows him how she likes her nipples sucked. She then shows him how she likes her clit lightly touched through her panties. When she turns around, she sees that her son has an erection and is astonished by it. Jordan wants to eat Mindis pussy but Mindi continues to warm herself up. She then allows him to lick her pussy… She realizes Jimmy is really enjoying what hes watching. Mindi has Jordan lick her ass. Mindi wants Jordans cock inside her, Jordan happily slides his hard cock in Mindi. Mindi asks Jimmy if he wants to see his own mother cum all over Jordans cock? When Jimmy says yes, Mindi has a big orgasm! She wants Jordans cum inside her pussy… Jordan blows his load inside of Mindi. Mindi admits that she did enjoy herself and that Jordan fucked her better than she though he would. Mindi is very confused about what just happened…

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Virtual Premium Video – Mandy Flores – Big Sister Cowgirl Fuck FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Look at how wet I am already for you” You then take your finger and shove it deep into your pussy. Its glistening with your juice when you remove it so you smear it into your boot. You then offer your booted leg to my nose and ask if I can smell your big sisters pussy on you boot. You then start to giggle and notice that my dick is “dancing, twitching, dripping” and say “I can’t wait any longer…I’m gonna fuck you hard!!” I start to get up and position myself but you stop me by putting your boot on my chest (off camera) and say “Nugh ugh…not this time brother…this time I wanna be on top…I wanna look deep into your eyes whille I ride you…like a cowgirl!…you like cowboys don’t you!…well I’m a cowgirl” (giggle and laugh) gently start squating up and down, simulating riding me. You have an explosive orgasm, fall back on the floor, breathing heavy and giggling, facing me. “OMG…that was fucking amazing” look on your face. ” These boots are so new, I haven’t even squirted on them yet…do you wanna watch me?”…then giggle and laugh and say “Yeah you do!!” Leaning back on one of your elbows, your hand goes to work vigorously frigging your clit, and your squirt juice gently falls over your boot like a beautiful spring shower. You then extend that cum drenched boot into the camera lens (me) and say “Here you go sweetie…its all for you”, then put your finger to your lips and make the “sssshhhhh…don’t tell anybody” sound and then giggle and laugh as the camera fades. ….Mandy Flores

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housewifeswag – Get Mommy Pregnant for Mother’s Day HD mp4 [720p/ American / BBW Of The Year/2018]

It’s Mother’s Day! You overhear a conversation where your mom is talking to your dad and she seems rather upset. Your father has been traveling a lot and you just assumed it’s business related but your mom sits you down and explains to you what is happening. She wants a baby. She’s afraid that if she doesn’t get pregnant soon… your parents might have to divorce. But It’s Mother’s Day… and you want to get your mommy a gift so she suggests something… very wrong. Something that will solve her little problem and make everyone happy. You should be the one to get your mom pregnant. You look just like your dad and honestly, no one would even be able to tell the difference. To your mommy’s surprise, you agree that it’s a good idea and tell her that you haven’t had sex with anyone yet so she would be your first.

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POV Family Porn – Syren De Mer – I Cant Let Her Sleep Alone… SD mp4 [2018]

09/22/18 new!

That night, I stay ready because my stepmom told me I still owe her. Sure enough, she shows up at my door in a sexy nightgown. She says she hates sleeping alone when my dad is out of town, but we both know why she is really here. She backs her booty up on me while I hold her, and as soon as she starts wiggling her ass into me, I get a rock hard boner. This time I fuck her from every position possible before unloading my swimmers into her mouth. What an amazing day!

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Cock Ninja Studios – SmartyKat314 – Jealous Aunt Gets Her Revenge HD avi [720p/2018]

Added: 9/23/18 8:49pm

My mom found out I had sex with my aunt and decided she would make me her own. I couldn’t say no to my mom and she felt so good…but after I fucked my mom, it got too weird around my house so I moved in with my grandma. Well, my aunt can’t and won’t leave me alone. She stops by while my grandma is at bingo with her friends. She needs to get one up on my mom because they are so damn competitive. She needs to fuck me one last time. She sucks on me and makes me so hard! She rides my cock and makes me admit she’s tighter and better than my mom is. She needs me to take her from behind. Now she wants me to fuck her on my grandma’s bed? OMFG, she is cumming so hard it feels like my cock will break off inside her! I love giving my aunt a nice creampie!!!!

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