Robot and Limp Videos – Kimber Woods in My Robot Sister HD avi

What the fuck is wrong with you peeping on me in the shower Kimber yells at her pervert brother. Little does she know that the music she’s been listening too has slowly been reprogramming her brain. With a click of the remote Kimber no longer exists and is replaced by a willing sex robot. To test his new found powers he makes his sister strip for him right there in the living room!

She quickly takes off her clothes and touches herself and him. EW! She screams Why am I naked! What the fuck is wrong with you. He must have accidentally hit the remote because he clicks her back under control. Obediently she pulls down his pants and sucks on his cock. Inside her head she’s screaming to stop but her mouth does as it’s told.

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Cory Chase Customs – Luke Longly, Cory Chase in Frozen MILF HD mp4

“I wasn’t sure if you remembered” Cory tells her husband with a sly smile. It’s her birthday and he’s gotten her something special. A remote control. “I don’t think so. This is a stupid gift.” Cory yells throwing the remote back at him.

He needs to show her how it works first. He convinces her to strip and rub herself, all the while Cory knows that remote isn’t going to work. Suddenly he freezes her, Cory’s mouth open with shock. When he unfreezes her she can’t believe it really happened. She sucks his cock and he freezes her again. With her mouth frozen open he face fucks her like he always wanted.

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ROBOMEATS – Emma Evin, Alice Whyte, and Miles – A Thorough Exam HD mp4

Miles is getting an exam from two nurses but he wants a more thorough exam, so he freezes them. He poses them and carries them around, putting them in different positions all around the exam room. He fucks them both, and makes them suck his cock together. He piles them and fucks them from behind, posing them to make them lick each others pussies and touch each others tits while he fucks their frozen bodies. He finally cums in one nurses mouth while shes still frozen solid.

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liza k fetishes – The Dollmaker- Lab transformation of two stupid chicks into obedient fucking dolls HD mp4 [720p/2018]

Open panel. Face transformation. Robo-sex

In this video: doll-assistant, robo blow job, broken doll to fix, Dollmaker, robo-robo pussy licking, robo-robo pussy fucking (glass item), stupid sexy bimbo and her nerdy friend, d.r.u.g.g.i.n.g, injection, sex-bot transformation, face doll changing, sex-bot testing, sex bot posing, robo acrobatic, fem-bot training, sex-dolls test fucking, transformation human into obedient robot, woman following orders, real-size dolls, robo-walk, serving, massage.

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Robomeats – April May and Javier Lovetongue – My Daddy’s The Dean HD mp4 [720p/2018]

Javier has been slacking off at college, and hasn’t even picked his classes yet. All he’s concerned about is partying and fucking. His advisor calls a meeting to set him straight but Javier comes from a wealthy family and all his needs will be taken care of.

Fed up with his attitude, she recommends he be expelled. Instead of leaving, Javier activates his timestop watch and begins posing her in all sorts of positions mimicking her voice and venting his frustrations. He strips her and poses some more before forcing his cock into her mouth.

He bends her over the desk and fucks her from behind before flipping her over.

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Robot and Limp Videos – Luke Longly,Alex Adams, Nadia White in Conversion Therapy HD mp4 [720p/2018]

Scene One: New Neighbors

Nadia is just getting warmed up with her boyfriend in the bed when he glances at the clock. have 5 minutes to get to worka€? He says getting up. She tries to convince him to stay but he leaves her horny and frustrated.

Later that day her new neighbor comes over to introduce himself and she makes the mistake of letting him in. With a special remote, he freezes her in place. He blanks Nadia’s mind and uploads a perfect sex slave program into her brain. With a blank expression she takes off her clothes. He takes his time, feeling up her big tits and rubbing her soft pussy. a€?I’m going to cum so hard on your cockhe says moaning and screaming at the feeling of his fingers on her clit. He makes her cum before putting her to sleep and bringing her to the bedroom.

Scene Two: Do Not Rock the Boat

a€?Awaiting masters commands Nadia says naked on the bed. Her boyfriend walks in furious. He just got an email telling him someone brainwashed and fucked his girlfriend. t me please youhe says and pulls down his pants before he can protest. His anger goes away as she gives him the best blowjob she’s ever given him.

Scene Three: Reprogramming

Dressed in her maid outfit, Nadia is being a good programmed slave by cleaning the house. All of a sudden her programming goes haywire, the real Nadia tries to escape and take control. a€?Help mehe says stuttering and shaking. He calls the neighbor over to help fix his perfect sex doll. With a few swipes on his phone the neighbor erases Nadia’s mind again and reprograms her. She smiles as she looks at the two men next to her. really want to fuck both of youhe says touching each of them and guiding them to the bedroom.

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Robot and Limp Videos – Alex Chance and Cory Chase – Two Girls Trained FullHD mp4

Scene One: Sleep

Cory’s husband wants to spice up their sex life, and he has always had a fantasy of turning her into a robot sex slave. Talking about it with her friend Alex, they think it’s stupid. He asks if they want to give it a try. Not seeing any harm the girls agree and his swinging pendent begins to take affect. He asks them to go limp and they fall back onto the couch. It worked! Quickly programing them they say “Yes master, I am your obedient robot slave” He wakes them up and they ask when he is going to “Mind Control” them with smirks on their faces.

Scene Two: Obedient Robot Slave

The girls don’t know how wrong they are as he programs them to strip each other. Now naked he wakes them up. “Why are we naked!” Alex screams. They cover up as best they can and hide their embarrassment. He makes Cory watch, bringing Alex into and out of being his robot sex slave. “I don’t want to be a robot slave” Cory tells him and is controlled. They are completely under his power. Cory gets to her knees and sucks him as he watches Alex masturbate on the couch. “I am your obedient robot slave” the girls repeat.

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Robot and Limp Videos – Alex Chance and Cory Chase in Mind Wipe – Limp Fetish, Freeze Time HD mp4

Alex and Cory are sitting a couch when Cory’s boyfriend walks in. Cory says that she has been practicing mind control and would like to try it out on him. The boyfriend says that mind control is stupid and it will never work. Cory convinces him to let her try it out on him. Cory stands up and waves her hand in front of her boyfriends face and says, “obey!” Instantly Cory stands up at attention as does Alex, both of stiff with arms stiff against their body.

Cory and Alex say “Yes master I will obey” and stand at attention with mouths open. The boyfriend is a bit stunned but quickly realizes that the whole mind control thing backfired and now both Cory and Alex are under his control.

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Primal Fetish – JC Simpson – Full Training Session – Real Doll, Robot HD

JC – Part 1 – Deep Programming and Living Doll

We put deep programming into JC Simpson, We discuss mesmerism with her and she believes it is something that will only work on the weak minded. We put her under again and turn her into a mindless living doll and then have an assistant carefully pose her while she is completely mindless

JC – Part 2 – Posed and Orgasmed

We put JC in a more revealing outfit and put her more deeply under, Then still as a mindless doll put her in more provocative poses, while touching her most private areas. She is then put under and brought out of being a mindless doll and then programmed so that her panties are creating powerful orgasmic sensations that leave her cumming as her eyes roll back in her head

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