FFeZine – Diapered Daughter Caught Camming – Daddy Discipline Daughter FullHD mp4 1080p

Diapered Daughter is caught doing cam work for men by ‘Daddy’, ”Oh so this is what you do behind my back is it…and how much have you made then…nothing, well let ‘Daddy show you how its done girl” Lets start with a little bit of ‘spanking’, and see if one of these guys wants to see you suck my old cock then get fucked in private show. More or less this is from a live show we did, we do them from time to time if you want to catch us live just let us know and we will let you know when we are online next

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Daddys Good Little Slut – kittenrawr FullHD mp4 [1080p/American / Tardis]

This is a custom video and the name chaz is said mutiple times* Im daddys good little slut but sometimes i mishave on purpose just so he spanks me. Every time i beg for daddy to stop, he spanks me harder. My poor little bum is left bright red. Just as i thought daddy was finished with my punishement, he takes out a candle. He knows how much i dont look forward to waxing my sensative nipples. So he tells me to drip hot wax on them until they are nice and waxy. Now the only way i can earn daddys cock after misbehaving is by gagging, deep throating and begging for it. Daddy knows how tight my throat is and i havent really practiced on my deep throating. I like a challange and i love daddys cock so i begin sucking, gagging, deep throating, begging on and for his cock. I want to cum on your cock daddy. After being a good girl and doing as im told, daddy rewards me. He tells me to keep my panties on, but to slide them over. I fuck daddy and daddy fucks me until i get creamy/cum on his cock. (im currently learning a new program and how to set up my lights in my tiny room I tried my best to make the scenes away from the camera match those closer but it is not mastered yet

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XXXTREMECOMIXXX – Alisha Adams – Hear No Good FullHD mp4

Added: 11/17/18 02:43PM

Black Canary has stalked her latest target back to his comfy condo; a low-level thug who has been meddling in her affairs. There’s no way he’ll be expecting her to drop in on him. She sneaks in to catch him lounging on the sofa. Before the guy can react, Black Canary hits him with her supersonic shriek, a devastating attack that knocks most targets senseless. To her surprise, the man is unaffected. He smiles and signs to her that he’s deaf!

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Bare Back Studios – Evelin Stone, Luke Longly in Crossing the Line Full Verion HD mp4

Stripper Daughter

I am sitting on the couch in the living room having a nice cocktail. My daughter Evelin comes into room dressed to go out. I ask what she is doing, and tell her, she can stay home and they can have a good time together. I tell her to dance and when she complains, I threaten to beat her ass and that her mother was a whore stripper too.

I tell her to strip, step by step (“now take your top off, now take your bra off” that kind of thing.) She shuffles her feet in a parody of dancing and cries silently during this, after she is completely nude, I tell her step by step how to give me a lap dance. She continues to cry during this and gives a really bad lap dance. I get pissed and slide my cock into her. I tell her she is only good for being a stripper and this is how she will make additional money in the back of the club…

I Hate You Daddy

Evelyn walks into the kitchen from outdoors…I admit it, I have had a couple of drinks… I accuse her of telling people about what happened yesterday. She starts crying and I say I love lover…She wants to leave and live with her mother…

I pull her close for a hug and dance, I stroke her hair…She gets nervous and tries to push away…I end up shoving her doggie style against the kitchen table and fuck her from behind…She says “that hurts and please Daddy!” She is in extreme pain as I fuck the love into her…

I ask her again if she wants to live with her Mom, she says “No, I want to live here…” as I drop a load in her pretty mouth… Just like I would do with her whore mother…

Thrown the Bed

Evelin still has not learned her lesson…I toss her onto the bed, rip open her shirt, pull off her panties and teach her how to be whore just like her mother. I cover her mouth and quiet her yelps…She will be a whore soon enough, just one more night!!!

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XXXTREMECOMIXXX – Batgirl Under Duress – Penny Lay FullHD mp4

Added: 10/18/18 07:31PM

We find Batgirl in a rather vulnerable position. A crazed autograph collector has captured her is prepared to interrogate in order to get Batman’s John Hancock! He has her bound and bent over the bed, where he administers brutal rounds of spanking, whipping, and shocks for his taser. He lifts up her batskirt and admires Batgirl’s plump, pale booty. He smiles. He’s glad he caught her out of the bat cave.

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