Family Kinky Porn – Gia Vendetti – The Secrets Of Seduction SD mp4 2019

Our stud wants to learn how to make it with women, and who better to ask than his weird old Uncle James? Uncle James tells him that guys these days are too soft to get what they want. He needs to learn how to give a woman everything without giving her everything. Sure, Uncle James may give his woman a credit card, but he also makes her work around the house! But when his aunt Gia Vendetti shows up, suddenly our stud sees her in a whole new light. She pulls him into her world of sexual desires, stripping down and exposing her cute tits and fat ass. She sucks his thick cock and gets it nice and wet before riding until he is ready to burst. Finally, he spurts a huge load of jizz, and his education is complete. I guess Uncle James is more of a cuckold than he thinks!

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Mom XXX – Kiki Minaj – Sexy ebony Mommy kitchen creampie FullHD mp4 [1080p/ December 27, 2018]

It’s Nick’s birthday, so sexy ebony MILF Kiki Minaj is baking him a cake! With music blasting through the kitchen and wearing only a shirt and panties, Kiki dances and shakes her booty as she prepares the cake. When Nick walks into the kitchen early, Kiki is positively elated to see him, but he seems down. Nick tells Kiki it isn’t a cake he wants for his birthday, but to lose his virginity. The ebony MILF thinks to herself for a second and then gives him the gift of Kiki. Stripping down to afford Nick a better view of her big tits, Kiki makes Nick’s fantasies come true with a deepthroat blowjob, then rides the celebrant until he creampies deep inside of her pussy!

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ImMeganLive – Schoking B-Day Surprise FullHD [1080p/Canadian / Montreal, Canada/2018]

Brother (in POV) hired a stripper for his birthday, and to his surprise apparently his sister is a stripper… and was the one to show at his door! Embarrassed she offers his money back or to get a different stripper, but he insists she stays. She of course gives him funny looks and thinks the idea is twisted, but hey it is his ..

He has her grind on him both vag and ass, etc and she eventually says this is too much for her and this is wrong. So he asks for a little extra…So she gives him a handjob and blowjob though she still think he’s sick for wanting her to do this! He convinces her for a fucking and she agrees but says her pussy is off limits. He reminded her what just happened and that it might be a good idea that it stays between you two. Nobody should know right. Maybe he needs some motivation to keep that secret between you two. POV missionary, fun to watch her boobs bounce up and down. Creampie; hottest finisher showing the cum leaking out of her vag as she scold the POV for cumming inside his sister. She pushed/leaked it out (I’m sure the sister does not exactly like having that inside her!)

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Undercover Sluts – Melanie Hicks – Found out my Mom’s an Escort SD mp4 [ American / Baltimore, MD/2018]

My mom came out dressed up all slutty like she was going to the club and said she was going out with the girls. I know better, though, and I’ve been waiting to confront my whore mother… ALL MY FRIENDS SAW HER ADS ON BACKPAGE! I’m so embarrassed I can’t stand it! She tried to lie to me, so I had to show her the ad on my phone. So she fessed up, and told me “how else am I going to pay for your car insurance and XBOX games?” Dad ran off, and I guess she has a point, she has to make a living somehow. I still wasn’t sold on it, but she did a pretty good job of persuading me. It’s so fucking weird, but my Mom, to demonstrate that sex and sex work aren’t bad things, gave me a strip tease then told me to feel her up! It was awesome, I’m ashamed to say, but WOW my mom’s tits and ass are so nice

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Taylor Made Fetish – Sister Striptease routine with Blowjob and Fucking HD mp4 [720p/2018]

Practicing my stripper routine is tough with my mom and step-dad around.. even harder with my new step-brother always lurking around the house creeping on me. I really needed to practice my pole work, so I decided to let him watch. He was at his desk working and I came out in a skimpy body suit and heels just to gauge his reaction. He was blown away! I started dancing around the pole to tease him a bit more and decided to entice him with more of a personal show, and maybe get him off my case and be less pervy around me all the time. So I give him a little lap dance and get his cock nice and hard, what a douche. I immediately pull his cock out to make sure he doesn’t squirm his way out of this.. I give him a what think was the best blowjob of his pathetic life! I am sure he won’t mind me practicing at home anymore, he sure as won’t be telling mom and dad, spoiling any fun he might get!

