Double Hypnosis – Samantha Hayes, Tana Lea – Down with the Sickness Part 3 FullHD mp4

Chad walks into his bedroom to find his girlfriend Tana and her friend Samantha on their knees waiting to be fed. “How may we serve you master?” they ask as he enters. “Just another blowjob ladies” Chad replies and hops into bed. As they hungrily service their new master Chad feels its time to tell them the truth. “I need to tell you something, I was never really sick” he says, but they’re barely paying attention. Their sole focus on getting his cum. “I’ve actually been taking a high end drug that’s causing the addiction that you’re facing.”

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Hypno Blowjob – Samantha Hayes, Tana Lea – Down with the Sickness Part 2 FullHD mp4

“I can explain” Samantha says. “You can explain why you’re sucking my boyfriend dick while I’m [–] next to him?” Samantha nods and picks up Chad’s hand, “I know you can feel it. The need to taste him, there’s something about his illness that’s making us addicted to him. I’m so sorry, but I need it” she says before sucking on his fingers again. “Taste him with me, please”

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Mind Under Master – Arya Fae, Tana Lea – Rental House FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Arya and Tana are taking a little couple’s vacation and found an amazing deal on a beautiful place. Little do they realize that the owner of the rental house has his reason’s for offering the place so cheap and he is very particular about who stay there. Spy camera record their every move. Despite having slept on the flight there, the ladies are tired from the moment they sit down. They even notice a strange humming sound that comes and goes but they’ll worry about it later because they want to catch a quick nap and the go rage.

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Primal’s Taboo Sex – Tana Lea – Getting Along With Mom HD mp4

Part One:
Tana catches her son playing video games in his little “man cave” when he’s suppose to be at work. When she starts to yell at him, he gets defensive and questions where she’s going to which she slaps him! She then apologizes and kisses him on the cheek, but what begins as a harmless, apologetic kiss turns into a long, passionate kiss, and the two finally find a way to finally get along with each other.

Part Two:
Out for a night out together, Tana and her son go to the movies. Sitting so close to each other in the dark inevitably leads to touching and kissing. Before they know it, innocent touching becomes pussy eating, a blowjob, and fucking! I’m sure neither one of them ever expected to get along with the other this well..

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Primal Fetish Tana Lea – Black Widow Torturous Interrogation XXX – Femdom, Hitachi, Cosplay HD

Primal’s Darkside Superheroine Added: 8/20/17 07:38PM studio/53607

After receiving a new lead about a villain, The Black Widow enters the lair of a new rival. Unbeknownst to her, evil is waiting for her right behind the curtain. He creeps up on her, grabs her, and knocks her out before he has a chance to even look at him.

The Black Widow wakes up to a couple of slaps in the face, and a dangerous villain in her face. As he tells her he knows who she is, and reminds her no one knows where she is, he begins to tell her he’s going to have fun breaking her.

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Primal Fetish – Tana Lea – Bitch Tenant – Freeze Time – Hypnosis Hot Sex HD 2018

Added: 2/3/18 12:35AM

Tana has been blowing off her landlord to her yoga studio for a while now. He asked her to come in for a meeting with him so he can talk to her about how much she owes. When she doesn’t show up, he goes by the studio and finds her their working out! He says they need to discuss and settle her rent immediately. Feeling trapper, Tana starts to accuse him of sexual harassment, and starts to threaten him with lawsuits and settlements.

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Primals FANTASIES Tana Lea – Mental Domination Master’s Mark HD (720p/

Added: 9/23/17 10:03pm

Tana stops by a very reputable tattoo shop for some new ink. Everyone’s been talking to much about this place that she decided to come there. She wants to get her boyfriend’s name tattooed on her lower back and leaves the job in the hands of the professional that is in the shop. When the tattoo is finally completed, she sees that instead of what she wanted the “Master artist” tattooed “Obedient Slut” on her. She loses her, but, something about the tattoos allows the “artist” to control the way she sees things, and becomes submissive to his every demand.

Tana comes in to help the artist at the tattoo salon. The work he has in mind is a little different than what she’d anticipated though.

Tana is a fully trained slut slave, willingly and submissively serving her new master.

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