Mind Under Master – Dani Jensen – Trance Therapy – Hypno Control FullHD mp4

Dani has just recently gotten engaged but she’s starting to get cold feet and hopes that the good doctor can help calm her nerves.After taking one look at her body he wastes no time putting her into a trance. Once in the trace she confesses that her fiancee doesn’t know she’s here, so the doctor begins to reprogram her mind. Soon she’s stripping down to her sexy underwear and showing off her perfect fake tits. She plays with her body and beg for the doctor to make her cum.He counts down as she gets closer and closer to climaxing, snapping his fingers and waking her.

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WCA Production – Amanda Conda – Blackmailing My Cheating Sister Complete FullHD mp4 [1080p/2019]

My parents are out of town this week so me and my sister are staying home alone. i was gonna work late at work last night but i ended up getting off early and came home. when i got home i saw a strange car in the driveway and when i got inside i heard some strange sounds coming from my parents bedroom. when i peaked in i saw my sister fucking some guy that wasn’t her boyfriend, i decided to film it and crept back out of the house with out her knowing.

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Cherie DeVille – Time sex lessons with My Teacher and Mom 4k [2160p/2018]

Added: 8/21/18 4:05pm

You are a student in Ms Fyre’s class. Today she caught you playing with your phone in class, so she took it away. The school rule is to call the parents to have them come pick up the phone, but Ms Fyre discovers the phone is unlocked & starts going through the photos. She finds naked pictures of your mom, Cherie, who she recognizes from parent night. She realizes she’s going to have to call Cherie anyway, but now she has the difficult task of telling her about the photos. While contemplating how to best handle the situation, she gets turned on by the photos, but she quickly pushes it out of her mind.

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Your New Babysitter – Femdom POV Stories FullHD mp4

Your new babysitter is so hot that when she comes into your room to tuck you in, you know you’re not going to be able to sleep. She’s already let you stay up too late, so your parents are going to be home soon. She begs you to please go to sleep. She knows if you’re still awake when your parents get home she’ll lose her job.
You’re too old for a bedtime story, so she shyly suggests you play with yourself.

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Motivated By Stepmom – Masturbation Encouragemen, Pantyhose/Stockings FullHD mp4 [1080p/2019]

Added: 2/16/19 12:59pm

I saw your report card on the fridge, and I’ve seen the long hours you put in. You’ve done such a good job. I know that I’m not your real mom, so maybe it doesn’t mean quite as much to you, but I’m the only mom you have, and I just want you to know how proud of you I am. I would really like to give you a special treat for doing so well, but you have to promise me that you won’t tell your dad. I know that he’d be really upset with me. Because I’m not your real mom, there are things I can do for you that a real mom couldn’t…

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Conor Coxxx – Heidi Vice – Blackmailing My Stripper Sister For Sex FullHD mp4 [1080p/2019]

February 1, 2019

Sexy redhead, Heidi Vice, sits on the bed in a sexy school girl skirt, and crop top. Heidi begins to rub all over her body, and puts on headphones. Heidi jams out to music, and starts dancing while sitting on the bed. She starts to really feel herself, and the music, so she lays back and begins to play with her wet pussy with her fingers. Conor walks up to the slightly cracked door of Heidi’s bedroom, and he sees his Sister sprawled out on the bed…playing with herself…

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