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XXX Multimedia – Payton Hall, Aiden Valentine – Mom’s New Job – Striptease, Lap Dance, Accidental Boner, Fucking HD [720p/2017]

Added: 12/8/17 12:12am

This clip includes: Payton Hall, Aiden Valentine, mom/son, mom lost her job so she’s decided to take her friend’s advice & try stripping, looks at herself with revealing lingerie on in the mirror, son accidentally walks in, mom tells son that she lost her job, asks son to help her pick out outfits that will look good on her, practices dancing on her son, stripping, striptease, lap dance, son accidentally gets hard, embarrassed son, handjob, blowjob, riding, cowgirl, doggystyle, missionary, kissing, making out, cum on body

I didn’t really know how to tell him. Things weren’t going so well at work. I had been in the real estate business for 27 years, and with no warning at all, I was let go along with a number of people from the company.

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Mind Under Master Aria Skye – Trance Therapy – My Daughter my sex slave FullHD mp4 2017

Session 1: Aria Skye is being forced to see the doctor because her parents think she parties too much. If she wants to live under their roof she’ll need some counseling. The doctor quickly puts her in her place, “They sent you here because you’re a brat”. Indignant Aria says he “can’t talk to her that way” But after some Trance Therapy she soon realizes that she likes when he controls her. She wants to do everything he says. Since she likes to dance he tell her to “dance like a stripper for him” and soon she’s taking off all her clothes as she teases the camera. Since she’s a stripper she should get some practice, so he commands her to “beg for him to come into the VIP” with her. She teases him at first, “wouldn’t you like to touch my 18 year old body?” and then asks “Do you want me to beg? I’ll beg if that’s what you want” before getting on her knees. She tells him all the things she’d do for him, how good he’d feel if he just went in the VIP with her, “I’ll get on my knees when the bouncer isn’t looking an you can explode all over my tongue” She sticks out her tongue and waits for his load like a good girl. She wakes, her clothes back on now, “I’m sorry I zoned out” she says not remembering anything.

Session 2: The good doctor wastes no time getting his new pet into a trance. She tells him she thinks “about pleasuring men when I dance” and how she “wants to be a stripper more than anything in the world.” The doctor offers to let her give him a lapdance and she eagerly gets to pleasuring him. [ASMR] She wraps her leg around his and whispers in his ear. “Isn’t this what you want? To be all alone with a slutty little eighteen year old? Don’t worry, no one will notice. You just lay back and let your little girl take care of you. I want to make you feel so good sir. I want to be your favorite girl in the club, I want you come back and see me all the time. Will you do that for me? Please. What if I do more? Do you want to feel my young mouth wrapped around your cock? ” she says before going down on him.

“I can’t get cared away, not yet anyway. I bet your wife can’t make you feel this good. I bet she can’t make you feel as good as a firm little eighteen year old stripper can she? Oh sir…I’ll make you feel good. I’ll make you feel good every time you come see me. I’ll make you cum all over my little hand. Oh god sir, I want that. I want to make you cum. Please cum for me sir. Please cum all over my little hand. Please cum so I can lick it up. I want to taste you all night sir. I want you to feel so good you come back again and again so I can make you cum over and over. Please give it to me, please give me all your wife’s cum. Please I need it sir” she begs before he finally gives her what she wants and spills his load all over her hand.

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Russian Threesome – Hot Mom Sister fucked by Daddy FullHD [1080p/]

Horney step dad walks in to see his step daughter dress in tiny shorts an a see though wet top while she is doing the dishes.. He teases her saying she isn’t doing it right and then start bringing up on her she tells him to stop at first and asks where her mom is.. He answers she is out and keeps touching her now grabbing her but and pulling down her shorts.. MMM I love that ass.. He grabs her and starts sniffing her perfect round ass.. Then he tells her to get on her knees and she gives him a blow job.. Still not completely satisfied he starts fucking her from behind and pulling her hair… They stop and they here her mom coming in the house.. step dad drips his cum all over the kitchen and coerced his step daughter to clean it all up before her mom finds out.

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